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A question about the Velite concept feasability for production


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I have a question for GM and the people here.

How much more effort would it be to build this car and:

1. Call it Riviera

2. use the Zeta platform

3. Make it between 196-200 inches long ( The smaller Riviera thing did not work in the 1980's. It was a 187 inches long)

4. Use existing GM parts

5. modify the headlights to reflect the rest of the Buick line or make then ones on there reflect the 63-65 Riviera more so.

6. just build it?

7. Sell it globally(GM China)

This car looks like a cross between the 63-65 Riviera and the 71-73 boat tail Rivieras. The platform is there. The Enclave and a few of the Chinese models have the pieces already. Holden has the V8's and know how. Commodore rides on a 113 inch wheelbase right now. That car has the cues showing up on the Enclave and on Chinese Buicks now.

Look at the beautiful picture.

The venti ports are on Lucerne and Enclave. The fender sculpting is on Enclave. The grille is on Enclave and the Chinese LaCrosse and Lucerne. The wheels are on some Buick I believe. It is a matter of a production line and the platform and if a profit can be made off this car. It if is that hard, give a version to Cadillac and call it Eldorado.

Facts are facts...Buick needs something to draw people in the show room. It is going to take more than Enclave and Super versions of LaCrosse and Lucerne.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Assuming GM isn't planning on giving Pontiac a RWD convertible, I don't see a problem with bringing the Velite to life. I like this car a lot and still believe it could help Buick. Here's my recipe, which adds on to your suggestions above:

1) Keep the proportions as close to the concept as possible

2) "Enclave-ize" the front end.

3) Give it the 3.6L and Northstar/UV8 as engine options.

4) keep the interior design as close to the concept as possible

5) price it between 35K and 45K

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I think anyone who wants a Velite needs to write to Bob Lutz and Steve Shannon (Buick GM.) A while back I did and they both wrote back with kind of a bland answer. I need to do it again. Basically ask them where it is and say you'd buy one. I forget Lutz's e-mail, but Shannon's is steve.shannon@gm.com

For the life of me I can't understand why this car isn't greenlighted. It got so much positive press and that's not something Buick gets that often.

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Build it exactly like it is. It doesn't need to have a thing changed, especially the headlights. That was one of the features I liked best about this Buick design theme. I do agree, just how much great press does one Buick concept need to make it to fruition. They need to wake up and smell the brand saving money.

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