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    William Maley

    Rumorpile: Audi To Buy Ducati Motorcycles.. Umm What?!

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    William Maley

    Editor/Reporter - CheersandGears.com

    March 12, 2012

    Well, this is different. Car Magazine is reporting that Audi has signed an agreement with Italian motorcycle maker, Ducati to possibly buy them. The deal would cost of 850 million euros (about $1.1 billion) The 850 million includes a 800 million euro debt. Sources at Audi tell Car the company will most likely offer between 50 to 100 million euros and take on the large debt load.

    So, why is Audi interested in Ducati? Well there are three reasons. One: Audi has a bit of motorcycle history with former brands DKW and NSU. Two: Ducati chairman Andrea Bonomi has said he views "'Ducati as the two-wheel equivalent of Audi". Three: Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piëch has been wanting Ducati for the longest time. Back in 2008, Piëch said it was mistake not buying Ducati at the time.

    However, Audi isn't the only wanting Ducati. Mercedes-Benz, who's own AMG performance division is a partner with the brand and India's Mahindra are also in the running.

    Source: Car Magazine

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    SWEET, Just imagen a Ducati with a Audi type Headlight with underscoring led. Be bad ass looking.

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    And the CHIEF reason they're looking into buying Ducati, besides the three superficial reasons given, is Ducati's expertise in developing lightweight engines.

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