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  2. The volvo profile is the concept- no doubt it'd be tweaked for production (side glass for sure, prolly smaller rims). Cleary, it's a bit cleaner than the Camaro. I kinda like the blunter nose/tail... but something's 'off' on the polestar I can't put my finger on.
  3. Volvo News: Polestar 1 is A 600 Horsepower Hybrid Coupe from Sweden

    I was just about to comment how pretty it is also...but then I got to the side profile pic...and then I was like... thanks! The Camaro for reference does not help its cause either. (for me)
  4. I dont remember remembering this information. Although after reading all of your posts. Now, all of a sudden, I remember!!! So I had a little brain fart...IT HAPPENS! OK?! Thank-you all for answering me.
  5. Took a test ride on the 2017 #honda CB1100 today. Very nearly hit a deer, but even in full panic stop, it stayed stable and upright. Stay safe out there.

  6. You know the old saying: money talks, BS walks. The union did approve a 4-year contract to stay in Ingersoll. I would say that GM will probably drop the plant after the terms are completed.
  7. GM News: CAMI Unifor Members Approve New Contract

    The new contract is what it is. The correct question is whether this CAMI plant will be run by GM in 2022 or 2023. I would lay odds that GM will leave in 2022/23.
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  9. A nice end to a fun and exhausting day.

  10. US market is getting the Arteon. It's confirmed. Won't hit lots until next Spring at the earliest, though.
  11. Soon to be gone; Arteon replaces it for 2018. I don't think the US is getting the Arteon. Both are on the VW UK site. Sometimes brands are slow to update their website, Dodge still has the Viper and Dart on their site.
  12. The CC is gone, replaced by the Arteon. The Jetta is a compact, the Passat is the midsize, and the Arteon is above the Passat....
  13. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    Depends on what you want, some great tuning modules that allow you to tune for MPG or Power or somewhere inbetween. I can say a tune on my Trailblazer SS for power made it crazy but also drink gas like crazy. Tune for MPG was great but talk about a lack of performance. Instead I went with a fine tune in the middle, got a bit more power and solid Torque lockup with keeping a respectable MPG. MPG around town is 12mpg Highway cruising I can easily hit 28 and sometimes even 30.
  14. Im all for it! I LOVE 4 door coupe styling! But...where does the CC fit into all of this?
  15. Random Thoughts Thread

    I liked how you stayed calm and stayed away from him. You did not give in to road rage. And yes...that sorta thing happens all the time for me. Ive learned to deal with it. Like how you said later in your posts... I dont go right away when the light turns green (green light for me)and I Iook both ways before I advance making sure there is nobody running the red light (red light for them). I said that I was gonna get a dash cam when your accident happened. I havent yet. But I will. By XMAS I should have one for myself and my wife. A XMAS gift for myself. (I dont really buy anything extravagant for myself during the course of a year...I do that for XMAS and a Dash Cam for 2 cars will be that gift I give myself this year)
  16. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    Seems like a fairly conservative tune as it seems to be a "canned" tune but a simple air filter and tube change and a cat-back exhaust had some pretty awesome gains. 37whp and 46wtq gains along with 2.66mpg increase.
  17. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    What kind of gains can be had with an aftermarket tune on these guys? With it being a turbo diesel I assume there are some pretty stupid gains. I bet a tuned Ram 1500 diesel is a pretty kick ass daily driver.
  18. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    I understand, I will take the wait and see, believe it when I see it on the lot. FCA has created that promise the sky and pull it last minute as they have done with auto updates, complete new models, etc. A little skeptical if FCA can deliver beyond marketing hype.
  19. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    I don't think it will be a problem at all. People have been clamoring for it and all indications and everything from FCA shows it coming. mazda was always iffy with bringing diesels here.
  20. G. David Felt - Staff Writer Alternative Energy - Europe NewMotion Charging Network Bought by Shell Corporation NewMotion, Europe's largest charging network announced that Shell, one of the world's largest energy providers have signed an agreement to buy NewMotion Charging network allowing them to accelerate their expansion Europe wide with the latest Xtreme Fast Charging network to support the rapid growth of EV auto's. NewMotion manages over 30,000 charging points in western Europe. NewMotion has estimated that Europe will need between 1-3 million charge points by 2030. Currently NewMotion has 50,000 partner locations on top of their 30,000 managed charge points. Shell believes that by adding charging at their European network of gas stations, they can add millions of established customers to their NewMotion Charge network. You can check out more about NewMotion at their web site. NEWMOTION NewMotion Press Release
  21. G. David Felt - Staff Writer Alternative Energy - Pamela Fletcher VP of BOLT Program to Head GM Global EV Program Today GM announced that Pamela Fletcher VP of the Chevrolet BOLT Program will lead the new GM Global Electric Vehicle Programs. Pamela oversaw the Cadillac ELR program, then the Chevrolet Spark EV and the Volt 2.0 before leading the BOLT program. In her new role she will report to Doug Parks who leads the GM Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs and lead the launch of GM's more than 20 EV auto's over the next 5 years. Pamela also led the development team that created Super Cruise, the industry's first hands free highway driver assist system. Under Pamela's leadership, GM will grow their Zero Emissions program around the Globe. GM News Release
  22. 400 fired for Performance at Tesla or so they say. Seems Tesla fired approximately 400 employees from lowly sales associates to upper level executives all for performance. Yet with the bottleneck of production holding back the ability to actually produce and ship Tesla 3, it seems Tesla is more about laying off costs to stem the flow of cash till they can get the Tesla 3 shipping. Seems to me they will miss their production targets this year big time. Tesla Story on web
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