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  2. Strong disagree with your comparison to plywood prices.
  3. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, truly proving the saying of common sense is not so common. Let me break this down for you then. The post is about economies of scale not working for EVs when prices are going up. I point out that it is hard to lower prices when costs are going up due to greed of companies. We have shortages of chips, basic supplies to go into making so many components and as those costs go up, they are passed along to the customer. As such, it is understandable that especially now with the backlog of ships still needing to get through another example the sueze cannel after
  4. Hate to say this but a simple surgury answered your question.
  5. Then it makes zero sense to compare. We' get a post from you almost once a week where some EV company or technology come out saying prices will go down.
  6. IBIZWAX is sold in a box package at Costco which also had soap for washing, the waterless wash/wax spray that I use to do an initial cleaning of the auto, their Everything Wax, Sheen spray for the inside of the auto and then the Headlight and metal polish cleaning material. Inside Costco it is $49.99 As such, I found it convenient to buy and use and been happy with the results. I am sure the online product offer if you want it delivered to your home to be good too I am sure. See below for both instore details and online that Costco offers. IBIZ World Class Detailing Products | Car De
  7. So some believe James Bond is only a code name given to that agent, as such, a future James Bond could be Black or Asian. So then if they go with a Woman, does the name get changed to Jamie Bond????????????
  8. No one promises lower prices, but the greed of the power companies there affected the core of the adhesive companies that produce what is used by the plywood companies and as such, prices and supply have jumped crazy high. If the Texas power companies bit the bullet of investing in protecting their infrastructure when this last happened, companies would not be out of power, people would not have died due to freezing and so much more. Yes I stand by my statement that the greed of the texas unregulated power companies is costing us all. If you look at the adhesive and other componen
  9. @David Any reason you are using this company wax products? I am going to do it sometime soon, but never did wax before.
  10. Last night I washed all 3 auto's, SS, Escalade and Suburban. So they are all very clean, was a long but worthwhile 6hrs for a deep clean. This week is all sunshine in the greater PNW and into the mid 70's by this weekend. This morning before I had to jump on back to back calls, I used my IBIZWAX waterless wash/wax to get the auto ready for a deeper waxing on the Suburban. So looking good, now I can put the IBIZWAX wax covering on it to have it protected for the rest of spring and summer. Then onto the SS and Escalade.
  11. 1) My take on how I roll with salespeople (and how I think others should roll): If the item or service can wait, and you push me, I won't be buying from you. If you do not push me, but seek to inform me, I will be buying from you. * * as for the $ 1,400 stimulus payment, I went out and bought a 3 over 3 (cushions, that is) sleeper sofa to put in the room where the desktop computer / printer are. (I'm also giving a token amount to humanitarian causes ... i.e. disaster relief.) The salesman was polite, patient, and mild mannered, so I filed his business card away that he gave me when
  12. Top Plywood Companies and Manufacturers in the USA and Worldwide (thomasnet.com) Hmmm, I don't see ONE company located in Texas. Not sure what power outage has to do with plywood or Tesla price increase. Care to expand?
  13. France has joined a growing list of European countries that are pretty much paying for you to move to an electric bike especially if you live in the city. Trade in your gas auto to be crushed and France will give you $2,991 US or $2,500 Euro's to buy your new electric bike. In many cases top of the line Electric bikes like those built by Peugeot cost $2,500 making it a no cost option to change over to an electric bike form your to quote the French Government, inefficient gas auto, reducing the need for insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. With France having free chargers all over their cities, th
  14. Seems Europe after digging into the data of PHEV auto's is finding out they are not green at all and as such, have already started to draft legislation that will have PHEV auto's dead by 2030. Currently for Auto Companies plans by 2028 they show 28 PHEV's and 86 BEV's for 2028 on the market. With EU regulation considering banning PHEV starting in 2030, this would make one wonder if PHEV will not get killed of sooner as this regulation would tend to kill market demand to buy something that has such a short life span. PHEV cars, once considered green, lose their appeal to EU regulators | Au
  15. Should be posted in the Vaccine thread.
  16. This seems to be consistent across the board for everything. September last year, 1/2" x 4 x 8 sheet of plywood was $24, Then after the mess of power outage in Texas, the same wood item doubled to $48 a sheet and now Home Depot is asking $80 a sheet. EVERYTHING seems to have increased in cost due to the incompetence's of greed out of Texas.
  17. Fords agreement with VW will have Ford for their European operations in Cologne Germany using the VW MEB EV platform. Fords first auto will be an undefined utility EV equal in size to the VW ID.4 Ford's VW-based EV will be a utility vehicle, report says (autonews.com)
  18. Exactly. Everyone likes what they like. For example, I personally like cars from 50s even though they are way before my time, just like their swoopy aerodynamic (or what they thought aerodynamic at that time) shape. It just balthasar and David making comments about how badly designed old Ferraris or Lamborghinis are while adoring some over chromed bricks seems a bit funny to me. But as they say, whatever floats your boat.
  19. There are many things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has an opinion. '50s cars don't do it for me...before my time. 60s-70s cars I can relate to, but my sweet spot is the 80s-90s. I like all sorts of cars, from the US and abroad. I try and avoid xenophobia with cars...not partial to any particular brand or country of origin. How a car drives is irrelevant to the styling; many 60s-70s cars are horrid to drive by today's standards, many vintage exotics look gorgeous but are ergonomic/packaging nightmares.
  20. Personally to me Mehh is most American cars from the late 60s, early 70s and 80s you guys are posting. Huge, misproportionate, land yachts full of chrome and bad taste. I don't see them as beautiful at all. Plus they drove like crap too. The only cool cars from that period are muscle and pony cars. But that's just my personal opinion
  21. Latest News Toyota e-TNGA Platform to be Unveiled April 19 as part of "Beyond Zero" EV products. To comply with European and Chinese laws, Toyota has filed a new family of Names for their "Beyond Zero" EV product line built on the e-TNGA platform. ---> Read More
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