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  2. Chassis, platform, architecture, whatever you want to call the mechanical running gear. That is the expensive part, you need to spread that around and CT6 doesn’t have that luxury. Lamborghini is over 50% SUV at this point, it is ridiculous it that is the way it is now. That is why Cadillac should have been building Omega platform SUVs rather than a full size sedan with a turbo 4 engine CT6 that was doomed to fail from the start.
  3. Should have done an Escalade-V years ago. FCA sells garbage with a Hellcat engine for $75k or whatever they cost. What would otherwise be fleet sale rental cars sold for nearly triple the price. Cadillac could easily get $125k for an Escalade-V and all they would have to do is put on a supercharger, bigger brakes, beef up the suspension, and add some trim or V badges to spice it up. I also think Cadillac could put a Blackwing V8 in an SUV the size and weight of an XT5. A slow V8 powered SUV. Cadillac should have at least 1 SUV that is sub 4 second 0-60 and probably should have 2 but they won’t attract enough buyers anyway so 1 will do the job.
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  5. Pick-ups don't have platforms, and BTW; there are far more chassis’ under the Silverado than any car or SUV. Nope- foreign brands are just as heavily weighted. Porsche is 72% SUVs by volume.
  6. As much as SMK thinks everything needs to be turbo'd and dual over head cams, etc. etc. etc. GM could if they really wanted to just drop in their lovely supercharged V8 into the Escalade and call it a V and be done for the day. People would pay a decent $25K more for a current Escalade with that motor and have it called a V.
  7. They already have a V8 powered SUV. Now if you want to make the case that the BlackWing V8 belongs in an Escalade, be my guest.
  8. Reading is fundamental. Not understanding why EVs could possibly succeed is just mental.
  9. ^^^ Not bad... good and powerful voice. Nice and soft, as it supposed to be sung. I still prefer the original, though.
  10. Many corporations today, rely on shytty social media and even shyttier comment sections (I have come to an understanding, corporations have been doing this kind of marketing for at least a decade now...) to see where public perception is heading...) Focus groups and internet comment sections seem to direct CEOs nowadays on what and how products are to be launched... Its just a theory that I have. Oh...I KNOW that corporations have social media marketing personnel on their payroll...and I also know that they rely on the internet for data... GM on the C8 for instance, when they launched the C8 in July, Tadge DID mention how that online reveal had a million views, or whatever the figure was and how for the days following, the Chevy website nearly crashed because they had a record amount of visitors playing with the C8 price build... So its kinda logical that these internet marketing people also look at the comments sections to get a feel of what folk are saying about GM's image and the C8 and V8s and EVs and shyte!!! Call me crazy, but I KNOW I am unto something...
  11. @oldshurst442 +1,000,000 I also have been doing some serious sole searching in regards to the Blackwing, the loss of an Escalade V and why oh why is GM doing this when they do not have an EV out yet to challenge Tesla or anyone else. Building space so that upon the Escalade EV V and others, they will be considered by those that are already thinking Green or have already thought green but are not buying as what they want is not there. EV's I suspect will do a Hockey Stick Sales spike once choices are available. Seems 2023 is going to be the big year to prove me right or wrong.
  12. What Dfelt said... And people are NOT indifferent to EVs in MY neck of the woods. I said about 8 months ago that I see 5 different Tesla Model 3s each and every day here. Well, 8 months later, like as of now, that figure went up. I see at least 7-8 DIFFERENT Model 3s each and every day on a SHORT commute to work. And no, the Tesla store is no where near where I live and work. There is only one Tesla store in case you are asking... //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Back to the thread...but with an EV flavour. I think GM is cutting all these sedans because so they could focus full force on bringing out EVs. Barra said that she wants GM to be the world's leader in EVs... The 2.3 billion dollar venture with LG Chem and a creation of 1100 jobs while closing down ICE factories and laying off ICE workers should signal to all of us what is going on with GM... Killing off the CT6, waisting billions on it and the Blackwing while telling us that the Blackwing costs money is just a smoke screen. I think, they are killing the Blackwing NOT because it costs money...I think GM brass want to distance Cadillac from the internal combustion engine as much as they can. The Blackwing is a start. Its a "gas guzzling V8". It does not look good with PR with EV sheeple to have a brand new gas guzzling V8 in the stable when in a couple of years, an onslaught of Cadillac EVs are gonna launch... I have come to this conclusion after reading comments from product launches from GM. The C8 and the Blackwing CT6. Also Autoline Detroit... There are MANY comments made by EV trolls, that diss the V8s...or even the rotary engine. They say all kinds of dumb things such as "why invest in ICE when electrics are the future?" Or "dino tech that sucks gas spews emissions" Or "0-60 in xx seconds, quarter mile yy seconds? HA! Stuopid GM for wasting billions on outdated technology...Telsa Model XYZ is faster...blah blah blah..." My personal opinion is this... Its a damned shame that GM spent billions to finally create a SEDAN worthy of the Cadillac badge, (big, brawny, V8, RWD sedan) only to kill it, yet again with this pattern, only to invest billions more on something that may be just a pipe dream, because even though in MY neck of the woods, people seems to want EVs, there are other woods dar from where I am, that are dead set against EVs... And Cadillac, whether Barra wants Cadillac to be a leader in EVs, and I have no doubt that Cadillac can and WILL produce something to embarrass Tesla and now the Mustang Mach-E, Cadillac is STILL all about the big badass V8 car. The Blackwing is that...
  13. I will as you expected DISAGREE with you as a wide range of options is EXACTLY what is Missing. More people are wanting less maintenance and easier fueling than you think, the options are just not there yet. It will be and I suspect we will see great strides in EV sales in 2023 as more EV options come online.
  14. Except none of those are SUVs. Something like 70% of the market is SUV/truck and probably more for American car companies. Camaro sales are tanking, Impala and all the other large sedans are tanking. Cadillac should be building blacking V8 SUVs, that would outsell any V8 powered sedan they could come up with.
  15. If they had $10k margin they wouldn't be killing the car. That is pickup truck margin because they have 1 platform for Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban, Escalade and high price tags to go with the volume.
  16. Doesn't matter how wide the range of EV models is... ppl are still indifferent to them. Or even downright rude.
  17. GM could be thinking that if they need cars in the future, they could bring them back quickly from China. My gut tells me that the BEV3 platform very well could support a wide range of EV cars as well as CUVs and trucks.
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  19. Or, they could be making $10 grand or even $25 grand on average per car.
  20. That may be true on the CT6, but GM could solve that problem with a new RWD Impala/Caprice STAT, along with an upgraded Camaro.
  21. But the cost is higher on CT6. GM could be losing money on every one they build because there is no economies of scale. The A8 isn’t adding any major development cost when a dozen cars are on that platform and those engines and transmissions are all shared.
  22. +1,000,000 well said, as a GM fan and a Heavy Cadillac buyer, recently they have nothing to really excite me and while the CT6 Blackwing is exciting, before I can even see one in person and try it out, they appear to be killing it. You hit the nail on the head surreal1272 that all businesses are in the business to make money, some just pay attention to the little details that actually make more money than playing politics and kissing ass.
  23. This was the current CX9? Yes I know some are longer body, shorter legs or long legs, shorter body. I actually am in the middle with body length equal to leg length and I guess my 5" extra height makes a big difference to me as I could not fit in the front passenger seat as it did not go back or go down as much as the drivers seat. I had to have the drivers seat all the way down and back to fit into the CX9. The racked windshield also makes it much hard to get into the auto as you have to bend the head down and put your butt in before pulling legs and head into the auto. Fact is we all have different body types and those that know me as a large body building 6'6" tall man knows pretty much all Asian auto's fit smaller people. Here is a picture of me and my family. Wife, daughter and Son all 5'8" and then me at 6'6". Except for my daughter, everyone has broad shoulders.
  24. All companies are in the business to make money but what sets some of them apart is the non-stop bean counting yet still wasting money and R&D (see the money spent on developing the CT6). Furthermore, RWD or FWD, at least the Aviator has real engine options with power to boot. Lincoln has somehow done what Cadillac should have already been doing (and no I am not a fan of Lincoln or the Aviator). What’s the XT6 rocking bedsides being sat upon the wrong platform (again the bean counting by forgoing the Omega platform)? That 3.6L that’s in just about everything else GM makes? The point here is that you can make money and still act like you give a damn about the little things. GM has a mixed record with that, at best.
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