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  2. Lynnwood Mall updated their chargers. Free charging of quick charges.
  3. The phone part was important but having a better system overall is even more important. Sync 2 was flaky with the backup camera and not near as responsive as Sync 3. Here’s hoping that was worth the dough I shelled out for it.
  4. Chevrolet turbo 'boxer' 6 :
  5. Stockholders love Tesla because it's been on a general uptrend, certainly via the stock price, and only recently, flirting with profitability. Other than this week's NHTSA investigation, there's not been much scandal. Daimler is on a downward trend, and with increasing scandals. It's also a decade behind in the EV movement. Big difference.
  6. If it drops to $3 billion that is still more than Tesla makes and stockholders love Tesla. What matters is how much is going into EV's and autonomous driving tech, especially for Daimler who makes so many semi-trucks, self driving is going to be huge for long haul trucks.
  7. I quoted the wrong section... This is the part I wanted to quote you on... And no...Motor Trend did not cop out on anything... EVs are REALLY REALLY smooth. THAT is the point... THAT is what YOU misinterpreted... and un-ironically...they compare an EV ride to an ICE powered isolation luxury machine that costs more to buy than real estate in certain cases...
  8. Its only ugly because you dont like EVs... THAT would be a cop out on YOUR part... See what you did there? See what I did there? This is what I got from the article: EVs are not cost effective (for most people) just yet. (That would be a No shyte Sherlock moment actually...no need for a MT article to point that out) But...I also got "life is full of small inconveniences" and "capitalism lets us profit from it" regarding charge stations. And that one just compliments another video I saw yesterday. I also got that EV infrastructure and battery range has improved to the point that range anxiety (at least in California...and in Quebec) is literally a NON-ISSUE... What I got is...at least in California...and in Quebec... that an EV of at the very least a KONA EV, one could travel decent distances and not worry about being stranded and eaten by wolves because of desolation...as haterz like to tell their tales against EVs. Your blindness and hatred to EVs and you misread...and misinterpret. You could read into the 1.6 liter is rough and tough because transmission...but you omit that even comparing a 2.0 KONA..."The EV is almost continuously better to drive than the gas," Reynolds said. "Its silky acceleration and right-foot response are akin to a Rolls-Royce." And to boot, the EV is SLOWER than the 1.6 gas 0-60... You could hate on EVs, man....but at least when reading an article...please dont misinterpret the information given. Or at least try not to. Regardless of your feelings towards things you hate on.
  9. LOL the false tears. Cry! If you really read the article... what Motor Trend REALLY doesn't like about the turbo Kona is the TRANSMISSION, which is a dual clutch. NOBODY likes the type of DCT that is in the Kona. This is a cop-out on MT's part. Buy the 2.0 with conventional automatic and save even MORE over the exorbitant MSRP of the uglier EV version.
  10. year 1 of the 33 year run of the Panther platform, of which I have owned 3.
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  12. Never smelled the ozone of the electric motors, but how quiet they are is sure nice.
  13. Other than 1 on-campus bus ride about 9 years ago, I haven't been on a bus I don't think in 25 years. I did ride the high school bus to the end, didn't smell anything and the noise was inconsequential (mostly gear and tire sounds). Some people don't care for the ozone smell of electric motors.
  14. I will say once your on a quiet EV public bus, you never want to go back onto a Diesel, propane or CNG bus again. I love the EV buses running around the streets of Seattle, hate it when you hear a noisy diesel bus from across county lines pull into a stop. The noise, smell just is terrible.
  15. @surreal1272 That is really cool, thank you for updating us. I am excited to see that you moved forward to do this. I honestly think you like myself and others that made the move will love the ability to have your phone tied into the auto system.
  16. yup... taxes taxes taxes. (same government website as before) https://vehiculeselectriques.gouv.qc.ca/english/rabais/domicile/programme-remboursement-borne-recharge-domicile.asp Like I said...the Quebec government subsidizes certain amounts to businesses, home owners, property owners, fleet companies etc....everything that is EV related for Quebeckers to easily adapt to and adopt EVs. The citizens actually dont complain about that. We accept it and want to continue this way. We actually dont mind spending the 2.5 times the amount for EV school buses versus the diesel ones. Ive heard on Montreal news that some parents are demanding that the school boards switch over to EVs. Now...our government sometimes spend money left, right and center. Our government is known to be um....corrupt. But regarding EV school buses, our government is more along the thought processes of Balthy's way of thinking. We havent switched fully to EV public transportation buses and EV school buses because the government does want to properly amortize the fleets its got now. I know that Montreal has a few 100% EV buses going on, but most of its fleet is natural gas. School buses are diesels and Im not aware if we have EVs in our fleets just yet.
  17. After I bought my Flex and posted here, I had stated that I really wished that it had the Sync 3 system instead of Sync 2 and @dfelt alluded to upgrades being available in that manner. After a little research, I pulled the trigger and did just that. Just installed It today but they sent me the wrong power module cord for the USB hub so no Apple CarPlay for now until they send that to me. Otherwise, here it is...
  18. Virginia can wait about a couple of more years on school buses if only for prices to fall significantly. In 2023 those buses could become a lot more price-competitive with a new diesel bus. Now if diesel bus makers were smart, they would already build diesel-electric buses to head off full-fledged EV buses and undercut those on price. But that would be too smart on the incumbents to actually compete on lowering emissions.
  19. Well, $175K is two and a half times a diesel; when you base number is 70,000 and you're talking about multiples (a fleet), it adds up quick and is worth getting correct. Where EV buses can offset their extreme purchase costs is, if school boards/governing bodies allow them to run longer service intervals (years) or not. That determination is too often tied up in status quo contracting, rather than any direct examination of a particular buses' condition. Add to that a marked unwillingness for elected officials using taxpayer money to be remotely cost effective ('It's not OUR money!'), and I wonder if the interval would in fact ever get any longer. If even justified. Frankly, I believe the service intervals of current buses is too short as it is- they should be able to get an easy 500K out of a diesel bus. That would equate to 42 years. Why are they replacing buses at only 20-25% of their lifespan? Oh; I already answered my own question, above.
  20. Very cool tech, GM's eBrake for Trailering allows GM full size trucks with trailer to brake to a stop 40 sooner than on average. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-trucks/gms-latest-trailers-that-brake-as-well-as-trucks/ar-BBZeuOj
  21. They also do not take into account various state discounts for owning an EV. California give more discounts too plus free install of a 220V Level 2 charger at home. Course you also have in some states like Washington, no sales take on EVs and free home charging level 2 so those can all add up to making the auto on par with ICE. Plus unlike California, 6 cents per kWh for power is dirt cheap compared to $3 plus dollars per gallon of gas.
  22. I know they liked the EV over ICE Kona, however if you look at the price difference (and they choose both vehicles with similar equipment) it is still doesn't make sense financially: $29k for ICE vs $46.6 for EV. Even taking into account $7k deduction for EV it is still a staggering difference of almost $11k for basically the same vehicle. I like EVs but right now it still doesn't make sense financially.
  23. Thanks for posting, this is a good read on a even comparison of the Electric Kona to the Turbo Gas version and how both ended up liking the electric over the ICE. Not planning for charging, I can understand the stupid increase in cost, but so much more to like about the EV. Great Read!
  24. Agree that it will make an interesting study on costs. The Proterra buses have come from the $250K that we discussed a year ago down to $175, but still about double the diesel. I am wondering if they are looking at it in the same 10 year cycle of charging costs compared to maintenance cost of the diesel to justify the cost?
  25. What if it halves again to $3 B in 2020? EVs are going to depress that even further. Stockholders aren’t going to sit by and watch profits dry up. How much longer is daimler going to drag out settling Dieselgate?
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