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General Motors Says More Diesels Are Coming To The U.S.

Aug 06 2014 07:35 AM | GM News
General Motors took a surprising step a few years ago when they introduced a Cruze with a diesel engine for the U.S. The model gets 46 MPG on the highway and is meeting the sales expectations the company has set. Well according to Steve Kiefer, GM’s vice president of global powertrain, there could be more diesel options coming to the U.S.

“The Chevrolet Cruze diesel will be the first of many diesel-powered passenger cars General Motors will offer in the United States,” said Kiefer to an audience at the 2014 Management Briefing Seminars. “We will continue to introduce more diesels as appropriate and as the market accepts them.”

Kiefer said that diesels in cars and light trucks could grow up to ten percent by 2020. He...

Rumorpile: GM Puts Next-Generation Pickups On Rush

Jul 29 2014 09:25 AM | GM News
General Motors has put a rush on the next-generation Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra to counter Ford's F-150. According to Reuters, GM has pushed up the launch date of their next-generation pickups, codenamed T1XX, by nine months to the fall of 2018. The new trucks will undergo a diet much like the new F-150. Full-size SUVs will follow a year after.

While this will trail the next F-150 by four years, supplier sources says GM has a lot in store for its next-generation trucks, including a ten-speed automatic being jointly developed with Ford, direct-injection, turbocharging, and auto stop/start technologies.

In the meantime, some of GM's current trucks and SUVs will get an eight-speed automatic.


GM Issues Six Recalls, Covers 717,950 Vehicles

Jul 23 2014 01:55 PM | GM News
General Motors has announced another set of recalls that will cover 717,949 vehicles. Unlike the previous set of recalls, this set doesn't include any dealing with the ignition switch. Here are the recalls:

414,333 vehicles equipped with the power height-adjustable driver or front passenger seats could have a bolt that holds height-adjuster actuator may become loose or fall out. If this happens, the seat can freely move up and down, and cause a safety hazard when involved in a accident.2010-2012 Cadillac SRX2010-2012 Chevrolet Equinox2010-2012 GMC Terrain2011-2012 Buick LaCrosse2011-2012 Buick Regal2011-2012 Chevrolet Camaro124,008 vehicles will need to have their lower seat track inspected due to an incomplete weld on the sea...

GM's Top Lawyer, Delphi Exec Get Grilled By Senate

Jul 17 2014 01:35 PM | William Maley in GM News

Another day, another senate hearing into the General Motors ignition switch recall. Today, two new people were grilled by the committee about their knowledge in this mess. First up was Michael Millikin, GM's General Counsel. Millikin testified that he...

Recalling The Recall: GM Clarifies The 2014 CTS Recall

Jul 02 2014 04:30 PM | William Maley in GM News

Time for a bit of an inception moment. Today, General Motors is recalling one of their recalls that was issued on Monday. The company explained that the one pertaining to the 2014 CTS doesn't cover all of the CTSes. Wait, we just made that somewhat con...

GM Issues 10 New Recalls Covering Close To Eight Million Vehicles

Jun 30 2014 03:15 PM | William Maley in GM News

Within a few days, General Motors has announced ten new recalls covering close to eight million vehicles in the U.S. alone. The largest recall of the ten is for 6.8 million vehicles in the U.S. (7,610,862 vehicles in North America) for ignition switch...

General Motors Details The Compensation Fund For Victims Of Ignition Switch

Jun 30 2014 12:35 PM | William Maley in GM News

This morning, General Motors and Kenneth Feinberg have announced the details for the long awaited ignition switch recall compensation fund. The fund will be open to family members of anyone that was killed or injured due to ignition switch failure. Th...