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SAAB 9-3 Completely unmasked


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Courtesy carblogger.com

Looks like Saab folks have been pretty careless lately as the upcoming 2008 9-3 (has been caught unguarded and unmasked for the second time this month not by pros but by a random reader. Following the revealing 2008 9-3 SW snap shots an AMS reader managed to catch an unmasked facelifted 9-3 Convertible parked at a petrol station just begging to be immortalized by his cell phone camera.

[source: CARSCOOP]

Continued- Article, two more shots

In comparison with the facelifted SW we showed you a couple of weeks ago the Convertible gets the same 9-5 inspired front end with the “Aero-X” type grille and eyelash-headlights. The difference is that the Convertible features a different bumper and heaps of chrome accents that make it look very busy. In the rear-end the facelift Convertible gets a set of clear tail lamps and a chrome insert while the bumper looses its protective pads. Unlike the sedan and SW versions, the redesigned soft-top 9-3 doesn’t get the Cadillac BLS door handles.

The 2008 9-3 Sedan, Cabriolet and SW versions will go on sale this fall but there’s a good chance that we'll see the first official pictures quite sooner as according to inside info, GM's planning to reveal initial info in mid May.

Source and more photos:


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This looks better than I thought it would. I hope it can hold over SAAB until the new 9-5 and 9-4X come out.

yeah i didn't know what to think with the spy photos but now i can say that i like it. i would have rather seen a full aero-x front end on this but it's a nice evolution and makes the car's front end look more in line with the 9-7 and 9-5 and departed 9-2x.

i just hope that they do something a little different with the bumper for the aero and viggen (or black turbo) if they build it. and the refresh better come with awd or i'm going with caddy or audi for my next car.

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Although this does look sharp, I really wish that the nose plunged down more radically from the windshield (even the currnet 9-3 looks more sloped). I wonder if it has anything to do with those ridiculous Euro Pedestrian Safety Regulations?

I mean, there is no reason to even try to make a pedestrian safe car. Get hit by a car, you're f*cked whether or not there is "more space" between the hood and the engine.

Get real. I hope automakers can buy like, a "pass" on the law in order to make great looking cars. I mean, what would Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamboghini, Porsche, or even Maserati do with these ridiculous regulations?

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