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Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Oct 02 2014 07:15 AM | Volkswagen News
For the past year, there was a far fetched rumor flying around that Volkswagen was working on a high-performance version of the XL1 hyper-efficient vehicle with some help from the recently bought Ducati. Well it seems that wasn't as far fetched as many thought. Meet the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept.

The concept uses a Ducati V-twin engine from of the 1199 Superlegerra motorcycle which is capable of 197 horsepower. Placed into a vehicle with a curb weight of 1,962 pounds, the XL Sport has a power to weight ratio of 9.95:1. Volkswagen quotes figures such as 11,000 rpm redline, 5.7 seconds to hit 60 MPH, and a top speed of 168 MPH.

Aside from the performance and weight, the XL Sport also has aero on its side. The XL Sp...

Anti-UAW Supporters Seek To Form Union At Volkswagen's Chattanooga Plant

Aug 28 2014 08:35 AM | Volkswagen News
Last month, the United Auto Workers established a local chapter for workers at Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. This month, opponents of the UAW are working on establishing their own union chapter.

According to Reuters, opponents are creating the first chapter of American Council of Employees, which will allow hourly and salary workers to join. Mike Burton, a key player in defeating the UAW's efforts to represent hourly workers in Chattanooga, is leading the efforts in creating this new union. He tells Reuters that since the UAW lost, more workers have come over to the UAW's side. The hope with this new union is that it will force Volkswagen to hold another vote to decide which union employees want.


Rumorpile: Volkswagen Launching A New Golf In 2017

Aug 25 2014 08:45 AM | Volkswagen News
A new report from Germany's Auto motor und sport (via Automotive News) says that Volkswagen is working on a new Golf that will be due out in 2017, just under three years after the current model has begun arriving in the U.S.

The eighth-generation Golf is expected to be lowered and wider than the current model, along with a restyled front end and new taillights. Other changes for the eighth-generation model include an automatic parking system, automatic braking with pedestrian recognition, heads-up display, and the ability ti access and use smartphone apps through the Golf's touchscreen.

The new Golf will still use the MQB modular platform, but feature new engines that are expected to be lighter than the current crop...

Volkswagen Announces Production Of Midsize SUV In Tennessee

Jul 14 2014 08:35 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

This morning, Volkswagen announced that it will build the upcoming seven-seat crossover at its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant starting in 2016. The seven-seat crossover will see Volkswagen investing $900 million into the plant and add 2,000 jobs. The inv...

Rumorpile: Volkwagen Plans To Triple Its SUV Lineup, CUV Gets Delayed

Jun 04 2014 07:35 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

The decision on where Volkswagen's upcoming crossover should be built has ended up becoming a tug-of-war between Mexico and Tennessee. Reuters reports that Volkswagen has delayed a decision that was expected this month on where the crossover will...

Volkswagen Plans To Shorten Product Lifecycles

May 30 2014 11:35 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

Volkswagen has outlined new plans to bring new and updated models to the U.S. on a shorter timeframe. Michael Horn, head of VW’s U.S. operations told Bloomberg that the company is planning to introduce new models every five years, down...

The Curious Case Of The Volkswagen GTD and The U.S.

Apr 19 2014 08:15 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

Last year, Volkswagen made an announcement that shocked many of us. The Golf GTD, a GTI with a diesel was slated to come to the U.S. within the next couple years. But news coming out of New York may dash those dreams many of us had.   Volkswagen o...