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  2. You nailed the same questions I had also. Just do not see how they can create replacements, but at least it will be interesting research.
  3. I don’t know what they are thinking WRT ‘construction machines’, but a Cat D5 is a 26000 lb machine and it’s NOT a big one. A. Where do you recharge on a construction site- I’m guessing a belching diesel generator. B. I drove a D6 and a D7; the loading that goes on pushing dirt is incredible- even with wide tracks and in low gear- you can bog them down to a stop. Keeping in mind how cold and high speeds drain pass vehicle electric batteries, the battery pack to create a comparable ( performance AND price) E-dozer is going to take a LOT more than 42 million to develop.
  4. Avid and Caterpillar construction equipment has won a $42 million grant to develop electric construction equipment as a replacement to all the Diesel belching machinery currently being used and sold. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/avid-technology-and-caterpillar-receive-42-million-from-uk-to-develop-electric-construction-machinery/ Ionity is a Joint Venture in Europe of the European, US and Asian auto industry to build 350 kWh Fast Chargers across Europe. They just opened their 100th Extreme Fast Charger available now to the public with 51 more under constructions and more being added each month as Cities / countries approve installation sites. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/ionity-opens-100th-high-power-dc-charging-station/ All charging sites which are in 9 countries so far are committed to 100% use of Green power. They say 95% of the selected sites have signed contracts with the site owners and are at various stages of permit approval. Sites in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland and Italy are now open for business. Very cool read on Light Curable products that can speed up manufacturing while reducing hazardous waste and manufacturing space required. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/learn-how-light-curable-materials-can-improve-ev-system-performance/
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  6. Diesel HD/SD trucks already pull power in 1st and 2nd gears because 1000 torques will spin them at any moment in those gears.
  7. Seems July 9th is the official reveal of the Mini Cooper E. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/18/2020-mini-cooper-s-e-electric-car-reveal-date/ 181hp, just 8hp shy of the ICE version. no info on battery pack range. Seems @smk4565 love of Daimler is gonna be hurting. They announced today for the 3rd quarter in a row that profits will be missed again as it will be challenged to break even. They are setting aside hundreds of millions to deal with their latest Diesel scandal with an additional recall of 60,000 diesel cars that are also fitted with cheating software. Germany's Transport Ministry is now expanding their investigation to cover all Daimler auto's sold in Europe and the US. Daimler also has announced that due to the Diesel scandle that their Mercedes-Benz Vans which was slated down last quarter to only return a 0% to 2% return will now be a Negative 2% to Negative 4% due to mandatory recall on all diesel vans for hardware and software updates. BMW last quarter set aside $1.1 Billions dollars to address this in just Germany. I suspect the hundreds of Millions that Daimler is setting aside will not be enough to cover this scandal. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/06/24/daimler-slumps-diesel-crackdown-lost-profit/
  8. There are some fancy traction control systems out there that you'd be just fine with 1000hp. The number isn't an issue with computers.
  9. NOTHING runs to 60 in 2.5 seconds with power going to the rear wheels, period. You'll be lucky to get it in the mid 3 sec range with 60 treadwear tires, the right surface and perfect technique. However, that is not to say that power is unusable above the level that will give mid 3 sec performance. You are not going to break the tires loose at 60 mph or some reasonable speed, so AWD is simply extra drive train loss, extra weight and a tendency to understeer that needs to be manually or electronically managed.
  10. Wow :o the docks are so empty, I have never seen them lacking containers. Trade is not what it used to be. 20190624_090442.mp4
  11. With the onslaught of EVs and PHEVs in the coming years using the VHS plug. Tesla needs to have a plan.... they don't, but they need to.
  12. Beta (and especially Betamax) were expensive compared to VHS, especially after VCRs based on VHS went for $99 after about 1985.
  13. SAE J1772 is the standard that is universally recognized and Tesla has had to add to their auto's for the China Market. While there is a low power and high power version of the J1772 plug, the SAE group has out for review a combined standard to allow this single plug to be used at both home and commercial installations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SAE_J1772 Nissan CHAdeMO has a few benefits, but like Tesla and as @Drew Dowdell has stated with Beta will probably fall to the side. No one in the industry is wanting to pay Nissan or Tesla to use their standard. Like the Great 80's Beta versus VHS war, Panasonic won by licensing everyone to build VHS players and the bulk of the crowd refused to Pay Sony for their Beta player even though it was a superior format and quality. With everyone else including Porsche following the SAE J1772 standard, I expect this to be universally the plug we use from home to commercial quick charge.
  14. Don't be the Betamax. Sony made the best VCRs out there when they first were released, but they didn't allow anyone else to use their format. Eventually VHS came about which everyone else used and Betamax eventually fell by the wayside and was pushed out of the market. Telsa with their non-universal plug should take note of this.
  15. Is it really universal if there are three different ones? Both of which have been pretty successful in their EV sales in Nissan and Tesla..
  16. It was early 80s day yesterday here in Pittsburgh. 1. My Toronado was out 2. Early 80s boxy Escort Wagon in decent shape for such an unlovable car. 3. 80 or 81 Pontiac Firebird running well, but visually rough 4. Monte Carlo Aeroback on a trailer, victim of an engine fire. 5. Jeep Wagoneer 6. Some old Benz diesel clattering away ( I think it was a 300D, but that era anyway)
  17. No, they haven't been at an event that I've been at yet. They are mechanically identical, so I would expect the performance to be the same. Maybe some slight differences in suspension tuning, but I don't know that for a fact. It may just come down to taste, I like the interior and exterior of the Telluride better than the Palisade. My only experience with the Palisade was on the show floor in LA in November... so my recollection of the interior is a bit foggy.
  18. @Drew Dowdell thanks! How about Hyundai twin? Or is it going to be a separate review? Personally, I like externally Hyundai a little more than Kia.
  19. I have not yet. I had a conflict and couldn't make it to the test drive event. What I can say is that the interior of the Telluride is still nicer than the Explorer. Explorer, for it's good looks, still had some cheapness built into the interior.
  20. @Drew Dowdell Out of curiosity, have you driven the new Explorer? If you did, how it compares to Telluride?
  21. Latest News Jaguar Readies New Platform For XJ ...flexible platform will work in both EV and Gasoline models... ---> Read More Kia Unveils the Seltos ...this tiny crossover is likely coming to the U.S.... ---> Read More 760 Horsepower For 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 ...World's most power-dense supercharged production engine... ---> Read More 2020 Cadillac CT6 Makes Big Price Moves ...now with a base V6.... ---> Read More Lexus GX 460 Gets a Face..... Lift? ...take that BMW and your big grilles... ---> Read More BMW's M Division Might Get Bespoke Model ...could be gasoline or electric... ---> Read More Mercedes-Benz E-Class getting more powerful base engine ...along with a new base designation... ---> Read More Latest Reviews Quick Drive: 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL S-AWC When you need as much space as possible for little cash ---> Read More Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda3 Grand Touring Hatchback Is the 2018 Mazda3 still worth it as the new one sits next to it? ---> Read More
  22. This...S AWD form...example...sticker $37,405...at that price, you're still at 2.5L engine and cloth in an Acadia... So...
  23. Love the Telluride. Not a single person we're referred to it is anything less than thrilled. Money spent on design, refinement, quality of materials, and keeping features standard, not optional, with a great 3.8L V6 & 8-speed underhood, plus a real AWD system that can handle more than...say a Highlander, etc. that'll just spin. Biggest market challenge, to others: the Telluride is far NICER, yet at a "normal" far lower price point. Look at a Telluride S AWD, with the bigger great looking wheels, and leatherette. It looks nearly identical to the high end SX, yet can be found for a $36-38k sticker... Kia got the message, antithesis of GM and others, that keep the prices in line, and spend effort maximizing the vehicle, and you'll get it. The only other vehicle in this class priced similarly, and even not as low in ways vs. trim level, is the Subaru Ascent. Both max out around $46-47k with EVERYTHING. Yet...these drive nicer, are far more refined, are better built, have more features, are higher quality than...a $45-59k Traverse, a $45-60k+ Enclave, an all over the place Explorer price. You can say "but incentives..." all you want, but that's such a head in the clouds, and they're still thousands more, for less. And like Drew said after real experience...this vs. an Acadia? No comparison. Cargo area trimming above is only a small item. We drove a Sorento last year, when testing Traverse replacements, and out of 8 crossovers..."GM only mom", put it in 2nd place next to the Jeep Grand Cherokee she ended up buying. "It drove the best, the power was great, the features and interior seemed the best design...I really liked it, but the Jeep is just more overall what I want." Go...Telluride
  24. Rogue and Outlander, two of the 'best value' crossovers with third row and some space out there. And yes that includes the CVT. I admire said value, but even I can't pop for an outlander any more these days. They badly need a new version. By the time they do, it will be outdated by a generation.
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