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...told her I was a fashion photo dude....LOL, then like dunba** took her picture with a flashbulb camera from Walgreens......OPPS !!!


So.....I told her the TRUTH...(ah, hem)....."It is my first NEW CAR in years baby, the old Dusenburg was gettimg a bit rusty and all, besides I just wnated your picture with my new car !!!"



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for the most part... its decent... but the body kit and rice rims... completely unnecessary

as is the chick... stop putting girls in your chops... its ridiculous and kinda creepy

PS. lowering the car was a bad idea as well and when was the last time a toronado was a 2 seater? what the hell man?

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OH c'mon...ya got sumpin agains little Penelope ??....& who says it's 2 seater...

those are just intergrated headrests so when the supercharger kicks in

......ya don't BREAK YOUR NECK !!!!! :P

Idid NOT lowwer it either...BUT.... :duh:

wait a minute EVERYTHING I did is UNNESSAARY...'cept the SUPERCHARGER ????

YOU got it BAD,...Man !!! :lol:


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ive got nothin against penelope... im just sayin... its kinda ridiculous to put girls in your chops for no reason

yes the body kit and rims are unnecessary... and if you didnt lower it than the body kit is worse than i thought... you dont rice a classic man... you just dont do it

and since when was a supercharger ever unnecessary? a little extra horses never hurt anyone :P

one thing tho... you got it mounted the wrong way... Toronados are FWD

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OK ...YOU def got it BAD. (hooked on a supercharger & NO areo to keep it on the GROUND !!!)...the TORO was a 455 cu in big block, mounted straight up front facing....the first real FWD drive cars from GM were ALL that way (eldo too ) 1966-67...no transverse engine mounts here !!!...That engine with a supercharger would ezy crank out OVER A 1000 HP !!!.....your prob too young to remember that ..BUT these motors were MONSTERS !!!...they seriously WOULD snap your neck from the shifts alone !!! (with a HURST 4 -speed ) ...Dude, we used to put $100 bills on the dashboard & IF you could grab it it was yours !!!...I NEVER LOST A HUNDERED BUCKS >>>EVER !!!...even with a automatic trans !!!! :lol:

...truth I am sorry you missed it man ....we coulda raced it out, LOL !!

...as for the GIRLS.....oh PLEASZE....ya gotta LOVE the girls ???

besides that is the whole theme to these pictures...."I lied to her "... :P


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oh right... sorry forgot that they werent transverse...

but either way... aero to keep it on the ground? dude this isnt an indy car made entirely of carbon fiber... that thing weighs like... 4500 pounds... unless you put some wings on it that big sucker is staying right on the ground

and if you absolutely needed... at all costs... to put something there to create downforce... you coulda made it look nice and not all gaudy and overwraught

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