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Something other than A Car....


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Ok i'm going to go out on a limb and say...


Look at the top of your screen... It say GM's biggest fan's and toughest critics...

Not third rate anime...

OMG... I'm peeling my eyes out with my sister's eyelash curler!

All this said... You are a better cartoon artist than a automobile designer... :duh::banghead:

Me---> :fryingpan: <---You

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Uh... um... Well... it's alot better than anything automotive related, I'll certainly give you that. I think you'll make a more successful anime artist, than an automotive designer, for sure.

I'm sorry, but i have to say this...DO NOT encourage him to be an anime artist. I think very highly of anime and the skill it takes to create the drawings. This is horrible as any form of anime....however we in America have lower standards for cartoon artists...so compared to what I've seen, this OK...compared with anime it's just repulsing. If you're aspiring for an anime style Mariobro, use references. Everyone has to start somewhere...but it takes practice and lots of it.

As forposting non-car related material...so what?People's skills don't have to be limited to cars...hel I posted some of my 3D work a few weeks back.

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There's tons of forums out there for any & every type of artwork, usually

we keep C&G to car related stuff in terms of showcasing random artwork.

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Just weird enough to be interesting...now I have a better understanding of your chops too !

Not too shabby mario, do more of this stuff !!!...add a car in it (draw it please !) and post some more here,I would love to see that !!!! :) ...serious.

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