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  2. Sorry. Meant to source that. https://www.dieselforum.org/vehiclesales/u-s-vehicle-sales-dashboard
  3. MY thinking: EV Bus :local kid pick up Big D : Will do the more rural and farther routes
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  5. Heck, I still can’t get past 90s music being “oldies” now.. Never though I’d consider Panera “classic” rock... Granted I listen to everything........
  6. Wagons = BEVs :: 2% market penetration.
  7. ^ I wonder what the parameters for categorizing were used in the above. I ask because insideevs.com states 87,459 electrics were sold in Q2 2019. Which means: 337,098 - 87,459 = 249,639 vehicles were non gas, non diesel AND non-electric. Even looking at the chart above :: BEV sedans: 60K, SUVs: 6K hybrid sedans: 54K, SUVs: 67K plug-in sedans: 17K, SUVs: 5K only equals 209K, not 337K. What's going on there?
  8. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/proof-station-wagons-newest-status-symbol
  9. For all the hiccups in gaining a solid foothold in the US, EVs and alternative fuel vehicles are doing far better than anything Diesel which is only propped by pick up sales with a few van sales sprinkled in for good measure. They are non-existent in CUVs and sedans. Funny how those dismal sales aren’t brought up by EV haters with the same vigor that is presented here.
  10. CarMax data: average mercedes buyer : 43.7 yrs old average buick buyer : 45.6 yrs old
  11. Honestly @balthazar covered it pretty damn well. The resident hater, that never offers anything to an EV discussion other than snarky remarks and trolling, should read that three times before joining in an adult discussion again.
  12. I don’t give two $h!s what you think I remember. No AWD or 4WD option equals tall wagon. Again, regardless of the ONE GM page you found said, their own window stickers say “Wagon” and they were not once marketed as a CUV. And your reading comprehension is lacking as usual I said that it “looks like a CUV” not that it was a CUV and that CUV buyers will not look twice at it SINCE IT IS NOT A CUV! Understand it now? Big difference there that even a five year old could figure out. And comparing a car that’s half the price of the Bolt (your Kicks reference)? That takes a special kind of stretching to say the least. Just keep that level of ignorance to yourself next time. Wtf does my previous job have anything to do with this conversation? The answer is “nothing”. Personally I find it sad that you’ve done it for 26 years yet come off as spectacularly ignorant towards a huge subsection of cars but that laugh fest is for another time. For the record though, I’ve worked at three different dealerships in two states in the last eighteen years, two of those in sales. Doesn’t change any facts mentioned here so keep that condescending BS to yourself. Speaking of “how many times” How many times do we need that you hate EVs? You talk the talk but sure as hell cant walk the walk. Just more juvenile snowflake bull$h!.
  13. reminds me of what it will be like at the admissions office into a nursing home
  14. Nissan Kicks (FWD only CUV of small stature) 2019 YTD through the second quarter: 29263 Chevy Bolt (FWD only CUV of small stature) 2019 YTD through the second quarter: 8281. Surreal, don't think I don't remember when you dug in your heels insisting the Bolt IS NOT a CUV... now you say it is. LOL so you were a lot jockey at a dealership for five minutes last year. How many times do we need to hear this. I've worked at dealerships every working day since March, 1993.
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  16. '61 Olds styling study, O-62s (& Chevs) on a carrier, '63 JT-R concept ~
  17. Sitting at a buick dealer. Why are buick gmc stores always such dead sad yucky places. Go to a Honda shop it’s hopping GM needs to figure out that their dealerships and sales strategies might be a big reason folks don’t go
  18. $70,000,000 / 225 buses = $311,111 paid for a $60,000 bus. Insanity in CA knows no boundaries. Article goes on to claim they'll save $120,000 in maintenance per bus over 20 years (I guarantee you CA school districts do no permit 20 yr old buses in their fleet); They save $120K in maintenance but paid $250K more to buy them. That means each bus will COST the district another $130K to the bottom line.
  19. '69-70 Stingray coupe, white, very clean, cruisin. circa '85 Corvette coupe, dark blue, very clean, cruisin.
  20. I'm not a modern car styling fan but I think the Bolt looks fine, certainly no worse than any other in it's size class. But to those saying the 'Bolt doesn't sell well' are all wrong. This is the typical filter a GM vehicle must always go thru- "it must sell in the 100s of thousands because it's a GM, or it's a flop". Doesn't work that way, certainly not now. Tesla aside (and there, really only the Model 3 applies), the Bolt sells very well…. FOR AN ELECTRIC. The problem is NOT marketing or the looks or the price, it's the #4 selling BEV in the country. It outsells the Model S and is neck & neck with the Model X. The problem is electrics don't sell well compared to IC vehicles. AT ALL. The Bolt is electric. Duh.
  21. That sounds an awful lot like a homophobic insult. Well, just relax there junior.
  22. I will second several points echoed from the past (one of which dfelt already pointed out). The looks are a problem for a lot of folks. It looks like a CUV yet it offers nothing that other CUVs offer, like AWD or 4WD. That kills a huge subsection of potential CUV buyers looking to go green. Second, and this is the big one, has been total lack of marketing, much like the diesels certain folks here crow over. I worked at a Chevy dealership last year and during that time they had exactly one Bolt that sat for almost two months with a $44K price tag on it. Most of the sales people knew jack and $h! about the car and that price was a huge pill to swallow for a lot of folks. All of this had nothing to do with the powertrain and that’s what the dinosaurs don’t get. It has said a million times in the last, that had the EV tech gone in something more like the Equinox, sales would be better (potential high price not withstanding). I don’t know why the EV hater here doesn’t get what has been discussed a thousand times now but those are the simple facts. Diesels don’t sell for $h! here either and their issues have cost manufacturers BILLIONS. Guess, by your logic, we should give those up too right? Just for you @ocnblu, this article covers the issues facing the Bolt perfectly. Read it, understand it, and move on from your endless troll act. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/brookecrothers/2019/07/21/chevy-bolt-the-best-ev-youve-never-heard-of--still/amp/
  23. Ah deflection, the favorite practice of the defeated. I actually have every song in my collection that I’ve posted here. The title of the thread is “What are you listening to?” not “Be careful what you post or you may affect Blu’s delicate sensibilities.”. Again, if you have a problem with that, just add me to the “ignore” list in your account settings because I’m not changing a thing. It’s that easy. And you know exactly what you can do with the insult snowflake. Part of my actual YEAR OLD playlist that Mr. Delicate has a problem with. @ocnblu Seek help for that paranoia.
  24. Lovely looking standard cab pickup at the gas station. So rare to see them like this.
  25. Restored and modified Novas. Popular for decades now, any clean 6-banger coupes have already been snapped up & redone-modified. The days of cheap ‘lil old lady’ Nova coupes are long gone. Frankly, seeing multiple units asking $70 grand blows my mind. Yenkos go over $100K, I believe. EDIT: found one on autotrader; $3600, rusted/rotted, dented, parts missing, mismatched interior. Would take $10K to make it decent (not restored or repainted), then another at least $10K to get everything to make it BE... and thats with ALL labor being free. Its possible, i suppose, but its nuts on a fiscal basis. I thing Neil Young spent like $200K EVing his Lincoln.
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