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September 2012: Hyundai Motor America

Sales Hyundai September

  • Seventh Straight Month Breaking the 60,000 Mark
  • Best-Ever September Sale
  • 25th Consecutive Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Increase
COSTA MESA, Calif., October 2, 2012 – Hyundai Motor America wrapped up the third quarter of 2012 setting multiple sales records including a record 60,025 sales for the month of September. Sales were up 15 percent for the month and up 10 percent for the first nine months of the year versus 2011.

“September was a very encouraging month for Hyundai as we avoided the traditional back-to-school sales decline and began to reap the benefits of a materially improved inventory situation on our core vehicle lines,” said Dave Zuchowski, executive vice president of sales. “We’re well positioned for a strong fourth quarter as sales of the newly launched Elantra GT, Elantra Coupe, the all-new Azera and all-new Santa Fe continued at a brisk pace. Our fourth quarter production plan is up nearly 20 percent on a year-over-year basis.”

The all-new Azera and the Elantra family saw sales gains of a remarkable 1028 percent and 27 percent, respectively, over last September. The Tucson saw sales gains of 23 percent over the same period a year ago, and Veloster, the three-door coupe now available in both turbo and non-turbo models, continues to impress with a sales gain of 262 percent. Hyundai fleet sales and mix remained low at a nine percent mix for the month and year-to-date, among the lowest in the industry.

Hyundai achieved a corporate average fuel economy level of 37.4 (EPA estimated 28.3 MPG window label value) in September.

“With our improved inventory position driven by the addition of the third shift in September at our Alabama plant, and the improving availability of our all-new Georgia-built Santa Fe, we’re looking forward to higher dealer stock levels and strong sales results through year-end,” said John Krafcik president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America.

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Not sure why you would buy a Veloster Turbo whenh you could have a Focus ST or a GTI for almost the same money...

but Hyundai seems to quickly be becoming Americas fav. car brand....
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Just like Toyota and Honda became America's favorite brands back in the 80s. Sigh.

Then again, Hyundai does have a compelling value to them, don't they?
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Their warranty is selling their auto's. Personally not a fan of the style especially the weird looking Veloster.
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Their warranty is selling their auto's. Personally not a fan of the style especially the weird looking Veloster.

If I did acid until the Veloster looked good, I would be dead before I liked it...

I couldn't get drunk enough to find it attractive...
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I've seen a lot of Velosters. Compare it to a CRZ which is fanboi and useless. The Veloster is at least interesting.

Sat in a FOcus ST last week, that car is BITCHEN

But compared to a Golf, the golf has an upright dull roof line. THe Veloster is rakish, the golf is not. And no one cross shops VW's and Hyundais.

The Veloster may not have serious hardware but if you look at it for what it really is....a Tiburon replacement / 2 door companion to the Accent, it's a darn nice upgrade.

I am a bit surprised we'll get the Elantra coupe also. Hyundai is making waves and I do not believe the nuts and bolts of what they sell is all there yet but they are connecting on style points. Something the Hondas and VW's of the world could stand to learn again.

An Elantra GT drove by my house a few days ago and that was the first I saw on the new one and I have to admit it looked really good.
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I find Hyundais overstyled and too cheesy in many of the details. The Golf is about the only FWD compact I could see myself in, it has a seriousness about it that I like...esp. the GTI...would be nice if the GTD was sold here.
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That Mk VII Golf is so sharp. Love the squarer look to it. The rear quarter glass on the 2-door especially, as it mimics pretty closely the Mk I.
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