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Sketch Competition #26 - The Savior


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Only thing is that your car looks squished...too short and too narrow...like a clown car. If you stretch it out and lower the roof it'lllook sick...I know, I tried it.

That's partially because of the reduction in size. However, it is the way that I intended it and if I did what you say, then it wouldn't be right to me. I'm not trying to be stubborn, but it is supposed to be a small car and the short wheelbase is part of that.

I was trying to make something a bit like and Audi TT. A small Chevy sports car that was a bit upscale and not just a Kappa clone. Something that's bugged me about the Kappas has been their long wheelbases. Sure, it makes the cars look great with the wheels at the corners and it makes them feel planted to the road, but as a result they feel bigger because they have larger turning radii and they also feel less agile as well. Truthfully, there aren't really any GM cars currently that feel nippy and lively the way that Mazdas and other foreign cars do. They used to make one particularly interesting car, and although many books make it out the be something horrible I feel that it was the best small american car ever made. There hasn't been anything like it before or since.

That's why I made a new Corvair for the contest.

After the Mustang virtually kicked the Corvair out of the market, GM decided that it was because most people cared more about crude horsepower and looks than ingenuity and fine engineering. The success of the Camaro and Nova made any successor to the Corvair pointless. The only small car to really come close to being as sporty as the Corvair was the Opel Manta, which was tucked into the back corner of many Buick dealerships where interested enthusiasts would rarely go. I just want a genuine small car that has more zest and less weight than what's out there now.

Sorry about ranting a bit. I do it because I care. =P

More about the rendering:

Generally, it was inspired by the second-gen Corvair and somewhat by the TT. I tried to get a flat rear deck, but it made it difficult to make a roof that was aerodynamic. Thus, the roof was inspired by the '62 Monza GT concept and the original Corvair concept. It's small enough that the normal 2.4L Ecotec could be the base engine, with the turbo 2.0 being used for the Corsa model. Of course the engine would be in the back and be given air by the vents in the C-pillars. With the thick a-pillars and relatively short window area, it should be structurally sould without using a b-pillar.

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Sorry I'm late, I've been moving. Here's my entry. I see the Volt as the GM savior, as it's the next step in non-fossil fuel technology taking over, but I think that we need a Volt in every class. Enter the XEC: Executive Economy Coupe. Based on the FWD Volt, it comes with the amenities any Cadillac deserves, with a boost in HP and a tad bit of sportiness. It will compete with the upcoming Lexus hybrid vehicle, which will basically be merely a Lexus Prius. Advantage: Cadillac.


I doubt I have the time to whip up an alternate view, but I'll do what I can.

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