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1971 Chevrolet Nova commercial


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Watch the commercial please:


This car was considered a "compact" in its day. Yet most cars today are about the size of this car now. So we are driving smaller cars in this country. I think it is interesting on the websites and in the real world when people say that car is too big or this and that. That car was unique back then. Then in the early 1970's GM gave that platform to Oldsmobile: Omega, Buick : Apollo, Pontiac: Ventura, Phoenix and the GTO . Cadillac got a version too that was slightly different for then then 1975 Seville.

The CTS now is what the Seville was in the 1970's.

The funny thing is.. The wheelbase on the C and H bodies of the 1980's and 1990's was 110.8 inches long.

The Cadillac DTS and Buick Lucerne by yesterday's definition are mid sized cars. By today's definition, they are fullsized.

That puts things into perspective.

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That puts things into perspective.


Indeed it does.

Very interesting, for sure ... and cool commercial, too ;).

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So we are driving smaller cars in this country.

We are also driving a lot more full size trucks and SUV's also, which many, including me, believe is an unintended consequence of CAFE. I think one goal of the higher CAFE standards being proposed is to sharply reduce sales and production of these vehicles. There just is no cost effective technology to make a Silverado get combined city/highway 30 mpg.

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