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#579072 Man Destroys Home With Bulldozer

Posted by Drew Dowdell on 21 February 2010 - 08:56 AM

This guy is a common criminal.

I would argue that the bank is the criminal here. The man destroyed his own property. It's crazy, but it's not illegal. The bank doesn't own it (yet).

The man owed $160k to the bank. The bank received $170k offer for the property. The bank got greedy and said no since they felt they could probably sell a $350k house for $250k and make $90k profit on it. THE BANK SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO FORECLOSE ON THE PROPERTY JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY CAN MAKE A PROFIT ON IT. In fact, I think the bank should probably be put under investigation and ALL of it's foreclosure proceedings put on hold.

I've read story after story of people having foreclosure proceedings started against them despite their willingness and renewed ability to pay or that they've found a buyer who would pay off the loan. I've heard of banks foreclosing on the wrong house. There was a couple in Florida who got foreclosed on..... who paid for their house in cash. Never even HAD a mortgage. The bank sent someone to their house who cleaned out all their stuff, hauled it away, and then bolted the doors.

The banks deserve ZERO benefit of the doubt here.

This guy may be crazy... but at least he's thinking. The banks are mindless zombies.
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#735992 Biggest one day stock drop due to auto Fire in Seattle Suburb

Posted by Buzz Killington on 02 October 2013 - 11:17 PM

Shares in Dfelt's Natural Gas business hit negative 9001 dollars this trading day when people realized that fossil fuels are explosive, dangerous and can ignite rapidly. 


Washington State Police Captain, F. Ng Obvious told reporters that "fossil fuels are face-meltingly dangerous and detonation can occur if vehicles are involved in accidents."


It became the talk of the office at the Shittyattle Turds newspaper as to whether vehicles should be allowed to be fuelled by highly compressed, explosive gas. Editors agreed that responsible use, rigorous NHTSA testing and safe driving will minimize the risk of death via fiery pit of doom.


Critics on automotive website Hurrs & Durrs, were less kind.


"OMGZ NATURAL GAS ABORTS BABIES WE NEED TO GO BACK TO STANLEY STEAMERS" said one poster. The Shittyattle Turds tried contacting C&G for further comment but the website crashed and was not up and running in time for this article's print. 









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#735989 Biggest one day stock drop due to auto Fire in Seattle Suburb

Posted by Dodgefan on 02 October 2013 - 10:56 PM

Leaving one to wonder just how easy is it for these electric auto's to catch on fire and possibly kill someone.


That's cute. Because vehicles carrying a payload of highly flammable fluids never catch fire.


Those last two links are especially incredible when you consider that they are related to electrical problems. In a GASOLINE powered vehicle you say? Clearly this is witchcraft and we should go back to horse drawn carriages.

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