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  2. The $6300 Inscription package seems like a big waste of money, especially since part of it is a stereo upgrade when there is $3200 then added on for another stereo upgrade.
  3. After taking a better look at the pics associated with this, I realize it's a complete concept car, rather than one intended to be filtered down to production form. That's good; as a stand-along piece it has some design issues. For one - it appears like the windshield is melting / falling into the passenger compartment. That said, it doesn't repulse me as a segment entry (an EV CUV), but the name is blasphemous, IMO.
  4. That's a Brewster-bodied Ford, so not factory, in case anyone was wondering if Ford built something that brash then (they didn't).
  5. Another reason for my dislike of the UAW. They leaders are screwing the union members. Former UAW president pleads guilty to embezzling union funds https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-autos-labor-corruption/former-uaw-president-pleads-guilty-to-embezzling-union-funds-idUSKBN26L3KY Time to face the Music Audi Ex-CEO, VWE expect more costs associated with Dieselgate. Ex-Audi chief arrives in German court to face dieselgate charges https://www.reuters.com/article/us-volkswagen-emissions-audi/ex-audi-chief-arrives-in-german-court-to-face-dieselgate-charges-idUSKBN26L1KG
  6. I would take this way before I would want to drive that BMW.
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  8. Sickening. Proof that GM is nowhere near what they were. There was a time an abomination like this would not see the light of day... even as a "concept".
  9. Except Tesla has already started to drop prices on Tesla Y CUVs so Ford is matching to be competitive. A Smart and sound business practice.
  10. Hard to remember the last time a brand new vehicle was discounted BEFORE it hits the lots. Most manufacturers can take advantage of goodwill and a rush of customers at this stage of a vehicle's life.
  11. Astro also didn't stay in the same segment--went from a GMC semi tractor to a Chevy van. And Calais went from being a full size Cadillac sedan to a compact Olds... As for the Electra concept--who says it will be cramped? It may be luxurious and spacious...
  12. Sums this up perfectly!
  13. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a34220888/2021-bmw-x2-edition-m-mesh-revealed/ The void of Pontiac EXCITEMENT!!! is long gone BUT IT LOOKS LIKE BMW IS OUT TO FILL THE VOID!!! MESH GRILLE!!! RED STICKERS!!!! some day, maybe more CLADDING
  14. I vote for a PHEV Wrangler!
  15. an electric hybrid wrangler or an oil burner?
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