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2010 Impala 4-door convertible

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This is my first sketch, so what do ya think?

Can you imagine it with a 5.3L V-8 for $25,000?

I would appreciate comments/suggestions on the drawing, and also on the car itself.


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Don;t quit your day job bro.

Good concept but the sketch looks like a 1970s Russian car...

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just looks boxy in the worst 80's way..., but good sketching.

Speaking of which, I like that Buick Grand National picture you got there!

Again, specific suggestions for improvement would be appreciated (both for what I'm trying to depict and my methods in depicting it). Remember, this is my first sketch, and I'm hoping to be able to improve on my next one.

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alright specific things to improve on...

1. I'm assuming you started with a box of some kind to set the perspective right... this is a good idea, but you need to realize that just because you start with a box... doesnt mean you should finish with one. Try to fit more curves in the design, it might help to start by sketching the desired side profile that you want and then translating that into a 3/4 view... i use this technique and while i may not be the best artist on the site, i usually dont have many issues with boxyness

2. Longer. Lower. Wider. Three words to live by. Pretty much you've got the whole longer and wider bit down fairly well, but lowering the car so that you can't actually see the axles will do a world of good... dont be afraid to wrap those wheel wells around the rubber, it is after all just a concept

3. This one is kind of just general design advice that has nothing to do with the sketch itself... dont be afraid to do something over-the-top. We've got plenty of artists here who every now and then throw the most ridiculous design curveballs i've ever seen... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, just have fun with the design of the car, dont feel restricted by what you think could happen and focus on what you want to happen. Let the design flow and dont restrict it

other than that... your general technique isnt that bad, once you get a feel for designing and more modern styling you'll be doing awesome, until then... keep trying you already have a pretty good start and there are alot of people here who will be willing to help if you just ask

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Perspective is decent for a first sketch, but the design is just not pleasing to the eye...it reminds me of a stretched car from the 1930s with a Jeep Wrangler middle and hints of a generic 80s sedan.

Like has been said, contemporary cars usually have higher belt-lines and larger wheels; now I'm not really a fan of ridiculously-tall beltlines, but your greenhouse is too upright and tall compared to the belt line of your car. You need more aerodynamic shapes...the car you have drawn would slice through the air like a brick on wheels.

The bumper needs to be an integrated body bumper like pretty much all cars have today; most cars haven't had bumpers like that since the late 80s. Also your hood and trunk seem too long compared to the interior space; stretch the interior space back by about half and cut the hood short by about 1/4.

Here's a recent Impala I did. It wasn't very well received but it'll give you an idea of what we're talking about by over exaggerating concept sketches.


Keep going! My first sketch was a badly-proportioned Grand Marquis that looks like a mix of something from the 80s and 90s with front and rear overhangs that were about 3 feet long. You'll get better with time!

Edited by mustang84

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