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  2. Nothing to do with BOF; it's the user demographic.
  3. Small crossover is the biggest segment of the American auto industry. That is where you want EV’s.
  4. CUV videos on top of this post and 1980s girley pop music in my head... Is this what my Friday nights look like in January of 2020?
  5. My inner 1980s teenage girl has been taunting me these past 3-4 days. Ive had this song in my head that long. Yes. Yes, its true. We might as well compliment it with this song....I saw a commercial for the movie on some channel yesterday. I say why fight it. Ill give in. Truth be told. I kinda like these songs. I love the sax in Hungry Eyes and I love the acapella in Make Me Lose Control. Reminds me of 1960s surf music. I guess that is what the whole purpose of the video is also. California Dreamin' with the hot bods and the hot rods and the sun and the beach. 1980s pop. Nothing like it!!!
  6. Looks like the new Trailblazer excels at driving through parking lots.
  7. For sure, I like the Rivian R1T a lot better, it's actually the best BEV truck so far in my opinion. Cybertruck is definitely more gimmicky if it's even the actual production truck Tesla would bring out.
  8. Excellent question when we have this proof that it is anything but.
  9. I miss those first-generation Auroras. The second-generation was far more forgettable.
  10. Acura Legend today and an Oldsmobile Aurora which was a surprise.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Pickups are the 2nd worst segment for full BE power acceptance, right after semi trucks. Sedans, minivans, & CUVs are much better suited.
  13. Occasionally pass this house in the boonies on a way to a customers. They used to have a very solid '58 Ford 4-dr sedan, saw it here & there over the years, an obvious runner. They I saw it for sale, then way out in the backyard (deep property). Other day the '58 was not to be seen, but this lil Fowlcoon was there :
  14. Seems really weird that no major big news outlet has the story about Daimler denying the battery shortage and their own press site does not say anything either. https://news.teamymz.com/daimler-denies-battery-supply-problems-plans-to-build-50000-eqcs-this-year/ This says they will build 50,000 this year, but even then that is short of the original stated goal on Daimlers web site of 60,000 and with only 7,000 built last year of a proposed 25,000 of their compact CUV, I have to question the lack of interest you state versus parts available and LG actual statement that demand is outstriping supply. When they build the auto the buyers really want in the right size they will sell big time and Ford F150 EV, GM EV Trucks / SUVs full size, Rivian, etc. will prove that out.
  15. It's not terrible but if gives off a gimmicky vibe to me. I'd go with a Rivian well before one of these, and they're made and owned in the US and not partially Chinese owned.
  16. To add to the upgrade details, apparently the rear view camera still acts flaky and won't come up at times. Not sure what the issue is but its something I'm going to look into since I have a few theories on it.
  17. I brought up the Neuron EV T-One in a post on here a few months ago about the Tesla Cybertruck. T-One is a pretty slick futuristic truck and probably not far out in our future. I still think the center driver position will pose an issue and the front seat design hogs a lot of space for two potential passengers in front. I don't think US DOT would even allow this center driver setup anyway. I know right hand drive cars are illegal to sell here if new, so I doubt this would be any different. I'll say it again, Neuron EV is displaying a truck that I would buy WAY before the fugly Tesla "Cyborg" truck if what they've both shown is a real actual production unit.
  18. I'm not 100% sure but I believe we have the Commercial Service as we have an old building that's zones both commercial and residential and we have a 3-phase service. I'll have to check out our bill as we've only been in it for a just over a month. But, here are my rates.
  19. Saw a black Cullinan on the 101 freeway here a couple of days ago. WOW, what a sweet ride with that iconic Rolls front end and grille and a lil blondie piloting her.
  20. It really is. The strange part was having to contact these folks for them perform a remote operation to get it to "jive" with my car. The systems have to programmed according to your VIN (failure to do so means I could use on screen climate controls for example). That process was a little unconventional because it required a Windows PC (which I do not have) to be connected from its USB port to the OBD port of the Flex while they performed this "operation" remotely using a program called "Forscan". My work around was to set up Boot camp on my new iMac and literally bring it outside to the car and connect it that way at 10 PM (they were on Hong Kong time) while it was freezing outside. Like I said, very unconventional.
  21. Just wanted to do a simple calculation of cost per mile based on my location EV vs ICE. Correct me if I am wrong. The numbers are based were I live, I don't care what prices are in California or Washington. From my electric bill the electricity charge is about $0.13kWh with ALL the fees and charges (about $0.09 without). Today gas price in nearby Costco is $2.45 for regular. EV Kona rated for 26/31 kWh (city/highway) per 100 miles. For easier calculation lets take average of 28.5 kWh per 100 miles. So purely on energy/cost calculation it will cost me $3.71 to go 100 miles in EV Kona. ICE Kona MT used has 30.8mpg average fuel economy. So to go 100 miles in ICE Kona will take me 3.247 gallons which will cost me $7.96. Taking average of 12000 miles driving a year EV will cost $445.2 and ICE will cost $955.2. So just on fuel there is a saving of $510 a year on average. Of course there is a savings in maintenance, oil changes and brakes, however on a basic car they should not amount to more than $200-250 a year. Lets take $300. So to get back the extra investment of at least $10k on the price of the car with $800 savings a year will take at least 11-12 years. I like EVs and I think they are the future, but the bottom line TODAY they don't make sense financially.
  22. Awesome! SYNC3 is worlds better, isn't it???
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