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Random Links - March 3rd, 2013

William Maley


Hello and welcome to the first edition of random links. Random Links will (hopefully) appear every Sunday and feature a variety of links to articles or a number of other things that I find during the week and want to share with everyone.

If you have a link or something that you think should be on the next edition, hit me up in the comments, message me on twitter (@realmudmonster is my handle), or email me at william.maley@cheersandgears.com

Motor Trend: Should Automakers Be Selling “Beta” Cars? - Steve Abrams says that automakers have been doing beta tests in varying degrees and wonders if they should go further with it.

Hooniverse: W124 Love – The Europe’s Panther - In the states, the Panther platform (Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis) represent cheap, bulletproof motoring. In Europe, Vojta Dobes says the Mercedes-Benz W124 family is the equivalent.

Autoweek: Futuristic, self-balancing Gyro-X to be restored - Blake Z. Rong gives the story on the Gyro-X, a unique vehicle that used gyroscopes to keep the vehicle balance. Plus, find out why its being restored.

New York Times City Room: Why the School Bus Never Comes in Red or Green - Ever wondered why School Buses are yellow? You can thank Professor Frank W. Cyr. The New York Times explains why.

Car Magazine SA: Set science-based speed limits - Ivo Vegter of Car Magazine SA argues that speed limits should be based on studies, not gut reactions.

Car Magazine SA: From The Archives: Chevrolet Lumina SS - No, not the W-Body Lumina. The Lumina that came from a little place known as Australia.

(Author's Note: The next two pieces are shameless plugs for pieces I have written.)

Victory & Reseda: Commentary: The New Diesel Pickup World Order - Ram announces a new diesel V6, is it going to be the engine to shake up the truck market?

Victory & Reseda: Commentary: Technology Overload - Is there such a thing as too much tech in cars?


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