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Bump the HP up and wheel size up as the present car I think already has 18 inch and the future 2.1 DI Turbo will be 280- 300 HP.

Also call it Cold Air Induction as it is a more common Chevy term and Ram Air is more often associated with Pontiac.

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I don't understand the foglight delete.

The intake above the headlight is cool, and the blackout grille works.

Could use a subtle skirt package and de-chromed door handles.

I think a real Cruze SS will have a much revised front clip.

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It only has one intake and I hate that since it isn't symmetrical. The wheels don't look right, and yopu should do something more I think Also, it should have fog lights. You should try again, I'd love to see another attempt. Nice to see you posting again!

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LOL, I can only chalk poor rendering up to my skills. As far as the choices I made go, well I'll try to answer some.

1. Power estimates are based on current transversely mounted Turbo Ecotec numbers (HHRSS).

2. Fog light delete made way for larger brake cooling ducts.

3. Wheels, well I prefer 17" to 18". I really don't understand small front wheel drive vehicles going with such large stock wheels in terms of function, btw the wheels are from a concept VW Touareg. In the end its still a preference but I don't think 18" wheels belong on bargain priced performance vehicles.

4. RAM-AIR is associated with Pontiac but the reference was mostly to convey function.

5. Fender flares aren't as noticeable as I like but again that has to due with my skills...the more pronounced I make them the more unrealistic they looked.

Thanks for the feedback I'll try to keep this stuff in mind for future chops!

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The lack of balance, or simmetry immediatelly stuck me as annoying.

Either do that "over-the-headlight ram air" cut above both headlights

or get rid of it altogether... is SHOULD have fog lights and I think big

Evo-7 style ones would be perfect.

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