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Volvo S80 commercial


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GM had to change an ad where a robot "imagines" jumping off a bridge, but I have not heard a word about the Volvo S80 commercial that drives me bug-nutty every time I see it.

If you haven't had the pleasure to be assaulted (insulted) with this boardroom beauty, the premise is our hero and his girlfriend/wife have to drive like complete idiots, risking their lives and lives of those that share the road with them (including a construction site which may have workers trying to stay alive) just to get a chili-cheese dog from a local-dive before they close at 2:00am.

The selling point is this asinine system that flashes a red light on the dashboard and screams the "You lost at Simon" buzzer if you are about to hit something in front of you. Because, if you absolutely, positively have to get that chili-dog before 2am, racing through the streets, while looking at your spouse (the commercial CLEARLY shows the driver taking his eyes off the road when the "you're about to die and take a few other innocent people with you" buzzer sounds) then buy a new Volvo S80 because our car will alert you when you are not alert and driving recklessly.

I'm not one for censorship, not one bit. If it was up to me, you could put what ever you wanted in a commercial as long as it is not false, but I am also one for fairness, and if someone , somewhere has a bug up their ass because a inanimate object falls off a bridge, then why isn't these waste of time and money uber-safety groups not up in arms over this garbage that shows careless, reckless driving just to get junk food?

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Just ban the S80 and be done with it. I was looking forward to checking it out at the auto show and I was severely disappointed. The exterior looks classy and somewhat distinctive in photos, bland and boring in person. The interior is even worse for a supposed "luxury" car.

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Maybe we should send something to the "don't drive too fast through construction zones and/or drive like a maniac through them or you might kill someone group" and then they can start a protest.

As for the S80, well, it's nice, but it's $45k nice. The one I sat in was $65k (!), it's not that nice.

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