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I've been passively working on these drawings for the past couple of weeks, and I've finally decided to finish and post them.

Let's startout with the Obvious:

The Aviva Allegro Goes on sale. (Been contemplating on whether or not to change the name for the European Market.....maybe Atiyca?)

Prices as Follows

CX - $13,570 (Base 1.4L)

CXi - $14,220 (1.4L, or 1.7L)

CXe - $15,675 (1.4L or 1.7L)

Grace - $17,350 (1.4L)

Elegance - $18, 665 (1.7L)

Soon to come some "Hot" variants......

I did, but Didn't like the previous ones. They were preportioned very badly. This is the TRUE FINAL.




Aviva Cosmos also Goes on Sale (CR-V, RAV4 competitor)

Prices as Follows:

CX - $14,670 (1.4L, AWD adds $450)

ACXi - $16,770 (1.4, 1.7, AWD adds $450)

ACXe - $18,880

CXN - $19,550



And the Aviva Iza 7-passenger Compact minivan goes on sale this fall

Prices as Follows

CX - $14,670 (1.4L, AWD adds $1250)

CXi - $16,770 (1.4, 1.7, AWD adds $1450)

CXe - $18,880

Grace - $19,550

Elegance - $21,540



Alright....now that that's out the way, here's what I've been working on.

B-segment Aviva Kier........Sedan and Hatch. Possibly may develop these into two Different "Identities"


Tall B-segment Aviva Message, Modus and Meriva Competitor, (Top) and Large A-segment Aviva Cil, Twingo and 107 competitor. (Bottom) Sorry about the perspective issues.....tried playing with the "normal" aviva Character line. And yes, the rear D-piller is all glass until it reaches the character line.


A "fun" Aviva, Called the Aviva Azura


Two Commercial Vans,

Midsize Aviva Errand (Perspective issues)


Compact Aviva Navy


And a Concept Sketch of the Midsize sedan, the Aviz.


As well as an Allegro-Based coupe.....unnamed.


Comments and Crtitisizm appreciated.

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Definitely all look to be "initial" sketches, awaiting a more realistic adjustment of each.

Definitely also not to the tastes of the Super Chevy contingent of posters here.

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