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Volkswagen News

Volkswagen Still Set On Loss-Leader Phaeton

Feb 01 2015 11:15 AM | Volkswagen News
Trying to figure out the logic of Volkswagen concerning the next-generation Phaeton is a very difficult task. The German automaker loses 28,000 euros (about $31,598) on every Phaeton built. Also the automaker has announced a cost-cutting plan that a plan to save 5 billion euros ($5.7 billion) annually in the coming years. Yet, Reuters is reporting that Volkswagen is going forward with the next-generation Phaeton due sometime in 2017 or 2018.

"Economically speaking, it's the most irrational project. Piech and Winterkorn simply cannot let go of their fondness for luxury products,"said Evercore ISI analyst Arndt Ellinghorst.

How irrational are we talking about? Analysts say that next-generation Phaeton using the MLB pl...

Volkswagen Ponders Golf R-400 and A Van for the U.S.

Jan 21 2015 08:35 AM | Volkswagen News
We know that Volkswagen is in the midst of readying a seven-seat crossover and a long-wheelbase Tiguan as a part of a new product offensive for the U.S., but that may not be the only vehicle in the plans. Automotive News reports that Volkswagen is considering two other vehicles for the U.S.

The first is the production version of the Golf R-400 concept. The concept which made its North American debut at the LA Auto Show in November packs 395 horsepower version of the Golf R's turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder. Hans-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen’s development chief tells Automotive News the company is close to making a decision on whether the model should go into production.

“We are just in front of the decision to do it or...

Rumorpile: Volkswagen Plans A Premium Midsize Vehicle

Dec 11 2014 10:15 AM | Volkswagen News
It seems Volkswagen has entered the megalomaniac stage. According to German publication Autobild, Volkswagen is planning a new premium midsize model to take on the likes of the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

This new model is expected to come in the form hatchback sedan (think Audi A7) and a station wagon. The U.S. and China will get the sedan only, while everywhere else will have both options. As for what will underpin the new model, Volkswagen is debating whether to use its own MQB architecture or use Audi's MLB platform. Power will come from a range of four and six-cylinder diesel and gas engines.

This new model is expected to go on sale towards the end of this decade.

Source: Autobild

Volkswagen USA CEO Says Golf SportWagen Will Have AWD, AllTrack Will Be Coming In 2016

Nov 24 2014 08:15 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

Sometimes the more interesting bits of an auto show aren't the vehicles on display. Its the senior executives divulging some intriguing information. Case in point comes to us from Automotive News. Volkswagen of America's CEO, Michael Horn let out th...

Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Oct 02 2014 07:15 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

For the past year, there was a far fetched rumor flying around that Volkswagen was working on a high-performance version of the XL1 hyper-efficient vehicle with some help from the recently bought Ducati. Well it seems that wasn't as far fetched as many...

Anti-UAW Supporters Seek To Form Union At Volkswagen's Chattanooga Plant

Aug 28 2014 08:35 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

Last month, the United Auto Workers established a local chapter for workers at Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. This month, opponents of the UAW are working on establishing their own union chapter. According to Reuters, opponents are creatin...

Rumorpile: Volkswagen Launching A New Golf In 2017

Aug 25 2014 08:45 AM | William Maley in Volkswagen News

A new report from Germany's Auto motor und sport (via Automotive News) says that Volkswagen is working on a new Golf that will be due out in 2017, just under three years after the current model has begun arriving in the U.S. The eighth-generation Golf...

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