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It has been a long time since I have last posted a sketch on here. I just sketched something I think should be slotted above the DTS and be a sportier sedan at the same time. I do like the Art & Science design direction, however, i thought it could be taken into being more curvy, etc. After I finished this drawing I felt it looked reminiscent of the Tucker Torpedo in the roofline. Anyways, any comments are good as always and yes I do know that the rear wheel is screwed up and not round. Anyways here it is and I may do other sketches of the similar idea later on.


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The look is interesting, pretty good, but it's not dimensioned realistically (not sure if you were going for that or not). Huge wheels and 6 inch tall windows don't work too well in real life. Still, a very neat sketch that looks quite good. :)

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That's a pretty damn cool design. Besides the Saturn-esque line coming up toward the hood from the rocker, right behind the front wheel, I think it could certainly be a direction Cadillac could go. Also what Purdue Guy said.

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I think it's quite nice, and remeniscent of something British...

but the SIXTEEN is where it's at.

Too bad GM has their heads up their @$$es and will never

make a production (if only in ultra limited #s) version of

it, the SIXTEEN is the ONE and ONLY car that would make

Cadillac's image as powerful, exclusive and luxurious as

it was back in the days when W.O. Bentley remarked that

the word "Automobile" was not sufficient to describe the

awesomeness of Cadillac's sixteen cylinder powered cars.

Now every filthy rich ka-billionare owns three Bentleys and

Cadillac is busy shooting (Lincoln) fish in a barrell &

erroding their image and brand name by making Equinox

based Civic-Wagon style "trucks". <_<

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