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Cadillac News

'Too Many Dealers' Claims Cadillac's President, Has Idea To Possibly Fix It

Jan 22 2015 10:45 AM | Cadillac News
Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen has a problem with the brand's dealers, specifically how many there are. According to data gathered by Autodata Corp and The Detroit News, Cadillac currently has 928 dealers in the U.S. A large number when compared to competitors in the luxury class such as Audi (281 dealers) and Mercedes-Benz (364). Factor in total sales for year and Cadillac finishes last with each dealer selling an average of 184 vehicles (170,750 vehicles sold for the year). This pales in comparison with the likes of Audi (648 vehicles sold last year per dealer) and Mercedes-Benz (978 vehicles sold last year per dealer).

"With our very large dealer network … we so fragment the available volume, that many of our stores a...

What Cadillac Has In Store For The Next Few Years

Jan 15 2015 09:30 AM | Cadillac News
The past few months has seen Cadillac introduce new products such as the ATS-V and CTS-V. We'll also be seeing Cadillac's CT6 flagship in few months time. But Cadillac's president Johan de Nysschen says more products are on the way.

Autoblog reports that Cadillac will be introducing eight new products by 2020 as part of a $12-billion investment into the brand. Here is what the brand has in store,New SRX in 2016. Will be the first crossover to feature the XT nomeclatureSmaller sedan to take on the likes of the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA in 2017. Automotive News reports that this new sedan will utilize the Alpha rear-wheel drive platform2018 sees a compact crossover that will sit under the SRX2020 brings out the S-Class chall...

2015 Cadillac CTS Getting Price Cuts Up To $3,000

Jan 08 2015 08:05 AM | Cadillac News
15 months ago, Cadillac announced that it would be raising the price of the new CTS. This move worried dealers as it would cause buyers to look away. It seems their fears were founded as sales of the CTS this past year dropped 3.8 percent when compared to last year. Cadillac is doing something about that.

Automotive News got their hands on a memo issued to Cadillac dealers yesterday which announced that it would reduce sticker prices on most 2015 CTS models by $1,000 to $3,000. It also plans on increasing the amount of standard features in the CTS.

"We're taking what we've seen are the more desirable optional features for customers and making them more readily available. Once a car has been on the market for a while...

Cadillac Elmiraj to Influence CT6? Umm, No

Dec 18 2014 01:30 PM | William Maley in Cadillac News

If you were hoping that Cadillac would sprinkle some of the design from the Elmiraj concept for the upcoming CT6 flagship, prepare to be disappointed. GM's vice-president of global design, Ed Welburn, tells Automotive News that the CT6 will not be infl...

Looking Into the Mind Of Cadillac's President

Nov 24 2014 11:05 AM | William Maley in Cadillac News

Since Cadillac has brought in Johan de Nysschen as its new president, the decisions made by him - such as the CT/XT nomenclature and moving some of their staff to New York - have caused many to experience a range of emotions from happiness to outrage....

Spying: The Next Cadillac SRX or XT5

Oct 30 2014 10:05 AM | William Maley in Cadillac News

A couple days back, we brought you spy shots of the Cadillac ATS-V without any camouflage. Now we have gotten word of a new set of spy shots for another Cadillac model in the pipeline. Autoblog got their hands on pictures of the next SRX, possibly wea...

Spying: Cadillac ATS-V, Now With No Camo!

Oct 28 2014 01:05 PM | William Maley in Cadillac News

Feast your eyes on this. Left Lane News got their hands on new spy shots which show off the upcoming Cadillac ATS-V Coupe with no camouflage at all. The ATS-V looks to our eyes as being a CTS-V that has been left in the wash for a bit too long. The f...