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Consumer Reports Announces Their Latest Automotive Report Card

Feb 24 2015 03:25 PM | Industry News
It's that time of year when Consumer Reports announces the results of their brand report cards and for the most part, the results aren't surprising. The top ten were mostly dominated by Japanese automakers with Lexus being on top, followed by Mazda and Toyota. But if you look a little further down the list, you'll find a domestic automaker making the ten.

Buick took the number seven spot on their annual reliability survey with the publication giving it an overall score of 69 and recommending 83 percent of their lineup.

Buick has a reputation for large, cushy cars, and they’ve really invented themselves pretty quickly. They’re making reliable vehicles, and they’re making cars that score very well. In many ways, they’...

Used Car Prices Expected To Fall In 2015

Feb 09 2015 11:35 AM | Industry News
If you are considering buying a used car this year, then we have some good news for you. A new vehicle depreciation report from used car value service, Black Book and Fitch Ratings Inc., says that 2015 will see used car values depreciate 14.5 percent. This is an increase from 2014's deprecation rate of 12.1 percent.

So why the increase in depreciation? It comes down to two key factors; an increased supply in used cars and a larger volume of off-lease vehicles.

“2014 depreciation was defined by pockets of volatility due to seasonality, harsh weather patterns and falling fuel prices impacting smaller cars and trucks of all sizes. Looking ahead, lower consumer demand and CAFÉ-driven model competition will place higher...

NHTSA Needs More Staff, Senate Undecided On Whether To Do It

Feb 06 2015 11:35 AM | Industry News
2014 will go down as the year as the recall, but also the year where many glaring issues of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were made evident - mostly due to the GM ignition switch mess. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx told reporters on Tuesday couldn’t keep pace at current staffing levels with 75,000 complaints coming in every year.

“It’s no longer reasonable frankly to expect an office with 8 screeners and 16 defects investigators to adequately analyze 75,000 complaints a year,” said Foxx.

Now there appears to be change in the air. The Detroit News reports that President Barrack Obama is proposing to increase NHTSA's budget for its Office of Defects Investigation from $10.7 million to $31...

Marchionne Comments On U.S. Fuel Economy Standards

Jan 28 2015 10:35 AM | William Maley in Industry News

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne is known to speak his mind and tell it like it is. During the Automotive News World Congress, Marchionne questioned the U.S. Government's mandate of 54.5 MPG by 2025. "There is not a single carmaker that cannot make the 54 nu...

Ariel Nomad Is Taking Scaffolding Onto The Beaten Trail

Jan 08 2015 10:35 AM | William Maley in Industry News

Ariel is a very crazy company. Founded in 1902 as motorcycle manufacturer in Great Britain, the name was resurrected some years back to produce some of maddest street-legal track cars called the Atom. Think motorized scaffolding and you come close to w...

How Do We Fix the Nation's Recall System?

Dec 30 2014 10:15 AM | William Maley in Industry News

This year will likely go down as the one with the most recalls for automobiles. From ignition switches that can easily turn to the accessory or off position, to peeling safety labels, automakers in the U.S. have recalled almost 60 million vehicles. Wit...

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Choice

Nov 14 2014 11:15 AM | William Maley in Industry News

Have you gone out and shopped for new vehicle recently? Are you overwhelmed by the variety of vehicles on offer? For example, if you decide to get a Porsche 911, you have the choice of 22 models. No, that isn't a misprint. Meanwhile other automakers ha...

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