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Chevy SS Sedan
By cp-the-nerd, 04/25/2017
  • 1 comment
  • Color Nightfall Gray Metallic
  • Price 47400
  • Year 2017
  • Odometer 200
  • Odometer Unit Miles
  • Description After getting 8 great years out of my 2009 Malibu 3.6L, opportunity shined on me and I was able to find a brand new Chevy SS sedan sitting on a dealer lot 100 miles away exactly how I would have ordered it. After communicating via email with the dealer, I got $1700 off the MSRP (which was $49,100) and made the trek north to sign the papers. The monthly payments ended up a fair amount higher than I anticipated (when is that ever not the case??) but I made my deal with the devil and took the keys in hand. For someone still shaky at driving stick, the trip home in rain and traffic was a two and a half hour trial by fire and the hefty price tag loomed heavily on my shoulders. I'm not rich, and my Malibu was a perfectly fine car. As I fought anxiety for that long trip home, making countless embarrassing shifts from a stop, it was impossible not to seriously wonder if I'd made some incredible mistake. My wife–thankfully at work–was guaranteed to be pissed. I stalled 3 times parking in my spot, anxiety festered. I knew this sedan was a weapon in sheep's clothing, you could hear it when the exhaust fired on start-up, but what if I couldn't wield it. I knew of a parking lot nearby and took the SS to practice and get a feel for the clutch. I made my way over to the lot the next day, Sunday, to get my first pictures and hopefully ease my apprehension at the helm. Clumsily parking the car, I got out with my camera and tripod. In the morning sunlight, the Nightfall Gray glistened and I swooned. The pictures took themselves, the exhaust bellowed for a quick youtube clip. I could now drive the car, but FEELING it in my bones came after another embarrassing stall in public. A light turned green, I tried to feather on the throttle to take off ever so carefully and the engine sputtered out. In a moment of frustration, I fired starter, goosed the gas hard, and let up the clutch with a finesse you can't force through anxiety. The engine roared and hooked up flawlessly to the pavement with thrust of a fighter jet. I wielded the weapon, and it felt GOOD. It felt like MY weapon. No more anxiety, just ass kicking. This car is incredible.


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