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Edmunds Evaluation: 2008 Volvo C30


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Edmunds Evaluation: 2008 Volvo C30

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If you're under 40, chances are you haven't ever craved a Volvo. Well, be prepared to crave. With the 2008 Volvo C30, Volvos will no longer only be bought by those who value practicality, safety and understated versatility.

Volvo's marketing boffins are claiming the C30 is a sport coupe that will appeal to couples aged 25-35 who are yet to breed, or the over-50s whose children have fled the nest. Moreover, they reckon that 75 percent of customers will be new to the Volvo brand. This Volvo seeks to steer trendy, affluent urbanites away from Audi TTs, Mini Coopers and Volkswagen GTIs, and it's priced to do so, starting around $23,000.

Although the C30 arrives in the U.S. next summer, it has already gone on sale in Europe so we headed for the U.K. and sampled one on the wrong side of the road.


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Pretty interesting. Seems like almost everyone has a hot hatch again... wait, not everyone. Ford's missing out (except in Europe) because even GM has one coming- Opel Astra GTC OPC=Saturn Astra Red Line.

Sure is good looking, but the S40/V50 are too. The rear window is perhaps the oddest (and most identifying and unique) aspect of the design.

Can't wait to really look one over at the 2007 NAIAS.

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Look at the P1800 (?) and you'll see a definite evolution of that design in this car. I love this thing, and was considering one strongly at one point. Without option prices however, I feared a quick ring-up in price. The website is awesome, however. Check it out.
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