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  2. GX460 starts at $52k X5 starts at $60k Q7 starts at $73k GLE is not in the same class Yes GX is old but is PROVEN to be very reliable and it is PROVEN to be really good off-road unlike its German counterparts (not that many owners take it off road) Q7 and X5 are undoubtedly much better on-road but I would never buy them only lease. GX460 will easily go up to 300k miles. That is the reason I was interested in it. Enough space and comfort and yet, would be able to take it off road or camping. Funny thing, I can buy 2016-2017 CPO X5 for about $35-40k (so it lost at least 40-45% of its value in less than 3 years. And yet comparable in mileage CPO GX460 go for $38-45k I wonder why is that ...
  3. Latest News 2020 Cadillac CT6 Makes Big Price Moves ...now with a base V6.... ---> Read More Lexus GX 460 Gets a Face..... Lift? ...take that BMW and your big grilles... ---> Read More BMW's M Division Might Get Bespoke Model ...could be gasoline or electric... ---> Read More Mercedes-Benz E-Class getting more powerful base engine ...along with a new base designation... ---> Read More Did the Germans solve a Major Electric Auto Problem? Automakers are planning to bring to market 100's of electric automobiles by 2025 and a german research company may have solved one of the biggest problems surrounding making them profitable. ---> Read More Syclone returns for Limited run in 2019 The Syclone, last produced in 1991 was the fastest AWD pickup that GMC ever built using a Turbo charged V6 and returns for a limited run after a 28 year absence, what could be under the hood? ---> Read More Mercedes Introduces the new GLB …A bit boxier for you and your buddies... ---> Read More Latest Reviews Review: 2019 Kia Forte EX Launch Edition ...No longer relying on a low price to draw people in... ---> Read More Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL S-AWC ...Making progress in the right direction... ---> Read More
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  5. I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
  6. Look at that dinky little Chevy, just a couple of years old, compared to the relatively giant Pontiac and Cadillac.
  7. And you don’t think Toyota hasn’t engineered the 4 Runner and the GX in the same way (they are platform mates after all)? Seriously? All I know is this. I’ll take the reliability of those two (especially the 4 Runner) over the G Wagon any day. I see countless ads of those with over 200K miles and still chugging along problem free with a killer resale value to boot. The same cannot be said for the G Wagon no matter how you try to embellish it. There is literally not one car or SUV that can touch the 4 Runner on resale value, and sure as hell not one from Germany. And again, you keep moving the bar with the horsepower argument when your sales argument falls flat. Fact is the Slade outsells all other full size luxury SUVs on its “Chevy frame” which is what I was referring to since YOU brought up sales and old powertrains. Regarding the GLE, all I hear are more excuses that you don’t grant to any other make. It doesn’t even merit a response because it’s the same old crap. Don’t worry SMK. You can always get a smoking deal on a G Wagon that lost half its value in just four years and it only has 30K miles on it.
  8. While it's nice car, that kind of increase covers the discounts.......
  9. You should check out this smoking deal on a 2016 E-Class.
  10. You can't stretch a fanboi fantasy any farther than that! The sad/lame GLB :
  11. They should probably do a hyper SUV called X-ONE M and make that a carbon fiber SUV under 4,000 lbs that has 700 hp with a 200+ mph top speed. The sports car market is flooded and those guys are moving into SUVs, BMW should go in there before that is too late and there is no AMG in that market yet.
  12. The G-wagen wasn't reliable because it was old, it was reliable because Mercedes engineered to take a beating and had them hand built, and it always had the current V8. A lot of that GLE is model changeover. With the 3-row GLE on sale now that will turn course this year. That Cadillac V8 is old too, not Lexus old, at least GM updates their small block V8s with some frequency. And it doesn't spank the Germans as the X7 has 521 hp, the GLS has 488 + an electric motor and the Escalade has 420 hp. And I imagine BMW is going to do an X7 M and and X8 M, because Mercedes has a GLS63 and a GLS73 on the way. And then Bentley will have to answer because their 600 hp Bentayga will look lame vs a GLS73 or a Ferrari Purosangue.
  13. LMAO! Exactly my point but he won’t dare use that same argument against the “best or nothing”. The difference is the old GX and 4 Runner have far more reliability cred than that Benz ever will.
  14. Euro- I don't know it. Thought maybe Autobianchi, but no. EDIT :: It's a nissan figaro, and it came out in 1991.
  15. Not even a concept, they just let the engineers build it for fun with G-wagen 4x4 Squared parts. They did build the EQ concept crossover, the S-class cabriolet concept, the Ener G-force concept is the GLB, the Maybach SUV is coming next year, the AMG GT Concept is the GT 4-door, so they are building a good number of concepts.
  16. “Old isn’t reliable” yet you would have never said that in regards to the G Wagon which was far older than anything from Toyota or Lexus. In the case of the two I’ve mentioned, it certainly is though and you clearly do not pay attention to every reliability study and article that backs this up. I also was not debating sales but since you’ve brought it up the GLE is only up 3,900 units for the year (so far) on the GX (12,900 vs. 9,000 roughly). The GLE is down 33% for the year while the old GX aid down just 5%. Guess by your logic, people aren’t flocking to the GLE this year. Your sales argument isn’t even that solid but like I said, the lack of GX sales has more do with its ugly looks than its powertrain. Cadillac has used the 6.2L for years now yet it still spanks the Germans, for the record.
  17. 2017 Alfa Romeo Guilia's are now under $25k, and those were like $45k new 2 years ago and got all the praise. Even while under warranty people won't touch that reliability. And I have seen them with 5k miles for under $25k, not like high mileage beaters.
  18. I have a good friend who has a G37/35 whatever (essentially a Q50 now) and he told me exactly that recently. He is eyeballing getting a Q70 not too far down the road. Screaming deal and not too bad a car.
  19. Old isn't reliable, it is just old. 2018 sales Lexus GX: 26,724 Merc GLE: 46,010 BMW X5: 45,013 Audi Q7: 37,417 The buyers aren't flocking to that GX, and I can't believe they actually even sold 26k of them.
  20. But that is the All-Terrain Concept NOT an E-Class. We all know that MB never builds their concepts. So this is VAPOR WARE!
  21. The E-class could probably take an F150 off road, it is that rugged. And Mercedes built this in house so it counts. And that is why it is best luxury sedan, if it is tough enough to do this, it can handle mundane daily activities.
  22. Is Ghost Penis a relative to the Ghost Pepper?
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