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MAZDASPEED 6 'ride along'

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My buddy stopped by to pick me up for lunch the other day, showing off a new MAZDASPEED 6! COOL CAR!

I'll admit I've not been a big Mazda6 fan. It's a good car, but now it's dated, and I never felt it was terribly refined.

Most pedestrian Mazda6 interiors have turned me off and in general the car is far too feminine for my tastes.

Well, the Mazdaspeed 6 increases the butch factor a bit and the interior on my buddy's car was quite a bit more butch.

Nice seats that were shaped well but not overly restrictive. Good support but not hard at all to climb over. The interior was dark in color and the leather seemed nice. The center stack had some nice trim accents and the gauges are unique. The shifter is very nice to look at and run your hands across, lovingly. :P

The sunroof panel is very small to where it's kind of useless. The hood bulge for the turbo really is a funny thing to view from the cabin. It's looks unnatural.

This car has been ripped for being loud and buzzy by the likes of C/D. WTF? I was surprised at how civil it was inside the car. My buddy drives his cars HARD and he was NOT being ginger with the gas. To me, the car had a sense of refinement I had not sampled in a 6 before. The turbo was quiet and boy did that sucker move out.

There has been some buzz on the internet about some parts of the speed6 being underdesigned and unreliable but my buddy said he did all the research, and that is more to owner abuse than anything. He backed up his purchase with a 100k warranty.

He plans on getting snows for the winter. The car comes w/ summers standard. With AWD and snows, this car will be unstoppable in winter.

I have to admit, this car is on my radar now after not thinking about it before. It is smaller than what I would be used to after my 500, however, the car does have good rear leg room.

I would guess from just a ridealong, that some folks here at C/G would REALLY like this car. Why the rags ripped on this car is beyond me.

The other cars my buddy was looking at were Sti and Evo, but they cost more and were small.

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My cousin nearly bought one. I think it was a brand-new '06 or something, and the dealer was offering $9K off, or $23K, I think. It was that weird purpley-black color.

I rode along in the back, and it seemed pretty unrefined and dreary to me. Perhaps models with leather are nicer.

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When the MazdaSpeed6 first came out, I got a chance to drive it one day from L.A. to San Diego and back.

I loved the car.....I also was surprised at the refinement and how easy it was to drive the car really smoothly. The powertrain was a favorite.....lots of power, but an easy clutch and shifter. Actually it was alot smoother to drive than the '03 Mazda6 V6/5-speed that I used to have.

I've always actually been a fan of the interior of the 6....and the MazdaSpeed is even better.....the car I had was two-tone black and white inside....it was striking, and upscale looking.

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I'd love a Mazdaspeed 6, especially with the 2-tone leather. I saw one on a used lot a few months ago, that was gorgeous. Silver over 2-tone (b&w I believe) leather and deep tinted windows.

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Mazda's lineup is excellent besides the Tirbute. The MSP6 sounds aweome. A relative has a green sedan that I got to check out...it was very nice.

I totally agree with you except that the Tribute is not the only vehicle that is out of step with the current lineup. The B-Series pickup truck that is based on the Ford Ranger is also outdated and pitiful (the Tribute is a decent vehicle but it doesn't fit in with Mazda's "Zoom Zoom" image). I think Mazda should eliminate both. I don't see a lot of them (if any) on the streets. I think Mazda has more than enough talent to produce its own brand appropriate products. They don't need to offer badge engineered Ford vehicles to augment their lineup.

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