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Guest YellowJacket894

I volunteer.

"Show us your ideas for a full size sedan based on the skateboard chassis, keeping in mind the extra freedom of no engine compartment, but the need for crashworthiness..."
Take a GM Concept Car and make it production ready.
A hearse!

pontiac G8

pontiac G4 based on extended kappa

chevy midsize rwd chevelle / monte carlo?

chevy upcoming small theta

Or a NG RWD G6.
-ng Acura CL

-ng Honda Accord

- Bentley SUV

- Cadillac BRX crossover predictions

Personally..I would like to see designs for an ENTIRE new car company....
personally, id like to see the revival of the honda prelude. but this is a GM site, so i'll stick to a cadillac s-class fighter.
new Del Sol
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Guest YellowJacket894
Hmm, I'd like to see something along the lines of a new wagon from Chevy, either a Nomad-like 2door wagon, or something along the lines of the full-size Caprice wagons. You know, something to compete with the Magnum in a sense.
B-Body replacement.
YJ we could combine our two requests. make the new wagon also a replacement for the B-body.
Sure. We could actually do a full line (which would be just a sedan, wagon, and police variants of both). For this one, we abolish the "two view rule" so the workload is easier.
Select one ATV company and one product from that company and transform it into a car carring the company name. (This would exclude Honda and Suzuki.)
What about making a car that is completley opposite of the brand's marketing and design direction....just a thought
Midsize Zeta coupe--any brand

GMX346 (Corvette-based) Pontiac Sports Car.

or we could do a contest where the subject is completely random, at the participant's choice. That would get a LOT of people in on the game, I think.

Another photochop idea: Pursuit vehicle. Preferably your own car for your own town.

That's all of them.

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GM has just bought Chrysler, and has excellent sales since then. It's now four years since, and GM wants to buy another brand. Currently, they are interested in buying Hyundai/Kia to put under their belt.

The design task: Design the what 2011 Hyundais or Kias would look like if bought buy GM. Would the Sonata get the Cobalt look? Would the Veracruz become a Lambda? YOU decide.

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I like the ideas being put up here. There are some that I like in particular:

1: Modern Revival Competition - This is a brilliant idea, although I'm not sure how the judging would be done and what the rules would be. I would think you'd need more than two views.

2: Make Your Own Company Competition - Also a brillinat idea, and also different to arrange. I was thinking that maybe these two could be rolled into one, but I'm afriad that the revivals would eclipse any new companies in the judging due to a nostalgia factor.

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I once designed an entire car company, models, body style variations, option packages, production totals, pricing, engine charts, subsequent generation redesigns.... but I used to have crazy free time (while in prision). Still have a folder of sketches, tho no one here would like any of them.

{Spends next 5 minutes strolling down car company lane....}

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