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    • Made up problem? YOU ACCUSE ME OF NOT KNOWING WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, YET HERE YOU ARE, WITHOUT ANY SCIENTIFIC PROOF...EIITHER, STATING THAT CARS DO NOT POLLUTE. Nah...that is just you having an uninformed opinion. An opinion NOT based on facts or truths. But piss poor judgement. In any case. THIS is why DISCOURSE is good.  TEACH me.  LETS DISCUSS. But nope. You are the one to be closed minded. Open yourself up to me. Well...YOU are the one that wants to CHANGE me.  With the ironic and moronic way of crying and whining WITHOUT discussing but WHINING and CRYING about it of how I wanna change you.  Well...CHANGE me.  TEACH me.   SHOW me how wrong I am. No! NOT by telling me others are continuing to do what they have always done.  (I GOT REBUTTALS FOR EVERY NONSENSICAL SHYT YOU ARE YOUR ILK SPEW.) But DISCUSS with me the HOW with TRUTH and NOT with SELFISH reasons.... This is the hypocrisy of YOUR kind and ILK. YOU and YOUR ILK  spew that line like a horny John on a hooker's face.   But I know why you dont wanna discuss things. You dont have a leg to stay on. Your first sentence... tells me all I need to know. My dad once told me to never argue and discuss things with ignorant people. Its best you argue with a wall... Ever hear THAT cliche Blu? But you are NOT ignorant.   Just selfish. PS: I aint tryna change you.  The thing is, YOU dont want ANYBODY else to change the way we do things on planet earth.  YOU want the status quo...and THAT in effect means YOU want to change the other billions of folk that want to change NOT to change.  
    • I just realized the left rear wheel is off this Mopar product.
    • Nah, I haven't taken it in.  Weird that it does not do it each and every first cold 2-3 shift, just a high percentage of the time.  I have the 3.6 8A.
    • olds is asking me to give a solution to a made-up "problem".  why do i need to go there.  "corporate average fuel economy", does that necessarily equate to air quality, i thought emissions and fuel efficiency were different.  linked, but only to a point.  why must cars be scapegoated, when there are so many sources of "pollution".  i am not going to support EV when the sacrifices far outweigh the benefits.  end of story.  stop tryna change me and billions of my compatriots. dfelt touts sales percentages of EV over a short period of time... like it's the first time cars have been sold.  it is beyond comprehension to me that he forgets the hundreds of millions of internal combustion vehicles that are being driven... daily... and have been for their lifespan to date.  and the brand new ones being sought, desired and bought daily.  boggling.  one could say, troubling for his state of mind if it weren't so entertaining.  and yet the dino juice flows through a big ol' hose to his escalade and trailblazer ss.  his wife needs to buy a chevy bolt for her daily and keep the trailblazer for the weekend... if the felts truly "cared" about Mother Earth, it would happen.  and yet it hasn't.  they come in pretty colors. forget about the white dash for one second and do your duty. being called "bucko" is a very serious accusation.  one which i do not take lightly. we should all of us, plant a tree.  that would help our world more than buying an EV.  stop fooling yourselves.
    • Latest News End of the Road: Holden to Cease At the End of the Year ...the final curtain call for GM's Australian operations... ---> Read More The Unclear Future of the Blackwing V8 ...Good-Bye Blackwing?... ---> Read More Hummer Is Back As A 1,000 HP Truck By GMC ...and 11,500 lb-ft of torque... ---> Read More Cadillac's Super Cruise Gets Upgraded Will Be Able To Change Lanes At A Driver's Request ---> Read More Subaru Plans To Go Electric-Only By the Mid-2030s ..40 percent of their vehicles sold will either be electric or electrified by 2030.. ---> Read More Genesis Sprouts An SUV ...after months of leaks, finally the official reveal... ---> Read More GMC Debuts the 2021 GMC Yukon ...AT4 also added to the lineup... ---> Read More Latest Reviews Ask Me Anything: 2020 Volvo S60 T5 Momentum ..What do you want to know about this Swedish compact luxury sedan?.. ---> Read More Ask Me Anything: 2020 Lexus UX 200 F-Sport ..Lexus' smallest crossover comes in for a review and awaits your questions.. ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker Best bang for your buck? ---> Read More Ask Me Anything: 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE ...What do you want to know about this most common of sedan?.... ---> Read More Review: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate ...one surprisingly good crossover, with a slightly problematic engine... ---> Read More Click here to view our privacy policy CheersandGears.com - Established 2001  P.O. Box 17974, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 You can manage your subscription settings at the following link https://www.cheersandgears.com/settings/?area=newsletters
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