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  3. I found my next one! What do you guys think?
  4. 6'6" You are exactly 1 foot taller than me. Well, 11.5 inches as I am 5' 6.5" tall. But...you are also a bodybuilding beefcake. You are a monster of a man. In ancient times, you would be the one the village would turn to to slay whatever monster plagues the village and they would write legendary myths about you saying you are the son of Poseidon or the lovechild of Zeus and a nymph. In all honesty, even some 1960s fullsized cars, you would have a hard time fitting in. Some '60s cars got lower and sleeker. Wider and longer, but lower and sleeker. I bet, you would have a hard time being comfy in a 1963 Grand Prix or 1964 Galaxie Im also willing to bet, that GM's B-Body from 1977-1990 would be a very very tight fit. So...an even smaller "fullsized" 2019 Continental would be an impossible fit for you. But you got to admit, this one was/is pretty dope...
  5. Reality is always different than manipulated numbers. Having actually tried to fit in one, I know it will not fit a man with a 40" in seam of legs let alone a long body.
  6. Front head room 39 " Rear head room 38 " Front shoulder room 58 " Rear shoulder room 56 " Front hip room 56 " Rear hip room 55 " Front leg room 44.4 " (always measured as maximum) Rear leg room 41.3 " (always measured as minimum) - seems PLENTY roomy for anyone short of Sasquatch dimensions!
  7. Your right not every car can or should be built to fit me. Yet when it comes to a Continental, a supposedly FULL SIZE sedan, then YES, HELL YES, The Continental should be full size and fit having men 6'6" tall in front AND back.
  8. Today
  9. True. Not today, but in the olden days of tall, humpy cars, men could drive with a big hat on. A 6’6” person probably could ride up front or in the back of a typical 1940 or 1950 car. Different world...
  10. News Flash: Not every single car can be made for fit somebody 6' 6". That does not make them a failure.
  11. Wrong, I could fit Comfy in the old Continental of the 80's and 90's. The interior space is mid to compact at best. The old True Continental just like the Cadillac Brougham I could fit in just fine. The cars today are not full size of what they were and the legacy of a Continental was lost on this poorly executed car with cheap interior on top of a lack of space. I have tried the CT6 and while I can as with any auto fold up and fit in, once the front seat is set for me, the back seat is still way too tight and not comfy. This is a Major Car Failure in the head room and comfort for back seat passengers has been lost. It is why I stick with full size SUVs. I can insure everyone has comfort, something todays cars cannot give.
  12. Yeah, Ford probably saved a lot of money by using the Fusion platform, as they did with the MKZ.
  13. Personally, I am amazed that the Continental was not based on a stretch Mustang platform instead of the one it used. We could use a few more RWD cars, not fewer. But it is what it is.
  14. You can't fit comfy in anything though so that's a moot point. You'd complain about the rear seat space in an S-Class or a Range Rover..but not a CT6. If they were doing everything to cut corners, it wouldn't have been the first Lincoln to have its own switchgear and engines not used from a Ford. "The expansive rear seat provides plenty of room for passengers to stretch out, and options such as our test car’s $4300 Rear-Seat package make for a sybaritic experience back there, with heating, cooling, power-adjustable lumbar support, and powered recliners for the occupants. " - You're just massive "All of the cabin's touch points are high-quality; Lincoln has created its own switchgear for the Continental (and eventually the rest of the Lincoln line) with knurled-metal control knobs on the steering wheel and A/C system, and unique turn-signal stalks. Just about the only Ford-style switchgear I could find in the cabin were the window switches on the doors, and the overhead storage binnacle mounted just forward of the optional panoramic moonroof. "
  15. A world of ENDLESS payments for minuscule differences. Poor financial strategy.
  16. First off ROOM inside. I could not sit comfy in the front and have anyone sit behind me. Even if a short person was upfront, I could not sit comfy in back but had to slouch due to no head room with a bunker sucking window view out. The car had style, but everything they could to cut corners they did including not making it a roomy true to life RWD Big Car that big people could sit in. Failure from the get go by Ford. Hard plastics on what was supposed to be the relaunch of luxury. Anything but that. So if you wanted to compare it, was a Ford version of a Kia.
  17. Yeah, I could see EVs being commodity appliances. But are enough people willing to drop $40k or more on an unknown brand appliance? Maybe if they are made available as monthly subscriptions/leases... I could see someone 'subscribing' to an EV online, have it delivered to their house, then use it for a period of time (24 months?), subscription is up, it gets picked up and disposed of, a new, improved one is dropped off....just like a phone... strange new world..
  18. Just a thought- I would rather have the brands spoken about here than having some up and coming price pointed Chinese junk. My worry is this is where the EV models are headed....people more concerned about the price than if it good or not, a la Amazon......(maybe they will sell them there).....
  19. That's just marketing... it's on the consumer to determine if they want to pay that price. I understand, though..third party products are often shit. I stick with authentic Apple products (esp. charging cables and power cords) though I know they cost more than some 3rd party shit product. As an aside, one third party product I've bought lately that I've been satisfied with are Anker wireless earbuds..better than the hard plastic ones that came w/ my latest iPhone.
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