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  2. This song remains funny in perpetuity. Released when most people could make a go of it in Los Angeles. The main "actor" in this resembles a young Ron Howard and that lady sitting there in the beginning looks like she's had one too many smoke breaks while waiting on tables in a diner in a rough part of Reno.
  3. Just talked to the finance manager at my local GMC dealer (called 2 mins before closing)- after a bit of conversation he told me what Horsey told me 'just order the truck'. Also said they'll go 250 miles to get a vehicle; no farther. And Employee pricing (running thru 1/4/21) isn't good on ordered trucks. 8-10 weeks to come in.
  4. Daimler.com says there's 383 mercedes dealers in the U.S., BMW has 348. If it's logical to compare sales volumes vs. dealer outlets (and I'm not convinced it is) Cadillac may be over-represented. However, I note; mrcedes & BMW are usually corporate stand-alones, whereas Cadillac is commonly paired with another GM brand. Per a mutli-brand GM dealership, Cadillac may not have to 1. sell the same volume/store, meanwhile 2. provides more convenience to buyers by being more plentiful. It may to be tough to reach a true comparison there.
  5. Hurricanes and alligators: just two occupational hazards that come with living down here.
  6. It is a great way to shrink the number of underperforming dealers. Hopefully, all the ones who took the opt-out are the smaller dealers that Cadillac no longer needs. Anyone knows how many dealers are with other luxury marques?
  7. Y2K (cue the music from "Jaws")
  8. I'm usually not a fan of things presented in posh English (think Robin Leach's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"), but this is well done, as are the photography and the topic. In Florida, their population is such that there is about 1 alligator for every 20 people. Sink your teeth into that.
  9. Saw online that about 150 Cadillac dealers (out of the total of 880) took the 'opt-out' package from GM to NOT be a future electric Cadillac dealer. These opt-out packages varied from (IIRC) $300K to $1000K. It would be interesting to see a case study of the reasons these dealers decided to get out of the Cadillac game. Obviously it will reduce the number of Cadillac dealers to around 730 locations.
  10. Caught a glimpse of what looked like a clean yellow '65 LeMans sitting in a garage..had a car cover partially on, couldn't tell if it was a coupe or convertible. From the length of the badging on the rear quarter pretty sure it was a LeMans and not a GTO (from 75 feet away).
  11. This is a 4300 SF, $1.3m home. By my vast observation, they're not built ANY better than more mainstream-priced homes. Case in point: the face of this kitchen island cabinet just FELL OFF. Cabinet boxes were rather thin particle board, and the face was glued on. ALWAYS use mechanical fasteners over chemical, where possible. Had to take the 3 faces apart, clean all surfaces of old glue and a prior attempt to silicone it in place, tweak the cabinet boxes, reattach the individual faces then screw them together. Had all the doors off & drawer slides out. Some blocking inside, 2 face screws t
  12. So I see this thread really should be titled "How often do you pay someone to change your oil?"
  13. Of course; that's FINE. You, as a representative of the market, have 'spoken' with your purchase. And that's how a market is composed; of millions of individual choices. But no consumer market is composed of a single product (that I can think of). Where I come in is; not everyone can afford or WANT to pay 'the extra price' for what they get.
  14. That's fine to each its own. I am not much of the wrencher either, just like doing some basic stuff. I would rather drive also.
  15. I’ll admit I do enjoy planting trees and cultivating them. I started using a yard service when I lived in Phoenix, had no interest in mowing in the summer when it was 110F or more often. I’ve never been much of a wrencher, I’ve always enjoyed driving more than tinkering.
  16. @balthazar No doubt electric mowers and yard tools are more expensive than ICE when compared apples to apples. But it is just a tool and to me personally and for my needs these where well worth the extra price.
  17. I just find being outside cathartic and relaxing. Hence all of the recent posts about awd vehicles and such.
  18. You see, to me it is far more enjoyable than mowing my lawn for example. I would rather work on my car than do landscaping. I guess part of me being a car enthusiast.
  19. I have contemplated buying an electric mower and doing it myself..but I'm sure after one round I'd be in a world of pain from my back. Shoveling a bit this week has left me in extreme pain... I'd need a riding mower. I still don't know how my folks did it all those years on the farm (mowing several acres w/a fleet of Snapper riding mowers). The good thing is up here in the CLE we have generally much less humidity in the summer than most of Ohio, it's not as gross outside in summer than I remember it being down in Tuscarawas County (where the family farm is), so mowing then wouldn't be
  20. I can relate... although I find it cathartic to mow the yard with the electric mower.
  21. Dealing with all that shit is why I prefer having a yard service...I'd rather pay people that specialize in yard work to do it than waste my time...
  22. A tiny bit sad tonight...get to say goodbye to an old ride tomorrow. Wife’s old 2003 Cavalier is going to my MIL’s BF tomorrow. At least it gets to go to a person who will still take care of it..... While it’s laughable to be sad about a Cav, I guess when you have it for nearly 17 years it simply grows on you. Lots of memories in that car! Wife is sadly putting pressure on the other Cavalier we have, my 2004- to get rid of it as well. While she knows it’s my “project” car ( and still runs great, rust free, but needs a new cluster-thanks GM) as she thinks we need to start preparing fo
  23. It's not that I have an 'issue' with a gas mower maintenance, it's simply that there's basically none to do. They run forever. A can of gas lasts me all year. A spark plug and blade last 10. And gas mowers "leak fluids" about as often as electrics 'leak acids and spew ozone' from the arcing motors. It's a lot of nonsense. But you go ahead and justify your $1000 push mower any way you need to. Model 3 was initially promised to be $35K, but the bulk stickered at $47-54K. A couple years later and an 'off menu' stripped 3 is available, if you know about it, at $35K, but is dropped after ab
  24. As one that is not afraid to pay 500 to 600 dollars for a quality mower, I have always had self driven mowers and Once EGO came out with their quality electric mower and I changed over, I will never go back. From the noise to the leaking fluids if you tip it and the maintenance while not a big deal and some like you and I have no problem with it, many people do and I see no need to have that frustration when electric can resolve so much of what I see as short comings of ICE mowers. Like EVs they start out high but are coming down and make far more sense to me than sticking with ICE. Noise
  25. Googled; the $200 battery mowers are 12-in to 17-in, and didn’t see any self-propelled. Might have missed them, if they’re out there. Still an obvious non-competitive price disparity, feature-for-feature.
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