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Chinese Buick LaCrosse spotted in United States


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***They say Park Avenue, but it is the LaCrosse. Why would it be here??

DETROIT — Is this the first Chinese car to make an appearance on American roadways? Could be. Spotted near GM’s headquarters here, the car is clearly a Buick. And though we couldn’t immediately ID it more specifically from the foreign-language branding on the trunk lid, we think it’s the Buick Park Avenue, recently introduced at the Shanghai auto show as a new model for the Chinese market.

Park Avenue is an Australia-based, rear-drive luxury sedan specially designed for—and to be built in—China. From the look of this thing, it could easily fit in as an appealing addition the Buick lineup in the U.S. But reports indicate that the possibility of importing the car to the States is low: GM planners feel they don’t need another low-mileage luxury sedan in the lineup, while Buick dealers worry that the Park would steal sales from their popular Lucerne. —Jim Dunne

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Hmm, that's odd--even driving around without any emblem covering or anything. All the better, shows there's NA testing for some reason...though if it ever did come here, however terrific a car as it is in materials and sophistication, it needs much more elegant styling--looks like a first gen Ford 500 on steroids, and not in a good way. Overall, nice shape, but just too bland to cut it with even NA Buick anymore.

But that's all just a little rant, and it's more odd just that the car was already in Detroit cruising around.

Of course too, PM never has a clue, even if they can read a full badge, but that's typical--at least they got the shot.

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Perhaps they're making the people who worked on the NA LaCrosse drive in it for a few days so that they can see what they should have done with the interior. I have no other idea why it would be here; it's pretty clear to me that it's not a mule because that would require significant changes to the body, I think. Only reason I can find is that the interior is so much better they wanted the Americans working on the LaCrosse to see what a real interior is like.

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It's pretty pathetic that they can't figure out that it's the Chinese LaCrosse. Anyway It's strange that the car is here...too bad the NA LaCrosse MCE was this car.

Hey, they thought Brilliance Jinbei's Zhonghua sedan was the replacement for the Daewoo Magnus/Epica, and the Zhonghua was already on the market as well.
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