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Ford News

2016 Ford F-150 Limited Goes All Fancy

Jul 21 2015 12:35 PM in Ford News

Ford Introduces A More Luxurious F-150

Ford Focus, C-Max Not To Be Produced At Michigan Assembly After 2018

Jul 09 2015 02:20 PM in Ford News

Coming In 2018, No More Focus and C-Max models coming from the Michigan Assembly Plant

Ford Returns to LeMans With GT In 2016

Jun 12 2015 08:20 AM in Ford News

The Ford GT Returns To Le Mans

Ford Opens Up Their EV, Hybrid Patent Portfolio... For A Price

Jun 01 2015 08:15 AM | Ford News

Interested in a EV or Hybrid Patent? Ford is offering theirs up for a price.

Spying: Ford Escape Refresh Incoming

May 18 2015 04:05 PM | Ford News

Ford readies an update for the Escape

Ford Caps Shelby Mustang Production to 137 for 2015 Model Year

Apr 28 2015 05:55 PM | Ford News

Ford Readies a Small Number of Shelby Mustangs for 2015

Ford Cuts A Shift At Wayne Assembly Due To Slow Compact Sales

Apr 25 2015 10:15 AM | Ford News

Ford Announces A Shift Cut At One Of Their Plants



Review: 2015 Volkswagen GTI SE 2-Door

The Father of the Hot Hatch Learns Some New Tricks

Review: 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium AWD

Was it better to go with the old one and not the new one?


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