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Powerstroke Piles on Test Miles


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Since late 2003, Ford engineers have been abusing the new 6.4-liter twin-turbo diesel engine in the redesigned 2008 Super Duty pickup. They've been using every trick in the book trying to make it break. They've pulled heavy loads up steep hills in minus-40-degree weather. They've punished it by hauling trailers in broiling desert heat. And they've run test engines nonstop for thousands of hours on a dynamometer.

The man cracking the whip on the new Super Duty is chief engineer Pete Reyes. Reyes, 43, is under immense pressure to deliver a flawless truck. Ford needs perfection to atone for the previous Super Duty's troublesome diesel engine as well as to fend off fresh challenges from General Motors, Dodge and Toyota

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don't F-K this one up, Ford............

as an aside

Did you have a chance to crawl under the new Toyota Tundra at the Detroit auto show?

I looked at the Tundra. I would say there's a no-excuse lineup out of Toytoa now. How well it sells is going to be up to the marketplace. I can't predict that.

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now in all fairness it was a Navistar f-kup, although the general population is too stupid to realize that.

I mostly agree with you, but Ford does share some responsiblity to it's coustomers to evaluate the products they buy for them. Isn't this partialy how Ford Explorer/Firesone debacle went down too. The other side of the coin is GM and the Vti transmission.

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Can't blame the supplier when Ford chose to use it.

Computer manufacturers like Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Acer etc simply assemble tons of parts made by other 3rd party manufacturers.

Those 3rd party parts are in turn composed of 4th party parts. Those 4th party parts are in turn composed of 5th party parts.

No blaming others, it's the fault of the one who puts the parts together for not screening and approving each part properly.

Same thing with just about every industry that puts parts together made by other companies, including autos.

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Ford and Navistar were in it together from the begining, so I think they are both equally to blame. I remember over this past summer how many Super Dutys there were on the road piling up the miles. There was a month there where I saw at least a dozen or more on Saturdays and Sundays driving around all camoed up.

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It's nice that its a twin turbo but thier not doing what they should with it.

Its got the extra turbo but it's less powerful that the Cummins and Duramax, I know it's a computer thing but damn Ford.

I love the HD Chevys but your my guilty pleasure this is your chance to get bragging rights and you wussed out.

But I still LOVE the new Super Duty and if you want to give me one to rack up test miles i'm down with that.

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