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  2. ...and Durango. The products they ahve are actually pretty decent for what they are. The new Ram is really growing on me. I did not expect to like it as much as I do.
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  4. Hell no.. Why abandon a market that still brings in mad profit and in reality.. using the numbers of the Mustang and Chally only.. has only seen a 1% decline in sales with almost no real new investment dollars. With the Camaro, I bet GM is seeing as a platform car.. ATS/CTS/Camaro. Certainly better sales are desired.. but the Alpha platform is getting utilized profitably. Yeah.. I bet the Chally is extremely profitable along with the 300 and Charger.. but Jesus.. outside of Jeep.. where else is FCA getting profit from in the U.S?
  5. Or abandon a declining market segment entirely.
  6. A Horse With No Name

    Tesla Finds Itself Under Investigation By the Justice Department

    Why we care about the recreational weed usage of a CEO is beyond me.
  7. I bet you didn't watch the podcast, did you? Picture taken and spread by Ford, GM, and FCA or their fanboys.
  8. A Horse With No Name

    Lincoln News: Lincoln's Used-Car Subscription Program Not Doing So Well

    I prefer Klingons to EV myself. If something is going to take over the world it should at least be interesting.
  9. ^ Preaches for EV's to take over the world.
  10. A Horse With No Name

    Tesla Finds Itself Under Investigation By the Justice Department

    A match made in heaven...two groups that truly deserve each other. Except that Fords Chinese sales are in the tank. Even people who used Ox carts for centuries and still travel mostly by bicycle have their standards, mind you. Shutter the plants. All of them. If we are talking post mid 1970's Ford...there is no such thing as a good blue oval.
  11. Think Chinese owned FORD for the Truck / SUV line only, they will dump everything else to build and import in their own car crap.
  12. Love the fact that I have not had a auto payment in years. Scaled down my auto stable so I have the following paid for awesome auto's. 1994 GMC Suburban SLE 402 V8 Custom powertrain / suspension 1999 Dodge Durango SLT 4x4 w/ 5.9L V8 2006 Escalade ESV Platinum 2008 Trailblazer SS AWD Since I hold onto my auto's, I see no value to me in subscription service of never ending payments. I also see no value in swapping auto's every 2-3 years like my brother in law does with 2 or 3 year leases. I will stay with buying and upgrading my auto's to meet my needs and holding onto them. Next purchase will be an EV when one comes out that the wife loves and wants to drive for her work. An Auto OEM worst nightmare are buyers like me.
  13. Personally, I think Camaro needs a new style. This one has run its course. If they wanted to improve it, change the entry / exit. Change the bunker look and open up the greenhouse and add a 4 door sedan along with CUV inspired auto's. GM made a Honda mistake like the ugly Civic mess that dies after one model year. Admit the changes were wrong and move forward.
  14. A Horse With No Name

    Lincoln News: Lincoln's Used-Car Subscription Program Not Doing So Well

    Probably the most true thing you have said in 10 years of reading your posts. BRAVO! ....and going to get more import heavy. Peoples buying habits are not going to change. ...and shutter the plants. Agreed. if it flies F#$%@ or floats....you are better off renting it. True for race cars, true for regular cars.
  15. A Horse With No Name

    Tesla Finds Itself Under Investigation By the Justice Department

    Which shows how irrational the stock market is. The happiest thing I have read all week. Given the way I am feeling about Ford right now....shutter the plants. Sadly, no....probably bought by the Chinese who will appreciate the technology.
  16. The Camaro is a personal car.. a PONY car.. defined as " an affordable, compact, highly styled car with a sporty or performance-oriented image." Which I think Chevy hit the nail on the head.. altho even I will admit.. in terms of looks after the 2019 change.. the Mustang is the best looking, while the Chally is the most sinister, the Camaro remains the best performer. Ask me for 2018 and Camaro would have been my #1 in both subjective categories.. as I am completely bewildered as to why the hell they changed the look only 3 model years in.
  17. The Mustang is much easier to get into and out of..... even in my old age I can feel the difference between a Camaro and Mustang. Once I get into a Camaro, I am comfortable... but getting in and out is a chore compared to Mustang.
  18. At least they picked a different name..... it's just the interior and grille that are Camaro inspired
  19. dfelt

    Cleaning the Throttle Body?

    You can buy CRC or Gumout throttle body cleaner and then with the engine off, manually open full wide the butterfly, spray everything and you will see the carbon wash away and then start the auto and let it get blown out. It will run rough but then should smooth out. You can also as Drew stated run top tier gas or get one of the many cleaners you add to the tank and then fill up. On my daughters 1999 Durango with 5.9L V8 I used Gumout and sprayed heavily to clean the throttle body and intake. started it and let it run to smooth and then while running finished using the can into the throttle body and let it naturally just clean everything out. I then did an oil change as the carbon also gets trapped in the oil but it was time for one. Over all that plus the other normal 30,000 mile tune up stuff and the Durango pures like a kitten. Good Luck,
  20. Drew Dowdell

    Cleaning the Throttle Body?

    Depends on how bad and where the gunk is. Honestly just running top tier fuel for a few tanks would probably be enough.
  21. trinacriabob

    Cleaning the Throttle Body?

    The branded fuel system cleaner via the gas tank or one of their products for the TB and aimed right at it?
  22. regfootball

    Industry News: Demand for Used Cars is Rising

    “Customers forget a new car is now more than $30,000 and they expect it to be $20,000,” said Brian Allan, a senior director at Galpin Motors Inc., to the Wall Street Journal. ---------people want a loaded CUV but still want to only pay for the basic mid sized sedan. And TBH that is sort of my thinking too. “When people see the price has gone up, it is sticker shock, especially when people only buy a car every five to six years." -------Yup that too. It is rare and a treat for people to buy A car, much less a new one, even as often as every 5-6 years. So when prices do go way up you can clearly see it does create shock. Data from Edmunds reports that the gap between the price of a new and used car is now at one "of its largest points in more than a decade". Key reasons for this gap include consumers trending to trucks and SUVs, and automakers adding more expensive tech. -------I believe this. This summer saw a strong demand for used cars and analysts are predicting this trend to continue throughout the rest of the year, partly due to dealers stocking more trucks and utility vehicles. ------yup we're starting to see the first huge wave of mass used CUV's. I think the proliferation of all this new safety and autonomous tech, and touch screens and stuff, and complicated powertrains, has scared away some new buyers too. The see having to pay big money for breakdowns on non essential stuff. Less risk now to buying a used vehicle with a limited amount of items to malfunction or go wrong. To me back ten years ago, it was that you wanted to be sure to have the proper airbags, stability control, and maybe bluetooth. Then you'd have enough of the new stuff. But now, there is auto emergency braking, lane keep assist, turbos, AWD, expensive touch screens. If you don't buy new to get those fancy things you may be more prone to avoiding that stuff buying used because way less cost and more simplicity. Just a theory.
  23. ^^^ interesting idea. Camaro in summer when there's no snow. AWD in winter. I like the thinking.
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