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    • Ill go out on a limb and say: Cost of operation and initial purchase price and all the minute details regarding cost means very little in terms of us humans turning the corner and trying to live more environmentally friendly. Take that how you will, but this being an EV thread, we could discuss how green fossil fuels are versus how green electric power grids are.  The mining of battery elements versus oil drilling is the same.  Both need diesel power equipment to extract the materials from the earth.  Moot point. The transportation of said natural  materials to their processing destinations is also the same as both use diesel and gasoline powered vehicles for delivery. Transportation of final product (battery) and actual gasoline is also the same.  Gasoline needs to be refined and that sometimes means that the energy used is not green and electricity is sometimes produced by coal powered plants so that too is the same. After the life of the battery is done, recycling of the battery is not yet defined. So that could be an advantage for the fossil fuel advocates. The problem though is that electricity in some cities/countries is produced by actual green sources and where the electric powered vehicle really gets an advantage over the fossil fueled one is that when an electric vehicle is used, virtually no pollutants are released in the atmosphere. Remember though, even if a coal powered plant is used to produce the electricity for recharging purposes, the electricity is being transported by wires to the charging station...  But...oil and gasoline CONTINUE to be transported by fossil fueled vehicles to the gasoline station on a daily basis.  Everyday. Every week. Every month. Every year. Every decade.   Sometimes...the initial purchase price is really not that important when you factor in how we humans SHOULD be changing how we go on about our lives going forward in 2020 and beyond.   Unless of course you dont think how humans live now is not harming our planet.  Then it doesnt matter what I or anybody else says.   Go on about and live your life the way you want to.   Humans do have that choice to do what they want and we have that over the other animals we share our planet with. We have free will after all...
    • I didn't have a front plate in AZ, had to get a bracket installed when I moved to Ohio.
    • Agree the Diesel fuel, various oils, gaskets, etc. there is much that does not get factored into the purchase price of a Diesel bus other than the fuel that would move the price higher. Electrics are higher priced right now, will come down over time, but they have a longer life on the road than ICE.  I truly think if they figured in all the rebuilds, repairs on the ICE buses along with the amount of costs for holding tanks, disposal of toxic liquid, etc. the price of a diesel bus would go up considerably.
    • Owned my house for 8 years now and I've always been friends with all my immediate neighbors in a 4 or 5 house radius. In fact, an awesome neighbor 2 houses down puts on a potluck every year just before Thanksgiving and invites our radius of neighbors, shared good home cooking and conversation for all of us. We don't all agree on politics, but we don't let that ruin our friendships either. We all watch each others backs and always have, which is a nice feeling for sure.  
    • Sorry, but I've always thought public buffets were nasty. People smacking their chops to ribs and potato salad then licking their fingers and immediately back for seconds touching the same serving spoon or spatula you do. NO THANKS, I'M GOOD!!! 
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