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Pricing: 2008 Ford Escape


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Pricing: 2008 Ford Escape

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Last month Ford revealed its new 2008 Escape compact SUV at the L.A. Auto Show. The mechanics and engine may not have changed much, but the exterior and interior design are new and much improved over the outgoing 2007. Usually, such a change would warrant a price increase but we just received the figures for the ’08s and they’re a bit less than the 2007s. The base 2008 FWD XLS Manual starts at $18,580 compared to $19,320 for the 2007 model. Move up to the FWD 3.0-liter V-6 XLT and the 2008 price is $21,880, compared to $23,130.

The rest of the 2008 prices — including the Escape Hybrid — are below. Expect the new models to go on sale late February/March of 2007.

Ford Escape Hybrid FWD $25,075.00

Ford Escape Hybrid 4x4 $26,825.00

Ford Escape FWD XLS Manual 2.3L $18,580.00

Ford Escape FWD XLS 2.3L $19,580.00

Ford Escape FWD XLT 2.3L $20,880.00

Ford Escape 4x4 XLS 2.3L $21,320.00

Ford Escape 4x4 XLT 2.3L $22,630.00

Ford Escape FWD XLT 3.0L $21,880.00

Ford Escape FWD Limited 3.0L $23,580.00

Ford Escape 4x4 XLT 3.0L $23,630.00

Ford Escape 4x4 Limited 3.0L $25,330.00

Prices do not include destination.

Kicking Tires

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Great pricing. This is only $600 more than the VUE Green Line, yet it gets 34% better city MPG (than the VUE GL).

GM's "high-value" BAS alternative isn't high-value at all. The AURA GL costs $3K more than a 4-banger Accord or Camry, and offers 2.5 MPG more (combined).

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I suppose, since some of the tooling is Reagan era.  or close to it.


Thats the thing, old tooling, platform and drivetrain but not a bad price, if you don't like that there is always the Edge. If they went with everything new the price would be too close to the Edge. This way these two vehicles cover everything from ~18K to 35K.

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