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2008 Cadillac STS photos


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This is really good for a GM MCE - much better than both the LaCrosse and Lucerne. The grille looks better and more expensive than the previous one, and brings it in line with the '08 CTS. The fender vent I could take or leave. Ditto the interior revisions, though I never had a problem with the interior to begin with.

Smart shoppers take note - gently used V8 STSs can be had for $25-30K. It's too bad that there's not enough difference in size to justify the price between this and the CTS, because on its own this isn't as bad a car as its made out to be.

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...And the pictures have been taken down. Someone made a mistake.

Anyways, I expected more for the interior from what I saw in the thumbnail. It's... pretty much the same besides the steering wheel. :huh:

If you guys were expecting this...

Posted Image

...Prepare to be disappointed.

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BOOOOOO! A huge thumbs down on the interior. Completely half-assed. Come on GM! You tease us with the SLS interior and we get this S&%*!? There has to be a reason why they would do this. Perhaps they're axing the STS sooner then we thought? It might make sense to why they're slowly revealing information on the new uber-caddy so soon. That has to be the only explanation behind this. That.. or these photos were fabricated. Though, I tend to believe more rational thoughts.

The CTS is looking so much better right now.

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our North American process apparently is laden with union and supplier issues and otherwise issues of not being able to move fast enough in the beauracracy. i suppose we can blame certification costs and red tape too.

we trip over our own two feet here in American doing what GM can do in China with a minimum of fuss.

Think of all the domestic vehicles that get introduced with prolems that never get fixed and then the whole car withers on the vine.

People are conditioned to get what they WANT NOW. It simply takes American car manufacturers far too long to make running changes and mid cycle enhancements. they need to fix that process because if they don't it will be the end of them. They need to be able to fix vehicle designs and improve them yearly on the fly so they don't have suffer through things like a nasty equinox interior harming sales for 5 years.

with public expectation and market the way it is now, if something is disliked by the public, it should only take one model year to fix it. example, Ford has no manumatic on the Edge or Taurus. We should not have to wait to get that fixed. STS interior should be fixed by now.

If the carmakers didn't cheap out to start, they wouldn't have to suffer through models dying at birth.

You see the 2008 Escape interior? Absolutely dreadful. If I were running Ford, I would direct my staff to have a new interior ready for 2009 and if its not done, they would all get sent packing.

If I were running Buick, the folks would be ordered to get a new center stack and partial dash on the 09 Lucerne. Or get sent packing.

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