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    • My vacation this year was at Rehoboth Beach. Once I parked the Chrysler, I didn’t touch it again until we left because we walked everywhere. 3 chargers within east walking distance of my hotel.
    • @ccap41  Your downvotes are fine. I do the same thing to you.   Its phoquing funny that you have resorted to downvoting, actually.   Like a little man-child not liking what he is hearing.   Wah wah wah.  Grow the phoque up!!! Not the first time I tell you this. 
    • Again with the Tucker Carlson response... Just because HE mentioned a dealership, it doesnt HAVE to be a dealership...\ There are COUNTLESS of chargers...  THAT is the point... @Drew Dowdell and myself showed you yet ANOTHER phoquing solution to charge a phoquing EV on your work/vacay trip... YOU decide to shyte on it and use your bullshyte excuse again...  Just IGNORE this part of his dialogue JUST to pick on a suggestion... Ignore all the phoquing charging ports one passes by in a TOURISTY area where no wastage of time or effort is being done by a work or vacationing dude. Ignore all that and continue to be Tucker... Boy...you are such a lame a&& Hey Tucker... charging points are all over the major cities, especially in the tourist spots... Including the one YOU live in... Stop the phoquing trolling already...    Hey Tucker, you are not gassing up in a gas car. Why do you need to charge up every day in an EV? If you are working, you are staying in a hotel close to work. You are walking to work. Not driving.  If you are staying at a hotel close to the airport, the airports have chargers... Downtown?  Yup chargers.   Dude, you are wrong and you know it.   Stop trolling CCAP! 
    • If it works out perfectly that you want to eat next to a charger, that's absolutely perfect. 
    • Then don’t. When I was in Denver last December and had a Kia Niro EV, I plugged it in while my friend and I went to lunch (it wasn’t necessary, but I did it as an experiment) and the next morning I went to breakfast in Boulder and charged while I ate and strolled Pearl Street (the tourist part of Boulder). I went and enjoyed my trip rather than having to stop for gas. And I didn’t have to stop to charge before I returned the rental… just dropped it.  So it was a next savings in time and money.
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