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What Should the Next G-6 Be? (Poll)


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Based on the topic already in the forum (Clicky) I thought we can devote just to focus on

A)Only the G-6

B)What it will be for the Pontiac

C)What will you like to see in this car and why

These are my thoughts.

Having a RWD for that price to compete with the bread and butter FWD will be a cat in the pigeon sty. The G-6 should have power about the same as old 3 series and if about 80% fun of the new 3 er and we have a winner. The E90 BMW 3 is



More charm and lust toy for people who do not care for and use its engineering prowess.

Build a car like what you said and we have younger generation early to mid twenties people, even early thirties vying for that car. It is potentially an untapped market.

But should have following criteria.

1. Keep the weight below 3500 lb.

2. Dimensionally should be more or less equal to the older 3 series.

3. The top of the line model should not go beyond $30k.

4. Offer one 4 cylinder making about 220 hp and one V-6 with about 260-270 hp. As a matter of fact it can even have 2 turbocharged four bangers, which will make them tuner friendly but not ricers.

5. Limit the production to 100,000-150,000. If Kappa can be justified for producing 50,000 cars annually, this platform will be certainly justified.

Moreover, market is a 3 series as well as FWD midsize sedan competitor. It will be challenging, but it is good to answer the challenge than just be another fish in the pond.

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