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Can you identify these oddball cars in this week's Trivia Tuesday?



Volkswagen News

Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech Resigns

Apr 25 2015 02:00 PM in Volkswagen News

The Drama at Volkswagen Reaches A Climax - Ferdinand Piech Steps Down

Volkswagen Beetle To Live On

Apr 06 2015 07:15 AM in Volkswagen News

The death of the Volkswagen Beetle has been greatly exaggerated

Volkswagen Promises Bolder Design for Their Vehicles

Mar 27 2015 01:30 PM in Volkswagen News

"No More Boring Looking Vehicles.." - Volkswagen on Future Models

Volkswagen Looks Towards Vans and Pickups for U.S. Lineup

Mar 19 2015 01:40 PM | Volkswagen News

Volkswagen Looks Into Vans and a Truck for the U.S.

Volkswagen Going With Plug-Ing Hybrids Till Longer-Range Batteries Arrive

Mar 13 2015 07:15 AM | Volkswagen News

Volkswagen will be introducing more plug-in hybrid models until battery technology improves.

Rumorpile: Cost-Cutting At Volkswagen Puts the Beetle and Polo 3-Door in Danger for Cutting

Mar 10 2015 12:45 PM | Volkswagen News

Are the Volkswagen Beetle and Polo 3-Door coming to a end?

Volkswagen Still Set On Loss-Leader Phaeton

Feb 01 2015 11:15 AM | Volkswagen News

Everyone Is Wondering Why Volkswagen Is Still Soldering On With the Phaeton



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