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  2. Matador (The Rebel was renamed Matador for '71)
  3. I like how the font on the embossed 'Ford' resembles the 'Ford' on the tailgate of the first gen.
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  5. Latest News 2021 Ford Bronco Makes A Splash Watch your back, Wrangler ---> Read More 2021 Bronco Sport Completes the Family May Have a Bloodline with the Bronco, But has More In Common with the Escape ---> Read More 2021 Mazda3 Adds Some Turbo Also, a new base engine option for those who can't quite afford the turbo ---> Read More Pickup Trucks Are the Bright Spot In Second Quarter Sales The Trucks Are Alright, Everyone Else TBD ---> Read More Afterthoughts: A Car In Troubled Times Driving To Provide Some Space To What Is Going On In the World ---> Read More 2021 Ford F-150 Features New Tech, Hybrid Power But You'll Need To Look Inside and Under the Skin To See Them ---> Read More Toyota Yaris Bids Farewell To U.S. After 2020 We hardly knew you Yaris and Yaris Hatchback ---> Read More Latest Reviews Review: 2020 Hyundai Kona Ultimate AWD The crossover from Planet Nine ---> Read More Review: 2020 Volvo S60 and V60 Cross Country A Tale of Two 60s ---> Read More
  6. It has been so long coming, and now that it's here, the wait has been worth it. This thing is a TKO!
  7. Hoping this is a home run for them...they really need it! Like what I see so far...
  8. Very interesting. Hope that does not get abused.....
  9. The Twin-Turbo V6 with 400 lb-ft of torque sounds good.
  10. How much off roaring can Escape do also? Even loaded up the Bronco Sport seems to be about $39k so I think they are in a good spot where they are.
  11. Too bad I cannot see Gigabit speeds for less than $113/month using Xfinity. Having said that, they did discount it to $80/month for 12 months. CenturyLink DSL is stuck at 25Mbps and would cost about $70/month. LAME
  12. I do not like this trend of turbo three-cylinder engines. Turbo fours are an issue themselves, but a 3cyl? No thank you.
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  14. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/06/29/ford-promise-offers-peace-of-mind-to-potential-car-buyers.html
  15. Shorter but wider than a Tacoma or Colorado. Kinda puny for a "fullsize".
  16. The 1.5EB is a three cylinder, same engine as the Escape with a little more torque.
  17. Ford is basically giving cars and trucks away. I just saw a commercial where if you lose your job within the first year of purchase or lease from Ford Credit you can just return the vehicle to your Ford dealer. Pretty desperate move, but seeing the sales numbers it's not surprising.
  18. Then it should be smaller. IMHO it's just poor R&D with the interior in general. Screen looks too high on the dash and like they just copied Tesla with a giant distracting screen seemingly bubble gummed to the dash.
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