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Fisker Learns To Surf In Paris

William Maley
Editor/Reporter - CheersandGears.com
March 1, 2012

The Fisker Karma sports some sleek lines and daring proportions for an plug-in hybrid vehicle. The one it doesn’t sport is space. One only needs to see the Karma’s trunk to realize how much of a priority the design took over the space.

However, at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Fisker showed off the Surf concept. The Surf takes a regular Karma and extends its roofline with a hatchback/wagon/shooting brake body style to give it more space.

Word has it that Fisker has green lit the Surf for production and will be shown at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Source: Autoweek


Interesting, another car for the uber rich to ride around in and think better of themselves. Glad some one has the money to get the technology down to common peoples price budget.

Ove all this looks like an Electric Future Station Wagon. Not a fan myself of the styling.
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It is different....
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I've seen three Karmas on the streets so far, and each time I've been blown away by its presence and style. It's a very breathtaking design that stands out in a sea of midsize family sedans and crossovers.
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The Karma sedan is beautiful, but the Surf is not the most elegant solution for adding more cargo space.
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Not a big fan of the Surf, I hope the Karma S gets put into production though.

As for space in the sedan, I'm perfectly ok with function taking a back seat to form. It almost never happens anymore with cars being all about interior volume and practicality.
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