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    • All this talk about going places.... I really want to go camping!!!! 🙂 
    • You can NOT broad brush ALL emergency responders' for a few bad actors here and there, that isn't right and most of these write-ups only show or give one side of the disturbance or fight. There are some bad or dirty cops that need to be vetted in all cities, but the vast majority are there to help and keep the peace. I know because I have family and friends who are great officers in city or state positions and have been for over 20 years. The mob of Antifa and others were looting and burning buildings down as well as lighting cars on fire and beating up random people all around the nation, it was organized by a higher authority and we all know who it is. Seattle was WAY out of control with rioting and looting setting police cars on fire because your local gov't allowed it to get out of hand as well as NYC, LA and other majors cities. They don't allow that crap here in Phoenix being the 5th largest city it doesn't happen here, because the police don't allow it to get out of hand, it's not a military thing it's Rule of Law. It is interesting that you mentioned the US military because the mob of looters and rioters stopped once the National Guard came in to assist all the cities that were having trouble. The minute the mob protesters (not peaceful protesters) and rioters started signs of aggression by pushing barricades, shaking street signs and trying to light trees on fire in front of our PD HQ downtown, police came out in full riot gear and immediately started flash bangs which dispersed most the crowd and pushed them back off the barricades that they were told to stay off of repeatedly over the bull horn. You can't let people act like animals and burn the city down no matter what race, gender or creed as there's zero reason for it. Peaceful protesting is one thing and a right we have as Americans, but criminal rioting and looting is a whole nother thing and you know that!
    • @dfelt knows I was jerking his chain, I've been on here a while and we screw with each other often. Humidity is horrible to me in FL and the whole eastern seaboard for that matter where you are constantly sticky and never can fully dry off after a shower, I hate that! Yes, it's drier here and your sinuses and nose get used to it, just don't give up!  And yes, many can't cut it here with the heat so it does take some intestinal fortitude and fitness regimen to make it. The NW is beautiful to me and I never said it wasn't. I grew up there so I know what it has to offer, I just needed a change and had enough of the constant rain for 9 sometimes 10 months out of the year. Great to visit when the Summer Monsoon heat and humidity kicks in here for a few months, but I'd never live there year round again. I don't live up North with the senior granola's nor could I, you're right they're mostly all up North in the real nose bleed section of the state in Flagstaff and sprinkled around Sedona. My house is in the 98.6% Conservative area of N. Phoenix/Paradise Valley area, right where I want to be. Conservative retired folk have driven the prices up here for the most part.
    • For those who still have time and can find stores that are participating, today is National Donut Day!
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