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  2. riviera74

    2019 Cadillac XT4 showroom impression

    Only 2Q: how many will sell and will it outsell the XT5 (this year)?
  3. Is self-driving really worth it? I am not so sure about that.
  4. riviera74

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    Too bad GM never made more Chevy SS sports sedans. They are SO HARD to find now. I wonder why Ford promised to make so few and then ultimately triple that initial run.
  5. A Horse With No Name

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    I actually really like the design language of the Lincoln SUVs.
  6. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    I like the front of the Explorer, even though it's very Land Rover/Ranger Rover in style. The side profile and rear is pretty blah. The Edge looks like a Hyundai up front. It will be interesting to see how the new Explorer turns out...
  7. A Horse With No Name

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    In that we disagree.
  8. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    I like the looks of the Everest, better looking than the current Edge and Explorer, IMO.
  9. A Horse With No Name

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    Quite frankly I find that offensively unattractive.
  10. Oh, this one, I'm guessing, is a Premiere, with the body color lower trim. Looks good in gray over tan.
  11. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Blue Emerald Terrain SLT 2.0t!
  12. Yay, someone over onto the YouTube who thinks like me. If you can make it through the BS at the beginning of this vid, check out the colourized new 3!
  13. ocnblu

    2019 Cadillac XT4 showroom impression

    XT4-V subtly revealed on Cadillac site?
  14. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    2019 Everest. Makes our Explorer look like a bloated minivan.
  15. Rare footage of a lower trim Blazer. Looks decent, I do like the looks of it. I'd rather have a machined finish wheel though, instead of basic silver painted alloys. Cameradude is sort of goofy.
  16. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Hopes To Sooth Dealers This Week

    BRING BACK THE PINNO! What is this $25k lower limit MSRP garbage I'm hearing?
  17. ocnblu

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    I don't know, I could swing back around to loving this again. STX FX4 Supercab with no back seat, plus trailering pkg, spray-in liner and a few other details, $33.9k. Maybe it is the fact that they've been doling out info at a glacial pace that made me lose interest.
  18. ocnblu

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Marquis Bro Ham!
  19. Suaviloquent

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    People were already trampling over its prestige by reselling after sale. So Ford is saying fuck you to those folks that violated that clause by watering down its prestige and limitedness by selling more. They are essentially doing a favour to those willing to bet up to and more a million that they should buy flipped GT’s What do they say? Buy low, sell high. You know why the car mags actually don’t fault the GT for not being capable of beating the 720s or Performant on a track? It’s got a factory warranty with a factory roll cage built into the structure, which you can’t say any of the new competitors do. That probably added complexity and weight, and cost to integrate so it’s completely hidden. Could you even do a mod like that to the 720 without ruining its aesthetic!? HELL NO
  20. balthazar

    Project INVICTA

    • Bought some EvapoRust to clean the slight rust out of the fuel tank, but unless one is ready to put gas in it (which I'm not) it's better to wait. So after all the running around RE the fuel tank and anticipating installing it permanently, instead it's going into storage in the basement, along with all the fuel lines & assorted pieces. Rad shop (in business since 1929!) wanted too much to clean/coat the tank ($395), so I paid them $20 to weld a drain plug in one upper corner instead. The best sealer on the market is $32/quart. • Pu the car up on 4 jack sands, going to work on the exhaust / header next, instead. I am lacking the parking brake hardware inside the rear brakes, but once again; I am asking a '59 parking brake pedal & frame to talk to a '70's MoPar DANA 60, so more engineering there. Exhaust system comes with it's own questions, namely; whether I have to end it before the rear axle or if I can fit it out to the rear bumper. A bit more work and pounds that way, but also a bit quieter. Also can look at the brake line scenario & figger out upgrading the hydraulic system. I had planned on a dual-reservoir manual brake system, need to think it all through.
  21. Love the front, not sure about the rear..
  22. daves87rs

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    Screw worrying about the ultra part....just build more of them!
  23. daves87rs

    Ford News: Ford Says No To Ranger Raptor For U.S.

    Makes more sense to offer packages like they do in the markets for this truck- give folks the freedom to mod them up a bit....
  24. balthazar

    What Are You Listening To?

  25. Last week
  26. Frisky Dingo


    I don't usually post in here, as due to the nature of my work, and where I live, I see a fair amount of exotics, supercars, high-end luxury cars, oddities, etc, etc. Had to make an exception for this one. Wednesday night there was not one, but TWO McLaren P1 GTR's at my dealership. One of them belonged to Ken Griffin. Made for quite a spectacle out in the parking lot. Even customers who had no idea about cars knew they were watching something special.
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