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Toyota to promote Ultimate image with new special Edition Tundra!

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Toyota Motor Company, the supreme ruler of all things automotive, is stepping up it's promotion of their Full Sized Tundra through their Toyota Racing Division with a special edition truck that will carry the companies new Ultimate banner. The truck will include larger shocks, wheels and tires with a Piano Black finish, Piano Black skidplates, Piano Black Bed liner and will carry special markings denoting it as part of Toyota's Ultimate fleet. The team has dubbed the new truck the Tundra Crew Max Toyota Ultimate Racing Development Edition, or Tundra T.U.R.D. for short. The truck will include the following features standard:

T.U.R.D. Decals on each of the bed flanks and the hood, so that it can still be read when the bed is shaking mercilessly.

Advanced Camshaft Deactivation Technology known as S.N.A.P. - which saves far more fuel than the domestic automakers cylinder deactivation systems - as it completely deactivates the engine. This is deemed the Ultimate in fuel saving technology.

Full Flex-Frame technology which allows the truck to be utilized for other uses than just hauling cargo like the domestic automaker's units...being more eco freindly as it can also be used to make milkshakes, mix paint, be used as a Parkinson's Simulator, or other applications where extreme shaking is required. (All must be done prior to activation of S.N.A.P.) This makes the Tundra the Ultimate multiple use truck!

A full Piano Black interior to match the previously mentioned exterior features - including the seats - which makes the Tundra double as a solar panel - something the competition cannot even begin to fathom.

A larger 22" ring gear in the rear end...just to say ours is bigger!

Other shortcomi...er..Ultimate Features are sure to shake out as the truck continues to ooze it's way into the marketplace.

Further, the division will be headed by a crack team of advanced engineers, who will be known herefore as Toyota Advanced Racing Development Specialists, or T.A.R.D.S. for short. Stay tuned to see what these guys dream up next!

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