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Competitions for The Competition?

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I guess this is the best place to post this.

I'm not just a fan of GM. I like the other brands as well. And American cars are my favorite, sure, but I like a great deal of European cars as well, and, dare I say it, a lot of Japanese designs too. I've found not one, but two GM forums where I can show off design ideas and accept challenges, but I can't find anything for any other brands.

Look at the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The greenhouse looks like it's used to cut through concrete. What a beauty. And the Infiniti FX? Very sexy, very classy, but very muscular--and it's an SUV, which is rarely any of those. Not to mention the classics, like my favorite, the Lincoln Mark series. Oh how I wish Lincoln would experience a rebirth like Cadillac has.

I can't find this kind of fun, challenging environment anywhere else. No one else is inspired like I am by non-GM cars? I wanna find a link to a similar but non-GM-exclusive forum, or maybe even a few competitions here that pertain to other companies' cars.

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well noone ever said you were restricted to GM only drawings here in the showcase... matter of fact... ive done numerous non-GM sketches, like a Lincoln Mark IX, a Plymouth Fury an once i even did a modernized AMC lineup... one of the cars i did for that... a challenger based Javelin... is in my sig... top right corner

the competitions are strictly GM because this site is in fact a GM fan site... people looking at competition winners dont want to see a ford or a chrysler... but you are most definitely allowed to post whatever brand and car you may like here in the showcase...

word of warning tho... if you cannot take criticism which is amittedly sometimes overly harsh... i wouldnt post here... i personally have had numerous sketches picked to peices by the members on here...

but you can deal with it one of two ways... you can get frustrated and be immature about it... arguing with people etc etc and probably getting reprimanded by admins or maybe even suspended...

or you can take that criticism and use it to make your design better... an example of that is also in my sig... the monte carlo on the bottom left corner... thats my 6th attempt at appeasing everyone on here... for the most part it was successful

but anyway... feel free to post any design you would like here in the showcase

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sites i go to for comps:

www.carspyshots.net (thats where the landrover comp is btw)




GREAT sites- thx! :thumbsup:

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