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Guest YellowJacket894

It's awesome!  I love the look of the 70 Camaro, before they ran the bumper accross the grill and it lost that agressive look.


Yeah, the '78 Z/28 was the only decent looking car after the '74 or '75 refresh. The Firebird was always the better looking second-generation F-Body, anyway. Not saying that the '70 Camaro SS and Z/28 with the huge eggcrate wasn't attractive, it's just that GM butchered the car for the MCE.

For those who say "screw the grille", I think you're growing callouses over your eyeballs. That is 100% perfict. If GM makes maybe the 6th generation like that, I'd buy.
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Holy $hit!!! I love it. Normalyl the moment I see a retro Camaro taht is not inspired by the '69 I just know I'm not going to be a huge fan but this '70 retro beast is AWSOME!

A+ Build the [email protected]#KER! [/Stifler]

Save this for the 6th gen. That' will shut up all the "where do we go from here" complaints about the '69 Retro Camaro. http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/AH-HA_wink.gif Edited by Sixty8panther
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Thanks for the compliments guys, they are, as usual, very much appreciated. I LOVE the 70-72 Camaro and love playin' around with it. I didn't spend enough time on the rough drawing for this one since I feel I lost a lot of the "raw" edges I had. I'm gonna play around some more and see if I can refine it to a more elegant shape...elegant but aggressive. We'll see. Glad ya liked!
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Ok Plum, I am going to stop complimenting you on how good your drawings are, I always end up saying something along those lines and I always have to think of some other way of wording it. That or I am just going to put "PlumCrazy is the man" in my sig. Anyway, I agree about the grill needing to be more laid back and also maybe adding bulges on each side of the front of the nose to kind of give off the split bumper vibe. Otherwise it looks awsome :D . David
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