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BMW Shows Us The FWD Future With The Concept Active Tourer

BMW FWD Front-Wheel Drive Concept Active Tourer

William Maley
Staff Writer - CheersandGears.com
September 14, 2012

For awhile now, we been reporting about BMW heading to the front-wheel for certain number of their upcoming vehicles. Now, we get our first peek into that future with the Concept Active Tourer.

The Concept Active Tourer is BMW’s interpretation of the tall-hatchback shape (Mercedes-Benz B-Class). The front end features the twin-kidney grille, angular headlights, and large air dams on the front bumper. Around the side, the Concept Active Tourer has a distinctive character line. The back is a mixture of BMW’s wagon and crossover design cues.

The interior features an advanced, multicolor head-up display, panoramic sunroof that changes transparency at the push of a button, eight-inch infotainment screen, and a 10.3-inch customizable screen replacing a traditional instrument cluster.

Power will come from from a hybrid powertrain that is made up of a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder gas engine, an electric motor, and a lithium-ion battery pack. Total output is 190 HP and 147 lb-ft of torque. Stats for the Active Tourer are,
  • 0-62 MPH in 8 seconds
  • Top speed of 124 MPH
  • Travel up 20 Miles on EV power alone
  • Fuel economy of 2.5 liters per 100 kilometers (about 94 MPG)
BMW will show the Active Tourer Concept at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

William Maley is a staff writer for Cheers & Gears. He can be reached at william.maley@cheersandgears.com or you can follow him on twitter at @realmudmonster.

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YAWN, Not impressed. If this is the future of BMW, they have lost their way in building Driving Machines.

Should have made this a CNG auto!
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Lame, if they are going to build a 94 mpg electric type car it should have RWD!
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BMW? FWD outside of Mini?

GM did the same thing in the mid 80s and it was a disaster. Market share losses accelerated once GM went FWD on almost every car. BMW, don't do it!
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Meh...just another FWD CUV.
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They have no 3rd brand they can use (BMW's dormant brands are all British sports car nameplates), so doing this leverages the MINI platform (which very good driving machines depite being FWD, BTW) while the coupe/convertible stay RWD renamed as the 2-Series... It is not a strategy totally devoid of sense. :AH-HA:
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