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Judge Rules General Motors Can Keep Its Bankruptcy Shield

Apr 16 2015 08:50 AM | GM News
General Motors will not have to face a number of lawsuits and as much as $10 billion in damages over a ignition-switch defect that led to the recall of 2.6 million vehicles.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Gerber announced yesterday that the bankruptcy shield, which protects new GM from claims originating before its 2009 bankruptcy and restructuring will be upheld. Now this ruling applies to a small number of suits dealing with crashes before July 2009. Most of the suits filed against GM deal with economic losses, such as diminished resale value.

Judge Gerber said people claiming economic losses may “assert otherwise viable claims against New GM for any causes of action that might exist arising solely out of New GM’s o...

GM's Mark Reuss Talks About Cadillac and Chevrolet

Apr 07 2015 01:45 PM | GM News
Whenever you get the chance to sit down and chat with General Motors' executive vice president Mark Reuss, you know that some interesting tidbits will come out of it. Case in point is a piece published by Car and Driver where Reuss shoots the breeze on Cadillac and Chevrolet.

What are GM's priorities at the moment? Reuss explains it like this: “to grow Cadillac, and get Chevrolet back in the car game, really feed Buick and GMC, get Opel straightened around, and get our international operations profitable.”

Now New York put Cadillac in the spotlight with the introduction of the CT6. Reuss explained that CT6 isn't the brand's flagship and “there’s a car above this.”

Car and Driver asked about the possibili...

GM Making Major Changes in Russia

Mar 18 2015 02:45 PM | GM News
General Motors is making some major changes in Russia. The automaker announced today that it will withdraw Opel and mainstream Chevrolet models in December, and focus on the premium segment of the Russian market with Cadillac and iconic Chevrolet models (Camaro, Corvette, and Tahoe).

“This change in our business model in Russia is part of our global strategy to ensure long-term sustainability in markets where we operate. This decision avoids significant investment into a market that has very challenging long-term prospects,” said GM President Dan Ammann.

GM will still offer parts and service for those who own an Opel and mainstream Chevrolet vehicles.

Along with the departure of Opel and certain Chevrolet...

GM Rolls Back the Odometer on Chevy and GMC Powertrain Warranties

Mar 12 2015 01:20 PM | Drew Dowdell in GM News

In a memo released to dealers yesterday, General Motors announced that beginning with 2016 model year vehicles, the powertrain warranty will be shortened from 100,000 miles to 60,000 miles on Chevrolet and GMC models, while still remaining in effect fo...

GM: 57.8 Percent of Vehicles In the Ignition Switch Recall Have Been Fixed

Dec 01 2014 03:25 PM | William Maley in GM News

There is some good news appearing from General Motors' ignition switch mess. The Detroit News reports that GM dealers have repaired 1.36 million ignition switches globally out of 2.36 million it believes are still in use, or about 57.8 percent of vehic...

General Motors Ordered Replacement Ignition Switches Two Months Before Announcing Recall

Nov 10 2014 02:35 PM | William Maley in GM News

It seems with every new report concerning General Motors and the ignition switch recall, GM only looks worse off. Consider this piece from the Wall Street Journal today which reports that the automaker placed an order for 500,000 replacement ignition s...

General Motors' Next Infotainment System To Be Based On Android

Nov 05 2014 03:45 PM | William Maley in GM News

General Motors is turning to Android to power its next-generation infotainment system. According to Automotive News, Harman International CEO Dinesh Paliwal made the announcement during a conference call discussing quarterly earnings. “As you would ex...



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