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  2. That pissed me off when I read it... but what would you expect when they have a far leftist parent company.
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  4. Oh the 2021 Wrangler Rubicon 392 is real, and it's SPECTACULAR. 470 horsepower, and it's made a much bigger splash than the 4xe with its cute baby blue tow hooks.
  5. Imposing size. Forward brow. Serious countenance. Powerful demeanor. Unstoppable presence. This is conveyed only in the HD series. It has a stylized industrial mystique that GM has done in decades past with their trucks, and they've become classics. They've taken the time to really bring historic Chevrolet Truck essence to the forefront with the new HD.
  6. How is BMW unique vs. the other makes? Or Mercedes? Or any mass mainstream brand? To be honest about it, the auto industry has embraced MASSIVE homogenization. 1990 vs. 2020 :
  7. Another example (among countless others) of why homologation was the stupidest thing GM ever did, all since the 1971 Chevy Vega. Downhill (mostly) ever since. Most non-GM fans would ask this: why should I buy an Escalade over a Suburban or a Yukon XL Denali? How is Cadillac unique vs. the other makes and foreign competitors?
  8. Rivian only has 2 upcoming overpriced lux models with no variants. Look at Tesla- they sold less than 35,000 vehicles in 2019 withOUT the Model 3, and Rivian has nothing priced like the Model 3, only like the Model S. But you can "easily see" Rivian selling 2 million pickup/SUV vehicles? NOW who looks at thing 'realistically'?
  9. This is why I think GM FAILED in regards to their ICE product line. Someone signed off on a Cheap poor acceptance of the front end of the 2021 Escalade by just almost badge engineering the Chevrolet Suburban. 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV 2021 Chevrolet Suburban
  10. Possible, then again, they might be far more profitable than Chevrolet is due to their commercial delivery vans as well as a higher end product line. Last 30 years we have seen GM go from being the largest auto company in the world to a player in just select markets. Allot can change in 30 years. Need to get back to my project, but here is what I quickly found for just the last 10 years. I can easily see Rivian doing this. Chevrolet Sales Numbers, Figures, Results | GM Authority
  11. It’ll take Rivian 30 years to sell what the Silverado does in 1.
  12. I’m.... not seeing locomotive in the current crop of Chevy trucks. Where are you seeing it?
  13. Id wanna replicate the 75th anniversary concept if Id ever buy a Wrangler. Or just buy an original US military WW2 or Korean war Jeep. Or do a lifted 4 door like in the Terminator Salvation movie That is what I want in my Jeep. The only SUV I crave, really. OK...maybe a lifted 1980s Toyota 4Runner would be another. FCA hints at 392 and Hellcat V8s for it. Usually, I applaud V8 applications for vehicles, but not in these. I mean, I aint against V8s in these, its just that a V8 would be very very low on my gotta have list CJ/YJ/Wrangler...
  14. Yup and BOTH TRUCKS are FAILURES!
  15. I wondered about that...I went through the configurator for several trims and couldn't find it...looks nice.
  16. So do I. That particular one is special...
  18. charge times, inadequate, all the new tehcnologies, you mention, are they AFFORDABLE for the masses yet? embrace change? change is good, if its convenient, cheap, and dependable FOR THE CONSUMER. 263.6 million Overall, there were an estimated 263.6 million registered vehicles in the United States in 2015, most of which were passenger vehicles. This number, along with the average age of vehicles, has increased steadily since 1960 right now if if annual vehicle sales is between 6 and 7% replacement each year, it will be many years before many p
  19. I love both I kind of have to agree with you here. I have a major Jeep fetish. Like I said...put it on the Wrangler or Gladiator. The Cybertruck is an upgrade over the Nissan. Let's be honest.
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