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  2. It was like a toy for those wannabes who grew up with the F &F crowd...
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  4. Imagine if the s-class was built on the e-platform and lost 1500 lbs. Or better yet; the CT6 platform!
  5. My wife has a older Malibu, with a much larger opening, and there are still instances where fitting stuff is problematic. But Chevy had no sedan hatches then- Tesla does. (even older Maxx aside)
  6. I don't care what anyone says about the science... LPs just sound better than CDs.

  7. Mine too was about the opening.... The BMW 3 Series goes further on top. If the Tesla Model 3 did not have that glass, then the Model 3 would probably have a similar opening where the glass like the BMW 3 Series..... About the Fusion....that hatch is for China and Europe only...and since the Fusion's trunk is about the same type of wide opening as the Model 3 and I own a Fusion and I do not find any real problems with it then this complaint really is much ado about nothing. OK...I would have bought that hatch style Fusion if it were offered here in North America, but it aint bad at all this way!!! This is the actual video where the second pic comes from.... Its still the prototype of 1 year ago...the dude says the opening will be a little bit larger than that on the production car...but even it stayed that way....its comparable to MANY MANY MANY sedans in this vehicle size range! @3:23 is where the trunk thing starts at. In the first pic, you could tell its wider top to bottom wise...
  8. Better to have a lighter weight SUV. Imagine if the Escalade was built on Omega and lost 1,000 lbs. Even with a heavy SUV, I think it depends on the V6, some V6s can make a lot of power at low end and if you introduce hybrid powertrain or 48 volt electric systems, then you can get some electric boost of the line and a V6 would not even have to work that hard.
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  11. And? In the CUV/SUV world of 2017 (& thereabouts), the 3 should've also had the same well-integrated hatch the Model S has, pretty easy since the R&D was already done on it. If it had a decent-sized trunk opening, it'd be OK, but not only is the hatch more appealing, it solves the issue the 3 apparently is bringing to market as is.
  12. The Model Y is going to follow the Model 3 and be the small CUV, I've read...
  13. In the 2nd Model 3 pic above, you can see the intrusions from below the rear window, like everything has there now- speakers & such, it's a killer. My comment is not about cubic feet but the opening- it looks clearly smaller than the 3-series to my eye, and about the smallest I've ever seen. The late '60s F-bodies created the space saver spare because a full-size tire wouldn't fit thru the short opening. How come Ford was able to get the Fusions hatched but Tesla decided against it?
  14. 4 plus the Escalade is 5, and you said "at least", which implies '6' is better, yet 'they don't need 7'. What Cadillac will be sitting perfect with is an XT4, XT5, XT6 and the Escalade (which should expand it's packages/trims/options upward beyond the current $110K). Upstaging the Escalade is a terrible marketing plan, it should remain the top model. That CUV/SUV lineup fits the catalog of Cadillac very well as a low-volume marque. 3 more CUVs is overkill, BMW is a perfect example of overlap/overkill in the CUV column.
  15. Cadillac doesn't need to fill the low end, with exception of a low $30,000s compact crossover, they need to fill the high end. The XT4 should be priced where the XT5 is now, the XT5 needs a $10,000 price increase, they need a 3 row crossover. I think Cadillac could sell an SUV in the $150,000 range above Escalade, they could sell a sports car in the $200,000 range and a sedan in the $100-125,000 range.
  16. It isn't just Mercedes, BMW has X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7 is coming. Audi has Q1, Q3, Q5, Q7, Q4 and Q8 is on the way. 7 crossovers is pretty much the standard of the luxury market. And these are cash cow products. A Cadillac should make 5 times the profit margin of a Chevy, why would GM not want more Cadillac models? And Cadillac doesn't even need 7 crossovers, but the need at least 4 plus the Escalade, and they need at minimum 1 sports car and 1 convertible. And they need EV's, when and how many sort of depends on battery tech and what the market is buying.
  17. The BOLT platform is able to be used in many different places. Since no one on this forum has true insight into what Cadillac / GM is doing with the BOLT platform, we really do not know just how many various auto's are coming based on the EV platform. Nor do we know how many other CUV/SUV/Trucks/Cars that will roll out besides the small actual info they have told us. Like Drew has stated multiple times, we have not seen Johans work yet. So you want Cadillac to be like Benz the Toyota of German? Got it and how is this a luxury only auto company then? It is not, plus Cadillac does not need all of that as they have their sister company Chevy to fill in the low end.
  18. Even though diesel trucks do not suffer this rolling coal problem unless heavily modified, I find this rolling coal problem highly noxious and annoying. Why anyone would essentially sabotage emissions equipment just to anger Prius owners is beyond me. It is fundamentally childish and is terrible for all concerned. As for the class action lawsuit, I do not think that it has real merit. It is one thing for the EPA to enforce existing laws; it is quite another to sue GM when the EPA is busy trying to enforce the laws we currently have. Now, if the EPA and CARB did NOTHING about this, then a class action suit can and should go forward. This feels like a pile-on to me.
  19. Also known as the Qashqai in Europe. While watching a British crime drama last week, I heard a couple of references to a suspect's 'Cashkey' then I realized what they were talking about when the car was shown..
  20. Bitchin' just to bitch part deux!!! If Im not mistaken, this is a Model 3 trunk Its not so bad....the Model3 is said to be BMW 3 Series sized... Advantage BIMMER! BMW engineers thought this out very well!!!! KUDOS!!! But lets take a look at a Ford Fusion...a slightly bigger car I believe Looks about the same as the Tesla Model really is not soooo bad!!!! But yes....a hatch would do wonders.... Here....a Fusion hatch or I should say the Mondeo hatch...
  21. I like 4 cylinder mode. I get some amazing fuel economy out of Suburbans with it. Better to have a V8 that shuts half off when not needed than a 6 that I have to spin up a turbo to get any power out of.
  22. Why do you keep trying to turn Cadillac into a full line brand like Mercedes? They are not and never will be unless Chevy and Buick go away. I don't want Cadillac pushing fake Gucci bags like Benz does. Cadillac should not be selling the Pontiac Grand Am of the intro-lux world. It would dilute the brand as the CLA is doing.
  23. Cadillac's EVs are going to be Voltec related plus at least one pure EV based on Bolt technology. The beauty of the Bolt setup is that it is readily expandable. They can build an entirely new and larger shell around the Bolt skateboard power train. GM is a lot further along with their EVs than you think.
  24. Bitchin' just to bitch... Modern cars....not from the 1960s and 1970s when this was super common but during the beginnings of the SUV craze.... Mid-1990s FoMoCo Taurus and Sable station wagon early to mid 1990s General Motors Caprice Station wagon, Buick Roadmaster station wagon and Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser And even more modern cars during the HEIGHT but NOT EVEN peak of the SUV craze as SUV madness is growing... 2001 Volvo V70 2014 Mercedes E Class And Tesla.... Not too shabby for it being just a hatch style-'4 door coupe' low and sleek design! And NO! The heads are NOT sooooo close to the window or rear, its very comparable to any station wagon that is sold....OR 3rd ROW SUV seating!!! 3rd row SUV seating...2013 GM FULL PHOQUING SIZED SUV.... The only advantage is that the seats are forward facing... Not everyone WANTS a freakin' SUV!!! Not everyone NEEDS a freakin' SUV 24/7/365! Cars with hatchbacks or station wagons fill that need quite nicely and in MOST cases HAUL MORE stuff than their CUV/SUV equivalent...without the EΧCESSIVE BULKINESS AND WEIGHT of a SHYTY CUV/SUV all in the while HANDLING BETTER, BRAKING FASTER!!!
  25. I don't believe a hatch would be prohibitively expensive out back from a crash-standpoint- and the rise in appeal due to increased cargo capacity would be huge- this is a sedan in a CUV/SUV world. If Mini can do it on everything they sell starting at $20K, Tesla can do it at "$35K".
  26. Not Cadillac's mission. Not a full-line brand and not looking to plug into every segment.
  27. Err... Rogue Sport
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