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Ford came to campus today

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As I was walking to my Calc class, I noticed a bright blue car from a distance sitting on the entrance to the engineering quad, but most of it was blocked by a brick column. I thought it looked like some sort of Holden, so I was pretty excited, but then I noticed that there was a GT500, Navigator, and MKX, among others, sitting in the same area. So, as I got closer, I realized it was the Ford Falcon.

I had never seen one before in the flesh, but it looks very nice, and the interior is miles ahead of anything Ford NA has produced. I didn't really talk to the guy about it, but I overheard him talking to other people about it. They didn't know that it was from AU, but of course he would explain that to them. When someone asked if they were going to bring it here, his answer was along the lines of, "we don't think there's a big enough market to justify bringing it to the US." This was surprising to me, as I figured that since GM is going to be in the market soon and Chrysler is already there, that Ford would want to compete as well. However, apparantly Ford doesn't have much of a clue still. :nono:

Anyways, I was very impressed with the Falcon. It looked good, the interior was great, and obviously it's going to be pretty fun to drive. Why Ford won't bring it over, I have no idea. It would easily be the most appealing product (to me) under $50k in all of FoMoCo.

They also brought along the Mustang GT/CS, GT500, MKX, '07 Navigator, Miata, and Escape Hybrid. I didn't sit in any of them (I don't think we were supposed to, they just had the windows down so you could see in), but I must say the MKX and Navigator looked better in person. The Navigator was without the huge chrome piece on the top of the grill, and the MKX was in a nice color similar to that of the Enclave concept. The GT/CS was ok, but I didn't think it looked much better than a standard GT. The GT500 got quite a bit of attention, but it was mostly just the engine that got it (they had the hood up). No one seemed to care about the Miata, Navigator, MKX, or Escape.

As I was coming back from final class of the day (at 5PM), they were driving the cars away. I didn't see the Falcon leave, but they had an enclosed trailer there that I figured was how they transported it, and it was gonen too. I got to see the GT500 leave though, and it didn't really sound that good to me, which was surprising. Granted, he didn't hammer it, but he did get on it pretty good for a second or two, and it just sounded really muted.

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Well, there is a reason why they brought it to your school. Why would they tease people with a car that they won't even produce? They're not GM! :P

They're probably showing it around the country to colleges,sporting events, concerts, etc to gauge a reaction to it before making any decision on bringing it here. A decision that will cost millions of dollars. Since Ford is cash strapped, they will undoubtedly try to be more careful with future business decisions.

So basically, you took part in what might be a very wide-spread focus group. I'm sure other people across the country will get to see this. Though, I'm just assuming.

It's clever if this is the case.

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I agree that it was at that school for market reaction. It makes a lot of sense to show it there because by the time that car would make it to production, those students would be working and making money to buy these cars. marketing at a college is a great idea i think.

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It's a very nice car, and having seen, well, thousands (2 Months in Australia so give or take) in the flesh, I could never understand why Ford wouldn't bring it to our continent.

The interior had some of the highest quality materials I have seen and felt on any vehicle in this class, easily beating out Honda and Toyota.

Australian's love the Falcon and the Commodore because they are practical, well built and even fun to drive.

Granted it's calibrated for right hand drive and would be costly to change, but I'm sure Ford could find a market for this vehicle our way.

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