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The Assembly Line - March 10, 2013

William Maley


Hello and welcome back to Random Links, now with a new name; the assembly line. For those who are new to this, The Assembly Line appears every Sunday and will feature a variety of links to articles or a number of other things that I find during the week and want to share with everyone.

If you have a link or something that you think should be on the next edition, hit me up in the comments, message me on twitter (@realmudmonster is my handle), or email me at william.maley@cheersandgears.com.

Car: How VW's XL1 will make your next Golf lighter, faster and more frugal - The Volkswagen XL1 is a unique type of supercar; a vehicle that gets 261 MPG on the European cycle thanks to many engineering feats done on the vehicle. Chief XL1 engineer Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg talks with Car about how elements of the XL1 could appear in future Volkswagen models.

Hooniverse: R.A-S.H: The Ford Puma and Racing Puma - Chris Haining goes through the magnificent brochure of the Ford Puma.

Autoweek: Amelia Island by Benz: A spin in the 1910 Benz 21/80 Prinz Heinrich car - What is like to ride in a Benz before it became a part of Mercedes-Benz? Graham Kozak goes for a ride in the 1910 Benz 21/80 Prinz Heinrich.

The Truth About Cars: Urban SUVs: Giving The People What The People Want - Marcelo de Vasconcellos explains why people go gaga over small crossovers.

Hemmings Blog: Roy Brown, designer of the Edsel, dies - Daniel Strohl looks back at the life of designer Roy Brown and talks about how he recovered from the mess that was the Edsel.


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I love Hemmings and their in depth information. For all the abuse the Edsel took, the designer seemed like a rather interesting individual with diverse training. Thanks for providing these.

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