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  2. Elon Musk coming up with the idea for a pick up.
  3. Exactly. The current one looks like an April Fools Joke release. It is an affront to the eyes. Like I said in the Random Thoughts thread (before I saw this thread even existed apparently lol), Elon needs to seriously back off the devils lettuce. He somehow managed to make the Aztek seem like the hot girl in the room.
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  5. I think EVERY serious rendered guess at what a tesla truck would look like looks better/more marketable than this. The Workhorse truck is suddenly the Pretty Girl at the prom.
  6. So I saw the release of the new Tesla Pickup and I’m wishing I hadn’t. Quite simply the most hideous looking thing I have ever seen with four wheels on it. Don’t even want to post a pic of it, it is that bad. Elon needs to back off the devils lettuce.
  7. Yeah, those two really are head and shoulders above the field.
  8. I can easily put the looks of the Trailblazer and the Seltos in the same tiny basket.
  9. I think that looks really good but I like the looks of this more.
  10. ccap41

    Tesla 'Cybertruck'

    This... This is one ugly truck.
  11. In defense of the VW Thing... Its a VW bug underneath and its the German WW2 "Jeep" equivalent. Maybe Elon is preparing to go to war? It looks like a Tiger I in that the angles on it are sloped to deflect artillery shells.
  12. I wasnt interested watching the reveal. I wasnt interested in clicking on this thread, but curiosity took the better of me. Seeing Balthy's first post and second pic I thought it was a joke. I googled and now I see the joke is on me. I am more sorry than ever in clicking on this thread. But now, I am interested to learn why in the hell did Tesla designers decide to draw a car on Minecraft and 3D print it. I am interested to know the theory behind this design. But boy, this will not sell in the market place looking like that...
  13. Interesting they did go with a 2.5 4cyl instead of a 1.x 3 cyl or 1.5 4cyl like others in this segment. The cladding doesn't look bad on a dark color...on a white one it wouldn't look good. I like the front 3/4 view here.
  14. Ah, hah..I thought that was you..;) I can't imagine the production version will look like this...this is very much a concept car look.. It is funny it reminds me of stuff I drew as a kid, Musk and I have the same birthday (1 year apart)...probably saw the same sci fi movies and car concepts as kids.
  15. I see we crossed paths in the FB coachbuilding thread, Robert. I’m going to be 100% serious here; I give Tesla 0% chance that this will go into production looking largely like this. It’s the worst design of the last 50 years at least.
  16. It looks like it could have been in an '80s sci-fi film...or Knight Rider.
  17. ykX

    Tesla 'Cybertruck'

    It is not pretty by any means. Probably even ugly. But I love how different it is. I am a sci-fi fan so I kind of dig it. Will see if it actually gets to a production and when.
  18. It looks like something I sketched when I was about 10. I was ahead of my time...;)
  19. https://www.thedrive.com/news/31154/47-percent-of-people-wish-the-2021-ford-mustang-mach-e-had-a-different-name-survey "Autolist questioned approximately 1,000 members of the general public shopping for new vehicles and found that 47 percent disapprove of using the Mustang nameplate on an electric crossover. Only 19 percent supported Ford's choice to call the Mach-E a Mustang, and 34 percent assigned themselves to neither camp." Note that survey respondents weren't Change.org petition-signing Mustang hardliners. These were Averages Joes and Janes who, given a choice between the Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y, said they'd still pick the Ford 51 percent of the time. While opinions of Tesla among the surveyed group appeared to be mostly positive, Ford-allying respondents said they trusted the Blue Oval and its service network more than they did Tesla, which they weren't certain has much of a future."
  20. Somewhere, the Aztek and the VW Thing are doing shots together, clapping each other on the back and yelling “FINALLY!”
  21. not surprising they make the 2.5 standard. rest of the world got the D and will soon have the X in more than 1 model. if the first x variant here is a 2.5L or a 6cyl... w/e. the cx-3 is based on the 2, which here is the toyota yaris...? while not bad for those of smaller needs and stature, this will be for those that want a little more thrill, but still don't need something big.
  22. Definitely looks inspired by some wedgy 70s-80s concept cars...the Citroen Karin comes to mind.
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  24. First time I've seen a Mazda in red. Gotta say... it is kinda low-slung for a CUV, and the cladding has risen like high tide in the La Brea Tar Pits.
  25. ocnblu

    Tesla 'Cybertruck'

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! The only word I can muster is HA, repeated ad nauseam. Biggest JOKE yet on poor misguided EV fans. You are being punked in the grandest way by this guy. SO AMUSING. Cannot wait to see the struggle and twist to try to justify this amateur P.O.S. Oh, the JOY!
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