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Followup: The truth about the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V


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Followup: The truth about the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V


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Rumors continue to swirl about the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V. The perpetual rumor of the CTS-V getting the LS7 motor from the Corvette Z06 is still, and has always been, false. What's more, recent rumors about an all-wheel-drive option for the CTS-V are also untrue, Leftlane sources say.

The motor you'll find under the hood of the 2009 CTS-V will be GM's LSA motor. The LSA is a 6.2L, smallblock V8 with a supercharger. The LSA has an intercooler integrated into the intake manifold. Prelim specs have it at 500 horsepower and with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. The final horsepower number could now be as high as 525 or 550. At least one very credible source says paddle shift will also be an option.

The other popular rumor involves an all-wheel-drive setup. While the regular CTS has optional AWD, the CTS-V will be strictly rear-wheel-drive, source say.

Spy photos show that the CTS-V will feature Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires. While it wasn't clear what size the front tires are, the rear tires will be 285 series on 19 inch wheels. The '09 will continue to utilize a massive set of Brembo brakes up front and in back.

Recent comments from GM at the SEMA show indicate that Recaro seats may show up inside the CTS-V.

GM's Bob Lutz was recently quoted saying the 2009 CTS-V "will be at a power level only described as unexpectedly high." Then referencing the current BMW M5, Lutz said the CTS-V “will suck the doors off” the competition if the next M5 isn't significantly better.

After driving a prototype, Lutz said "flat-out incredible. I’ve never driven anything like that.”

In the past, the current CTS-V has suffered from "wheel hop" problems. The 2009 CTS-V will feature a completely re-done rear end with a much better rear axle. Sources say this has eliminated the wheel hop issue altogether.

Production on the new CTS V-Series will start in September of 2008, and will be limited to about 7000 units annually. Internally, GM is referring to the car as "GMX322 V S/C.



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I'm glad the V will remain rear wheel drive. I wish it would go on a diet though to be about 3500-3600 lbs. I do think this thing will be incredible though. I can't wait to see the production version at NAIAS or whatever show it will premier at.

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I see no way a 4000lb car with 550bhp will suck the doors off the replacement of a 4000lb car with 500bhp.

Who says the CTS-V can't have more than 550HP? I wouldn't be surprised if it got 580+/ What if handles better than an M5, stops better, etc., etc.? What if it beats it around the 'ring by 7-10 seconds?

Just saying there are lots of things that could classify as "sucking the doors off."

Anyways, this article is 100% correct besides possibly the HP, which no one really knows (at least not anyone who's going to make it public). Oh, and the front tires are 255s.

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I'm in love.

Though a couple of the effects I'm not in love with on the standard CTS are highlighted more because of the side skirts, namely the extreme beltline rise, the uninventive slash just below the doors to seperate the monotony, and the C-pillar that echoes STS.

but that face is simply beautiful and mean.

AND KUDOS on the detailing seperating the V from the standard. The lines/slashes next to the fog lights, all that extra definition, and the new depth to the face, the effect of it screaming out at you more than the standard are awesome, and needed, and the side skirts help. The standard car's profile will rise even more thanks to this. They can go even further with this package to make it less of a garage shop job, but they went farther then I expected. Look at GM surpassing my expectations.

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there was an article recently at edmunds that asked the questions why V-series sales were in the dumper. this car will prove exactly why. along with the entry price and screaming performance buyers in this price/performance ambition stratosphere are looking for real exclusivity when it comes to LOOKS. The car needs to look like a balls out performance machine. and this thing just dunked it in that department.

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