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Ram News

Don't Expect A Midsize Truck From Ram

Apr 06 2015 09:45 AM | Ram News
You would think that with the introduction of the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Terrain and refreshed Toyota Tacoma, the likes of Ford and Ram would be getting in the midsize truck action. But Ram boss Bob Hegbloom can't make it work for the brand. The problem according to Automotive News is the price of higher fuel economy.

Hegbloom explained that back in the heyday of midsize trucks - the 1980's - consumers bought them because they were considerably smaller, less expensive, and boasted impressive fuel economy. Although midsize trucks had less capability than their full-size compatriots, consumers didn't mind.

"When you look at those four factors, that's truly what a midsize pickup customer is looking for. I've been able...

Ram 1500 EcoDiesel 4x2 Models Making Their Owners Sick

Mar 06 2015 08:25 AM | Ram News
The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel has been widely lauded by the press for its impressive fuel economy. It has also become a big hit for the company. However, a number of owners are feeling a bit ill when driving their EcoDiesels.

Detroit ABC news station WXYZ reported back in December that a number of Ram 1500 EcoDiesel owners are reporting feeling sick with a exhaust smell coming into the cabin. That smell happens to be diesel exhaust which causes headaches, lightheadedness, and dizzy-ness. Ram owner forums started reporting this issue in September and October, with a number of trucks being investigated by Chrysler and then being fixed with new exhaust coupling. At the time Chrysler said a small number of trucks were affected, however t...

Rumorpile: Ram ProMaster City Lineup Could Expand

Dec 30 2014 02:05 PM | Ram News
Even though the Ram ProMaster City is hitting dealerships right now, there is already talk of expanding the lineup.

Edmunds spoke with Joe Benson, head of Ram's commercial truck operations who hinted that more variations of the ProMaster City could be forthcoming if the demand is there.

"When we learn more about our customer needs here, then we can go to that portfolio and bring in what we need, which includes the diesel engine, a short wheelbase, maybe a seven-passenger version. We have that flexibility in the future," said Benson.

Other models up for consideration include a high-roof variant and a pickup variant with drop-down sides to access the cargo bed.

Benson predicts that sales of compa...

2015 Ram ProMaster City To Start At $24,125

Nov 12 2014 12:05 PM | William Maley in Ram News

The burgeoning compact cargo van marketplace will soon have a new entrant. In a few weeks, Ram dealers will be getting the 2015 Ram ProMaster City and the truck manufacturer has revealed pricing for it. The ProMaster City will start at $24,125 (include...

Ram Plans To Boost Production Of EcoDiesel

Sep 30 2014 09:15 AM | William Maley in Ram News

Ram announced today that it plans to increase production of the EcoDiesel from 10 to 20 percent of the Ram 1500's total volume mix. “Innovation sometimes comes with risk, but being first to market with a diesel engine for the half-ton segment has show...

Rumorpile: Ram Keeping It Steel Till 2021

Aug 23 2014 01:45 PM | William Maley in Ram News

With new fuel economy regulations coming around the corner, many automakers are trying a number of things to meet those upcoming standards. Case in point: Ford is using aluminum in the next-generation F-150, and General Motors is reportedly doing the s...

Ram Trucks Executive: First Truck Manufacturer With 30 MPG Wins

Aug 08 2014 09:15 AM | William Maley in Ram News

The past few years have seen truck manufacturers engage in a war of fuel economy numbers. Using new engines and fuel saving technologies, manufacturers are using fuel economy as a big selling point. Speaking with Automotive News, Ram brand director Bob...



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