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  2. GM steps out and Ford steps in. What a conundrum for Dfelt.
  3. Make sure you set your out of office!
  4. I get that they have BEV and maybe some other full size version of BEV, but they have not shown anything yet and my gut tells me Rivian was much farther along in their skateboard than GM so I am thinking they could be value still to learn. End result as long as GM gets a full size truck and SUV EV out is what I care about and that it is competitive. Exciting times for the auto industry.
  5. My son at Victoria falls in Africa.
  6. FYI - I will be quiet for the most part starting the April 27th to May 3rd in Vegas for DELL Technology World 2019. Gonna be crazy, so I am in lite mode for this afternoon and tomorrow before travel day on Friday and then crazyness. @ocnblu you will get a break from me saying anything EV for about a week.
  7. GM is further along with their own platform. Maybe they didn't see the value in adding another platform from another company.
  8. This is awesome, but also troubling as I really would love to know why GM cannot seem to come to agreements where Ford could. If Ford ends up using the Rivian skateboard for a full size SUV / Pickup, who knows, I could be back in a Ford in the near Future. Excited by this!!!
  9. Ford announced today that it would be investing $500 million in Electric Vehicle startup Rivian. The move will gain Ford access to Rivian's flexible skateboard platform. Ford will co-develop the vehicle with Rivian and will join the already planned Ford F-150 EV and a Mustang inspired crossover EV. Ford will provide Rivian with industrial expertise and resources. Rivian will remain an independent company and the investment is subject to regulatory approvals. Rivian has shown concept versions of the Rivian R1T, an electric pickup and Rivian R1S SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It plans to put these vehicle into production at its plant in Normal Illinois. Ford's investment comes just two months after Rivian landed $700m in investment commitments from Amazon and others. The talks between Rivian and General Motors have apparently collapsed.
  10. Today
  11. Just drop in a GM crate motor of performance focus and give your Malibu a very custom RS experience.
  12. Wasn't the old story about GM products and big wheel wells is they did it that way for clearance for tire chains?
  13. There it is. Somebody else gets it. The trucks have grown and to keep proportions looking right they have massive wheel wells which make the 17" wheels look smaller than they really are.
  14. My mistake, the 4.3 is quicker than I thought. Well, it makes more power, torque, and gets better fuel economy and it's matched to a 10spd transmission instead of the old 6 spd.
  15. ^ '54 DeSoto Adventurer II - - - - - '53 DeSoto Adventurer I (gone)~
  16. Latest News Traverse drops 2.0 Turbo ...Chevy's biggest crossover will make do with a V6 for now... ---> Read More The Disappearing $35,000 Tesla Model 3 ...If you want the mystical $35,000 Model 3, you're going to have to jump through some more hoops... ---> Read More Nissan Introduces an All-New 2020 Versa ...Nissan is showing that not all small cars are dead... ---> Read More GM Confirms and Teases Mid-Engine Corvette ...Finally confirmed... ---> Read More GMC CarbonPro Bed Start Production In June ...best in class dent and corrosion resistance... ---> Read More Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid is Euro Only ...no plans for the US... ---> Read More Tesla Cuts Jobs Again ...dozens sacked via teleconference.. ---> Read More Latest Reviews Review: 2018 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD And now for something completely different from Kia ---> Read More Ask Me About: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab Have questions on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado LT Trail Boss? I have one for the week and can try to answer them. ---> Read More
  17. Those are darn good numbers for the 4 cylinder, amazing actually, but the trusty 4.3 figures I posted from Motor Trend's article are only incrementally slower while having a perceived advantage in aural quality, simplicity and longevity on an engine that has been continually (but slowly) improved since what... 1987?
  18. What Tesla Roadster? - - - - - Much like a new model's sales peak (because it's new!!), it might be prudent to watch EV sales going forward. Tesla's 61% sales collapse from Q4 to Q1 is not a mere blip.
  19. Silverado offers (2) 17" wheels, (2) 18", (5) 20" and (1) 22". It's not an issue of 'too small' rims; it's the wheel well size & how high the trucks sit. I wouldn't want any but a 20", this from stomping around on a GMC lot and comparing this aspect specifically.
  20. I’m already bored with this thing. I still prefer my clean looking Malibu visually to this mix up of corned beef hash and 3 bean salad. But since Chevy won’t make a 2.0 RS Malibu with heated cloth and dual zone with sunroof, I guess if I drove this Hyundai and liked it.... you knever know
  21. Sales cannot tank when they barely exist conservative padawan! Cadillac has an opportunity to focus on quality with ATP over volume while they build superior EVs. The whole focus here is that Solid State batteries which are moving from R&D into production by Dyson, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, MIT - Ionic Materials have the benefit of doubling energy density in up to half the package size. Example of this is the 200 kWh battery pack Tesla is putting in the Roadster 2.0 that is 310 miles of range, drops almost to half the weight and yet gets 620 miles of range with Solid State batteries and no rare earth metals. There is also the advanced research that has gone on by PNNL here in the PNW that is using a Solid State Lithium battery as a mid step to the Crystal Polymer solid state battery that Dyson, Samsung and Ionic Materials are developing into commercial cells. The PNNL uses existing Lithium and unlike current batteries where cells start to decay after 100 cycles of fast charging, these new solid state Lithium batteries can handle 700 fast charging cycles before decay even starts. Far longer battery life than most are used to having and again without rare earth Cobalt. https://www.machinedesign.com/motion-control/solid-state-batteries-evs-key-long-distance-driving Toyota and VW both have moved into early production runs of their new Solid state batteries that also have the benefit of NOT loosing charge or capacity in extreme heat or cold. Right now their batteries can go from -50 to 212 with no degradation or explosive issues like a liquid Lithium battery does. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/batteries-lithium-ion-or-solid-state-126772.html Again, with Green energy, solid state batteries and much less maintenance, the future is EV for the bulk of society. FOR ANYONE interested in reading on solid state versus traditional liquid Lithium, this is an excellent short read that covers it well. Current for where we are at: https://www.lithium-battery-factory.com/solid-state-lithium-ion-batteries/ Best thing is Toshiba goes into commercial production this spring for their Solid state battery for cars where you get 320 Kilometers in 6 minutes. For those that can only do US standard is that equals 198 miles in 6 min, the large battery is 396 miles of range in 12 min. Range and recharge anxiety solved!
  22. Finally saw today a couple of these new trucks on the road, one black and the other red and know in watching them go down the highway and come up from behind, the front and rear are BUTT UGLY!, GMC has the win on style, these trucks have replaced the original love hate that Ram had when it came out with their big rig look. Chevy is ugly and I am firmly in the HATE camp. Take a GMC version every day over this truck! Chevy =
  23. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a25177218/2019-chevy-silverado-1500-four-cylinder-drive/ Zero to 60 mph: 7.0 sec Zero to 100 mph: 18.2 sec Rolling start, 5–60 mph: 7.1 sec Top gear, 30–50 mph: 3.7 sec Top gear, 50–70 mph: 4.8 sec Standing ¼-mile: 15.4 sec @ 93 mph Top speed (governor limited): 107 mph Braking, 70–0 mph: 177 ft Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.81 g epa 20/19/22 My seat of the pants guess when driving it was that it was a 7 second 0-60 vehicle
  24. Yeah, like my old Jeep came standard with 16" wheels, back in 2000. The current ones come with 17s base, but I'm used to the 20s on mine, wouldn't want smaller now. In the truck's lifetime--who knows...I think I had 4-5 sets of tires in 17 years on my old Jeep.
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