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The most overlooked Ford in production


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Seriously I have noticed that the Sport Trac is getting NO attention from anyone. Just doing a search I couldn't get a single review to come up. And the Ford Corprate site was not showing any Ford Vehicles!

The Sport Trac comes in based on the now larger BOF IRS, IFS Explorer chassis with a standard 4.0 V6 (210 hp/254 tq) 5 speed auto or 4.6 V8 (292 hp/ tq not listed) 6 speed auto. Not only that it has a new interior that lets face it beats the old Dakota and current GM twins with a stick. So the question I have is why isn't the Sport Trac at least reviewed with the 'midsize/compact' trucks. Ford's Ranger isn't available as a Crew Cab, now most reviews are done for trucks now-a-days, so the Sport Trac seems like the only logical choice.


Wow, in doing some investigation/research it seems the Sport Trac is about 3 grand more than its nearest competition.

Here is a chart of the competition:

Model/HP/TQ/Payload/Tow Rating/Fuel Consumption


Sport Trac/292/300/1400/6640/14-20



Any comments/opinions on this are welcome.

Edit: All figures in the cart are taken from Edmunds.

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The Ridgeline comes out about $3,000 more than the Sport trac, both top of the line models.

The Ridgeline has 247 hp and 252 tq and has a payload of 1554 and a tow rating of 5000, both shy of the Sport Trac but both ahead of the GM twins. In gas mileage it comes out with 16-22 ahead of the V8 Sport Trac.

With that said I was suprised the Sport Trac has a 41 ft turning radius vs the Ridgeline's 42.6 ft.

Overall if I were in the market for a midsize 4 door truck the Sport Trac would likely be on my list. At least until GM drops the 5.3 AFM/6 speed combo into the 355s. In which case I expect it would be a comparison of ride/handling/interior/exterior style to see which one I bought.

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One thing GM did get right the first time around is the "mid-gate" on the Avalanche. I have had people look at the Sport Trac and are disappointed at the size of the bed.

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Guest YellowJacket894

Uhh ... Ford ... here's something else your f@#king up on. You know, what you could do to produce a world-class mid-sized truck is take the Sport Trac and make it available as a regular and extended cab with a useable bed. Rename it "Ranchero" or something and then you have a great replacement for that fossil you call the Ranger.

I think people are generally confused on where the Sport Trac fits into Ford's truck line, by the way, and that could affect sales.

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I have to agree with most of what has been said here, I just don't get the Sport Trac. To its own detriment, it sits directly between two viable markets. Ford could easily have a 4-door Ranger with a segment-competitive price point AND a slightly more expensive Sport Trac with collapsible midgate to take on the Ridgelines and Avalanche. I haven't checked out the other specs (towing, payload, etc.), but I have driven a Sport Trac and, for a truck, it has excellent ride characteristics.

Alas, this Ford. They come so close to doing well before stepping squarely on their own dicks.

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