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Drive Diary: 2013 Cadillac SRX AWD Performance Collection - Day 2

William Maley


Dear Cadillac,

I would like to lodge a complaint with you concerning one part of the 2013 Cadillac SRX AWD Performance Collection model I'm driving this week. The part or should I say parts I'm referring to is the seats as they are uncomfortable, feeling like concrete blocks wrapped in leather. Seats in a luxury crossover should not feel like this at all. What they should feel like is something soft, like a pillow. Just the right amount of give in the seat to give comfort and support for a passenger.

I do hope you take the time and address the problem with SRX.


William Maley

Staff Writer - Cheers & Gears


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I very much enjoyed a 2012 SRX Performance rental we had in September for a week, in Florida and Georgia. Great car and very comfy. I guess the seats could have been a little better, but I liked them a lot even as so. Just wish the transmission wasn't so rubber band feeling against the more powerful 3.6L, but otherwise we both wanted to buy one when we got home...a good sign.

Really like the 2013 center stack and new controls. The pop up & down nav was cool, but a bit tiring after a few days of "ooh look at that".

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My friend just got a recall notice to bring in her 2012 AWD SRX with the LFX 3.6 to replace the timing chains! Apparently this is still an issue with the 3.6 engine and GM still hasn't saw fit to correct this issue on an upgraded engine design. What gives?

There is no excuse to make seats in a Cadillac so hard. There trying way to hard to copy BMW.

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Hard seats in a Cadillac? No way. I have always said there are two cars with a great ride, a Cadillac and a Lincoln. To screw up the seats is inexcusable.

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