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Spy Shots: 2007 Volkswagen Marrakesh

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Pic at link: http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Featu...rticleId=107459

After much deliberation, Volkswagen recently announced that it had made a deal to build a new compact SUV at its plant in Wolfsburg. Expected to be called the Marrakesh, this smaller companion to the Touareg will be built on the same platform as the fifth-generation Golf. Engines will probably be similar to those offered on the Golf, with both four- and six-cylinder power plants a possibility as well as a turbodiesel if VW can get it to pass strict U.S. emissions laws.

The 4Motion all-wheel-drive system will also be borrowed from the next-generation Golf, but like most other SUVs in the compact class it won't be a hard-core rock crawler like the Touareg. It's expected that the Marrakesh will cost between $25K and $35K, putting it in direct competition with the BMW X3 and Land Rover Freelander.

Look for the 2007 Volkswagen Marrakesh to debut at either of Europe's two major auto shows next year, in Geneva and Paris. The car is expected to go into production in 2007, with American sales starting shortly thereafter.
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Read the caption under the first photo:

Although this prototype is nothing more than a reworked Golf body, the 2007 Marrakesh is expected to look like a downsized Touareg.

According to Edmunds, it's just a mule and not what it's going to look like. I'm hoping that's not what it's going to look like.
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That's kind of like asking if the sedan or pickup trend will never end. I like to think people will get over certain kinds of vehicles but it's a pipe dream. Not everyone wants or can drive the car you want them to. This isn't just a shot at you, LA, rather the entire anti-SUV crowd.
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The prototype is of the CrossGolf. There was a vehicle under a sheet in the photo attached to the plant announcment, but I couldn't tell if it was the CrossGolf or the larger Beduin. As far as I know the Marrakech and related Skoda (Atlas?) were canned in favor of the larger Beduin and smaller Yeti, with the CrossGolf filling in along with the 2wd CrossFox. Gievn the relative success of the Aveo and xA, VW should have started selling the new Fox in the US instead of wasting money on the Phaeton.
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I see a bit of Aveo 5 in it...


Tok the words right out of my mouth.

WTF is up wiht the naming system for new VWs? Did some Morrocan guy buy them out? What's next a Volkswagen Bahrain? an Audi Saudi? or perhaps a Porsche Jihad Turbo? :huh:
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