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300 miles in a Sebring

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Well, my NY friend is out here on business again for a week and this time she rented a Sebring, which I drove to Santa Barbara and back.


Nice seats, very comfortable driving position. Not at all tired out after 300 round-trip miles.

Nice ride and handling- not too much of a trade-off in making the ride soft. Corners well and steering is good. No tourque steer.

Input for iPod is great.

Most of the things you touch are very nicely weighted (stereo and HVAC controls, stalks, wheel and interior door handles. Dash, not so much.

Lots of storage

Big trunk

AC that could keep meat


4 cylinder seems to be creating more noise than actual forward motion- get the V-6.

Styling makes parking difficult- big blind spots: sadly none of them shield the car from your view when outside. Not an attractive car

Trendy thin, Garamondy looking type faced black on white gauges are unreadable in sunlight

Dash has weird design that calls attention to the rather cheap fabrication. A less busy design would make this less of an issue.

Controls for the actual vents are not at all up to the controls for the fan and temp or radio, which are really nicely done, airbag cover (horn) feels cheap

Remote starting a la Chevy would be a huge plus in sunny SoCal.

All in all

Not a bad car- I personally really don't care for the looks, so I wouldn't buy it, but it is competitive in its price range. I think the interior of my bosses new HHR is miles better however.

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