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21st Century Muscle Car...CAMARO !

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no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO, NO!, NO!!!

Riced out, C-pillar as thick enough to completely

eliminate the rear side window as if to emulate a

fastback mustang? but ricer-style?

I'm just going to stop now, but this is one of the

most sacrilegious things you've ever chopped, the

quality of the chop may be decent but the end

result is just WRONG.


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See...this is what I mean...no offense,....but you guys are behind the curve. Now Yes, It has that Tuner car thing going on or the Drift thang, but in reality....THIS IS JUST A PLAIN "OL badass MUSCLE CAR.

Don't feel bad tho....there will be ALOT more stuff done to the new Camaro that will horrify you soon enough !!!...lol

Not ONE of you here, given the chance would refuse to DRIVE the crap outta this thing !!!....well, maybe the guys without a license...but THAT has NEVER stopped me !!

"oh c'mon officer...you don't have to send me to jail.....Yeah I know but I am an asshole, so your going"

AHHHH. Call the Lawyer.


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